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WHO IS ARTHUR ÍNGLISH? Scottsdale, Arizona, December 27, 2013 – People are asking who is Arthur Ínglish? They have seen his face and heard his music but aren’t for certain it’s the same person. Formerly known as Jae4Real, Arthur Ínglish emerges with a new image, new management and a new vision for his music. What has brought on the transformation? “I felt like Jae4Real had to fit into the mold of what a West Coast rapper is. The name change allows me to be free to be myself. Through story telling I can share experiences that I have been a part of.” To start the year off expect to hear three tracks off his new album which will be available on ITunes, a video shoot, a listening party and a show. Arthur Ínglish is under the management of 3Jay Productions; a bi-coastal fashion, beauty and entertainment firm. What can you expect out of this change? “I want people to see that I have matured. With this rebranding my fans will hear a more vulnerable side to my music.” The Arthur Inglish website will launch on January 6, 2014 and will include a complete EPK on the artist. ### If you would like more information about the artist or for booking, please contact Jalia Pettis at 888-5691114 ext 0009 or email at

Who is Arthur Inglish?  

Find out on January 6, 2014