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Under the Influence online alcohol education for courts

from 3rd Millennium Classrooms

Evidence-based Core Foundation Risk Perception: Client receives tailored summary of drinking-related behavior and estimated risks for future problems. Norms Perceptions: Client compares their drinking with that of their peers. Expectancies: Under the Influence challenges expectations that alcohol makes you more social, relaxed or sexy. Behavior Change Strategies: Program teaches strategies—setting limits, refusal skills, and avoiding high risk situations.

A BAC of

.08 time spent drinking amount of alcohol consumed gender and weight

is the legal limit for intoxicated driving in all states.

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Application: Four-hour educational sanction for Under-21 alcohol violations, liquor law violations such as public intoxication, and Level I alcohol education.

court benefits Evidence-based intervention No cost to court Simple administration Built-in validation ensures honesty 99% completion rate Court receives instant completion notification *Optional one-month follow-up *Optional brief motivational interview

client/offender benefits Low cost offender-pay course 24/7 online access from laptop, tablet, or smart phone Simple to enroll and complete Professional narration Engaging, interactive, relevant Personalized feedback in every lesson Since 1999, 3rd Millennium Classrooms has created prevention and intervention courses for colleges, high schools, and courts. In partnership with San Diego State University’s eCHECKUP TO GO, we create evidence-based Interventions That Make SenseTM for teens and young adults.

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Under the Influence for Courts  

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