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Julie Fanselow is the author of many travel guidebooks and hundreds of magazine articles, and she served as her father’s primary care advocate during his final years of life. She lives in Seattle and is writing a book on the arts and memory loss.


WANT AN EXERCISE ROUTINE you’ll stick with? Try laughing for a change. We’re serious: You can actually giggle, chortle, and guffaw your way through a fun, free, low-impact aerobic workout that boosts energy, lowers stress, relieves pain, promotes good sleep, increases oxygen to the brain, and much more. A guided laughter session usually lasts 20 to 45 minutes, with exercises that combine natural laughter and breathing. (There’s no joke-telling.) Some people call the activity “laughter yoga”—especially since the laughing-for-health movement began in India—but it’s less about complicated poses and more about pure, simple play. And while it may seem a bit absurd to schedule time to do something we’ve done since babyhood, well, when’s the last time you really laughed out loud when you weren’t watching a funny movie, TV show, or cat video? For my first official organized laughter experience, I took a workshop with my friend Caroline Haessly, a certified

3rd Act magazine | fall 2016

laughter leader from Issaquah. Caroline guided us through the clam-shell laugh, the lost-in-a-strange-airport laugh, the starting-a-lawnmower laugh, and the laugh you do when you gleefully tear off those annoying mattress and pillow labels that say “DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABEL.” In between, we clapped and shouted choruses of “ho-ho-haha-ha, ho-ho-ha-ha-ha” and took big stretches and deep, cleansing breaths. Next, I caught up with the Tee Hee Hee Laughter Group at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. On the Friday I stopped by, the group included a mix of Harborview employees, patients, and folks like me who just dropped in for a play break. After about a half-hour of

3rd Act Magazine – Fall 2016  

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