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American Studies Society (A.S.S) President: Alyssia Chapman Webpage: Membership Fee: £3 E-mail: Facebook: Twitter:!/UoL_ASS Additional costs: There will be bar crawl t-shirts during freshers’ week which will be available for around £6. There may be some day trips arranged and these will cost around £15 (incl. travel).

The American Studies Society not only offers great support for new and existing students on the American Studies degree but also creates a sense of community. American themed socials are a great way to get to know your peers, as well as fulfilling that dream you always had of being a Grease cast member just for one night. With film screenings, bar crawls, pub quizzes, day trips and more, the A.S.S has something for everyone. As an academic group our main aim is to offer you the support you need throughout your course whilst having fun along the way!

Ancient History & Archaeology President: Gagan Bajwa Webpage: Membership Fee: ÂŁ3 E-mail: Facebook: Additional costs: Trips to sites usually ÂŁ15, the more people that go the cheaper the cost of the trip.

This society aims to provide both academic and social opportunities to students lucky enough to be studying Ancient History and Archaeology. Our objectives are to aid students in any way we can to get the best out of their university experience, whilst continuing to grow as a new society. People should join our society because it is a brilliant way to get to know the interesting and beautiful people of our small department. This year academics at the forefront of their fields will be invited to be our star speakers and we will provide enjoyable socials throughout the year, with a fantastic end of year ball, for both students and lecturers.

AstRoSoc President: Portia Bowman E-mail:

Biological Sciences President: Rachel Bell Webpage: Membership Fee: 1 year = £3, 2 years = £5, 3 years = £7 E-mail: & Facebook:

We are an academic society that encompasses all of the medical/biological sciences subject groups. We aim to hold both academic-driven and social events that let people within the department get to know each other and to socialise in different environments. We have held socials to Laser Quest, as well as organising book clubs and guest speakers. We hold an Easter ball every year, where we also announce the new committee after voting has taken place. We aim to help students in our department as well as make them enjoy the university life they will experience for three years.

Canadian Law President: Sangeeta Virmani E-mail:

Chemistry President: Charlotte Ashworth Webpage: Membership Fee: ÂŁ5 per year or ÂŁ10 lifetime E-mail: Facebook:

The Chemistry Society aims to provide support for Chemistry students through their degree, both socially and academically, as well as offering opportunity for any University student interested to learn more about Chemistry. To do this, socials (varying from bar crawls, trips to Laser Quest and meals out), study groups and guest lectures will hosted throughout the academic year. We also hold an Easter ball, providing the chance to dress up with course mates and raise money for Charity.

Computing President: Gareth Latty Webpage:

Membership Fee: ÂŁ3 for the year E-mail: Social:, Meeting/Training Times: Wednesday Gaming session at 1pm until 4pm Meeting/Training Locations: Charles Wilson Building, 3rd floor, Net-Lab

The ULCS, commonly known as simply 'CompSoc', meets regularly for a variety of events, both social in the form of bar crawls, pub visits and LAN gaming events; and also learning events such as help sessions for coding or coding crash courses. We also have bigger one off events such as Game Jams (24 hours to make a video game), themed gaming sessions and joint events with other computing societies from universities like Lincoln and De Montfort. If you have any interest in computers whether it is in programming, gaming or anything else, this is the society for you.

Criminology President: Daniel Boorman Webpage: Membership Fee: ÂŁ4 E-mail: Social: The Criminology society has been growing rapidly since its creation in 2006. It is welcoming to all students! Events in the past years have proven to be very enjoyable for everyone, including prison visits to HMP Leicester and Police Headquarters, ex-prisoner talks, revision sessions for pre-exam nerves and of course some great socials including the infamous pub golf! The Criminology society also has a football team (The Criminals) and a netball team that both participate in the intramural leagues! The society offers both academic and social activities for everyone involved and will be one of the highlights of your year! Just one of the many fancy dress socials! Liquid and Envy, 2012!

Economics President: Thomas Pang Webpage: Membership Fee: ÂŁ5 Annual ÂŁ8 Life E-mail: Social:!/uolecon The University of Leicester Economics Society is a popular society open to all students. Throughout the year we hold hugely popular social events ranging from bar crawls to Christmas to post-exam parties and meals. We enter both a football and Basketball side every year which takes part in the University Intramural League and Cups, both of which have had success in the past years with the Basketball team last year! The society invites a variety of firms and guest speakers to run workshops and presentations. These events aim to expose members to the different opportunities available to them upon graduation.

Engineering President: Jamie Hill Webpage: Membership Fee: ÂŁ4 per year for the new intake E-mail: Social: @engatleicester

The UoL EngSoc provides social events, alongside intellectual talks and visits for engineering students. We have had a range of socials in past years; including bar crawls, Laser Quest, trips to the National Space Centre, meals out and factory visits. We provide an opportunity for engineering students to unwind and relax with other engineers, alongside furthering interest in engineering

English President: Rebecca Jarvis Webpage: Membership Fee: £4 E-mail: Social:

The English Society’s main aim is to organise a balance of social and academic events for the benefit of its members. The society is aimed primarily, although not exclusively, at anyone studying English as a single or joint honours subject, wishing to meet and socialise with other English students and/or partake in course related activities and events such as theatre trips and literary lectures. The society’s main events to watch out for this year include theatre trips, bar crawls, creative writing lectures and the event of the year – the May Ball which attracted over 200 guests last year.

(ELSA) European Law Student Association President: Alexandros Alexandrou Webpage: Membership Fee: £5 E-mail: Social: “ELSA Leicester” on Facebook Are you a Law Student? Then joining ELSA Leicester is a must! ELSA is the world's largest independent law students' association. Our primary goal at ELSA Leicester is to help students boost their CV. Throughout the year we are the society with the foremost and most interesting academic activities such as seminars and conferences, where some of the most high-position holders of the legal scene of the UK and not only are invited to come to the University of Leicester just for our members. As a society we also aim to provide a wide range of other sort of activities such as debating, mooting and arbitration competitions. Nevertheless, we are a STUDENT society, so it’s not all about academics and studying....therefore expect great dosages of social gatherings and other such events which will help bring all the member to feel part of the ELSA Leicester family!

Finance President: Thomas Pang (will change in October 2012). E-mail:

Geography President: Andy Brooking E-mail:

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