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Κεφάλαιο 3 In our first meeting, we met each other and we discussed which the reasons for choosing this project are. We also divided into groups according to our personal characteristics.

Our next meeting was much more interesting; we made wikispaces for communicating with our material, we did brainstorming for meanings “adolescence” and “addictions”, we constructed mental maps and finally, we divided into new groups (subgroups) for each aspect according to our interests.

In our third meeting, we did reading literature most of the time. It was really exhausted but we learnt a lot of things through this.

In the next gathering, each group work on its own aspect of addiction; reading articles, brochures, books etc.

In our fifth meeting, we finished the reading literature. We also explained the meanings of “dependence” and “teenagers”.

In meeting number six, we continued our work in subgroups to finish our reading literature. When we finished that, all together associated the meaning of “adolescence” with the

meaning of “dependence”. In addition to, we put some sub queries: What is adolescence? What is addiction and what dependence? Who are the factors which lead to dependence?

In meeting number seven, we work on survey. Specifically, we did processing of research data and after that, we did reference on the research.

In our next meeting, we did have way eva. We summarized everything we have done all this four months and we revised. We also took back the questionnaires which we have shared to the school’s students. We saw the results and noted the ones which surprised us. Then we discussed about the answers and students’ wrong perception about the topic.

In our ninth gathering, we prepared ourselves for the presentation. We divided again into groups according to what we wanted to work on at the project. The groups are the followings: Report on the survey Report on the project PowerPoint presentation Leaflet on dependencies

project activities  

what we did during the spring semester 2012 in the framework of our school project on dependencies in adolescence

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