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Who has time for sleep when the party is this much fun? Make some memories and equip your child to be the best host ever.

you to address. Be patient and try to put yourself in their shoes. Put a policy in place and keep parents’ numbers nearby if they need to come get their child.

4. Lay the Ground Rules

Whether your group is large or small, it’s best to make sure everyone understands the ground rules before the evening is underway. Here are some good places to start, but add your own as the group evolves. • No leaving the house without asking • Stay together at all times – don’t leave anyone out • Check in your cell phones – keep them accessible, but it’s good to have tech-free time to cut down on drama opportunities • Lights out at midnight

5. Have Fun!

Probably the most important step of the evening is to just have fun. Be sure to check in with the party, but your little host will take pride in being the go-to person for the night. Looking to limit the chaos as the night progresses? Start the evening with a high-energy game or event, keep them busy but pace the fun throughout the evening, and wind down with a movie. Sleepovers are memories in the making, and you’re going to have the best one yet! 20 BLACKHILLSPARENT.COM

Teagan and Sulivan had a blast at our studio sleepover photoshoot! Not only was there a massive pillow fight complete with feathers going everywhere, the girls were able to jump on the bed, test out a polaroid camera, and enjoy some classic pepperoni pizza.

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