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3rd Senior High School

A’ Class

‘Miltos Kountouras’

Spring Term Project on

Nea Philadelphia

Dependencies in

Athens, Greece


Wanna be independent?

Watch out for

teenage dependencies!

Teenagers need independence but they are not ready for it yet. They suffer from stress, low self esteem, depression, loneliness and fear while some addictive substances and activities are quite promising to help them get want they want quickly and easily.

Being a teenager is not easy …

Teenagers have a natural tendency to adventure and risk-taking. That’s why they want to try everything! But their brain is at its most flexible; it changes all the time and causes many changes to the body, the mood and behaviour of a teenager. Adolescence is also the time for learning good and bad habits. That’s why addiction turns to dependency so easily and irreversibly…

If you Can’t get enough of a substance, a person or an activity Feel miserable without it Have tried to stop it without success Are changing peer groups because of it Have trouble at home or at school because of it See your performance at school, sport or music falling Your eating or sleeping patterns are unstable Your mood changes more quickly than usual Blame yourself for everything Blame others for everything Can’t carry out everyday routine tasks Can’t solve easy problems Can’t concentrate Don’t feel like looking after yourself Are losing interest in the opposite sex You are getting depressed and helpless Then you might be suffering from addiction or dependence, which means that your natural hormones have stopped working normally.

Don’t try to get any higher! You’ll just reach the point where “ it’s pointless to be high cause it’s such a long way down…” (David Bowie ‘All the madmen’)

There are many as many ways out of as there are ways in the problem: for drugs, alcohol, gambling and internet addiction alcoholics anonymous drug addicts anonymous

nicotine addicts let alone your good old friends, family and so many ex-addicts who will really support you on your way to


Have a nice and safe journey!!!

dependencies in adolescence  

leaflet on dependencies in adolescence

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