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Consent & Respect a sexual assault add-on lesson module

from 3rd Millennium Classrooms in collaboration with ASU Wellness at Arizona State University

The Consent & Respect lesson module is an add-on supplement to our online alcohol education courses that can be added to either the prevention course, Alcohol-Wise, or the sanctions course, Under the Influence.

What’s the female population at your campus? What’s the male population?





20% of female students and 4% of male students will have experienced attempted or completed sexual assault by the time they get their undergraduate degree.

Know that what happened was not your fault and seek ongoing support from a

counselor and/or support group.

Consent & Respect a sexual assault add-on lesson module

An effective approach to violence prevention is to engage bystanders through awareness and to encourage people to speak out when confronted with high-risk situations. Our “Student Voices” interviews give scenarios so students can think through how they can intervene and respond within the interactive portion of the course.

course highlights include alcohol, drugs, and sexual consent: consent is essential facts about sexual assault among college students reducing the risk of drug-facilitated sexual violence what an active bystander is, and actions you can take what to do If you are in a dangerous situation what to do if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted steps victims of sexual violence should take services that support the needs of sexual violence victims

Since 1999, 3rd Millennium Classrooms has created prevention and intervention courses for colleges, high schools, and courts. In partnership with the San Diego State University’s eCHECKUP TO GO, we create evidence-based Prevention That Makes SenseTM.

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Consent and Respect  

a sexual assault add-on lesson module, in collaboration with ASU Wellness

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