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Greek-Wise an online fraternity and sorority course

from 3rd Millennium Classrooms

Greek-Wise is an evidence-based course for new Greek members designed to change perceptions, reduce risks, and positively impact the culture of both the Greek organization and the college campus. Greek-Wise uses a motivational interviewing style, integrating personalized feedback into the interactive portions of the course.

Party Life Parties are frequently part of college life. At their best, social events are a great place to meet new people, relax, and have fun. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable or some of the partygoers seem a little shady, you may want to trust your instinct and leave.

leave a message

set a limit

avoid illegal drugs

create a buddy system

Greek-Wise an online fraternity and sorority course

members will be able to • recognize how alcohol is absorbed in the body and how it is processed and eliminated, along with calculating general BAC levels • clarify personal choices about their drinking habits and attitudes, and how alcohol can affect academic progress and social behavior • identify drug and alcohol interactions and high-risk drinking patterns • understand the risks of hazing • apply behavior to avoid sexual assault, and assess behavior to prevent being charged with sexual assault • evaluate the legal consequences of underage drinking and social hosting

course features course completion in a little over one hour short, relevant information personalized feedback and self-referral tools pre/post-tests provide measurements of behavior change and knowledge gained student management system to view member records and outcome reports aggregate Outcome Reports provided for your national organization

Since 1999, 3rd Millennium Classrooms has created prevention and intervention courses for colleges, high schools, and courts. In partnership with the San Diego State University’s eCHECKUP TO GO, we create evidence-based Prevention That Makes SenseTM.

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an online fraternity and sorority course