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January 2014= Winter Issue The theme of the winter issue is ‘Shades of Grey’. Submissions are open to individual interpretation. We are seeking creative, optimistic and/or provocative hi-fashion photo stories that push the limits. There are many themes that can be incorporated with or without the use of color. Pictorials can be of women, men or a combination of both. To follow in line with our normal esthetic it is imperative that a bold story is told visually while still capturing the essence of great fashion and beauty. The photo stories should be detailed and include the names of each participant along with the products used for the hair styling and make-up artistry. Each submission is not guaranteed placement in the magazine. To be considered the submissions must be received by December 30, 2013. Photographers will only be contacted if your submission is utilized. You will be notified as to whether it will be featured within the publication itself or as an online editorial. Our team will send the appropriate documentation which must be signed and completed in entirety to ensure full credit. This document will be utilized to name the participants within the photo story. Please keep in mind once the issue has been uploaded for online viewing and print we will not make any corrections to the magazine unless there is an error on the part of a member of the Le Rouge Editorial Board.

### Le Rouge Magazine is a digital and print beauty and fashion magazine. All submissions must be sent to:

Terms & Conditions 1. When submitting your editorial it may or may not make it to the print/online issue. We will contact those whose images will be utilized within a week of their submission. For those who do not make it into the issue; you will be notified within two-weeks of your submission. 2. We do not provide free or extra copies of the print issue simply because your work is featured. We are a young magazine and although we would like to be able to send each contributor a print, it is not monetarily feasible. We will however provide a digital PDF copy and alternative rate for purchasing issues. The PDF will only be sent to those who are directly involved with a given issue of the magazine. The PDF is meant to be utilized for a professional portfolio as tear sheets; it is NOT permitted to be shared on social media. 3. Submitting your photo story gives Le Rouge Magazine the exclusive publishing rights. Images cannot be previously seen within any other media or social media source. Other than for personal promotional use, images cannot be utilized in any other publication, book (unless it is your project/collective work) or any other printed media. If the images are used online for a blog or website a link must be directed to: 4. Le Rouge Magazine retains the right to pull any editorial within our pages in the instance photo stories are publicized before the issue is published. This includes personal websites along with all forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace, Flckr or the like. This excludes outtakes; such as sneak peeks of preparations and behind the scenes bloopers. 5. All costs and expenses included with composing a photo story are your responsibility. Le Rouge Magazine is not liable for the production of a shoot unless specified by contract. Additionally, unless authorized and contracted you can not represent yourself as a member of the Le Rouge Magazine team when composing a photo editorial. 6. All files submitted must be high resolution and no less than 300ppi and in the following formats: (TIFF) (JPEG) Any other sizes or formats will NOT be accepted. All submissions must be sent to:

Le Rouge Magazine - Winter Submission Reqs  
Le Rouge Magazine - Winter Submission Reqs  

Our affliates, Le Rouge Magazine have released their photo story theme and submission requirements! For more info contact