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Re: JTable/TableModel undoing

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• From: Michael Rauscher <michlmann@xxxxxx> • Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 21:14:17 +0100 Thomas Weidenfeller schrieb: Deniz Dogan wrote: Hello! Does anyone know of a way to provide some sort of undo manager for JTables or TableModels?

The undo manager is not the problem. Java comes with //javax.swing.undo.UndoManager//. The problem is that you will have to implement your own //TableModel// that can talk to the manager by providing the following. a) Allows to register //UndoableEditListener//s with the model, so an //UndoManager// can listen to changes. b) Allows to de−register //UndoableEditListener//s with the model c) Generates and fires //UndoableEditEvent//s for each relevant edit, d) containing an //UndoableEdit// instance describing the edit and providing the means to undo/redo it. For bonus points: e) Make the //UndoableEdit// a //CompoundEdit// for sequences of similar and related edits (e.g. collapsing multiple single character deletions into a "word deleted" edit).

Agreed with one exception: to me, e) makes little sense with respect to tables. Either a cell (or row in the case of additions and deletions) was updated or it wasn't.

All this is not much fun to implement.

But it's straight−forward if one implements a Decorator for ordinary TableModels. Of course, in this case row Re: JTable/TableModel undoing


Re: JTable/TableModel undoing additions/deletions get lost, but I'd consider it as a starting point. To substantiate my babbling, I've written a small implementation, perhaps someone has some use for it ;) [should I GPL it now? â&#x2C6;&#x2019; SCNR] import javax.swing.event.*; import javax.swing.table.*; import javax.swing.undo.*; public class UndoableTableModel extends AbstractTableModel implements TableModelListener { private TableModel delegate; private UndoableEditSupport support = new UndoableEditSupport(); public UndoableTableModel( TableModel delegate ) { setDelegate( delegate ); } public void setDelegate( TableModel delegate ) { if ( this.delegate != null ) this.delegate.removeTableModelListener( this ); this.delegate = delegate; if ( this.delegate != null ) this.delegate.addTableModelListener( this ); fireTableStructureChanged(); } public Class<?> getColumnClass( int columnIndex ) { return delegate.getColumnClass( columnIndex ); } public int getColumnCount() { return delegate.getColumnCount(); } public String getColumnName( int columnIndex ) { return delegate.getColumnName( columnIndex ); } public int getRowCount() { return delegate.getRowCount(); } public Object getValueAt( int rowIndex, int columnIndex ) { return delegate.getValueAt( rowIndex, columnIndex ); } public boolean isCellEditable( int rowIndex, int columnIndex ) { return delegate.isCellEditable( rowIndex, columnIndex ); }

Re: JTable/TableModel undoing


Re: JTable/TableModel undoing public void setValueAt( Object aValue, int rowIndex, int columnIndex ) { Object oldValue = delegate.getValueAt( rowIndex, columnIndex ); delegate.setValueAt( aValue, rowIndex, columnIndex ); Object newValue = delegate.getValueAt( rowIndex, columnIndex ); fireChangeEdit( rowIndex, columnIndex, oldValue, newValue ); } public void addUndoableEditListener( UndoableEditListener l ) { support.addUndoableEditListener( l ); } public void removeUndoableEditListener( UndoableEditListener l ) { support.removeUndoableEditListener( l ); } public void tableChanged( TableModelEvent e ) { TableModelEvent newEvent = new TableModelEvent( this, e.getFirstRow(), e.getLastRow(), e.getColumn(), e.getType() ); fireTableChanged( newEvent ); } protected void fireChangeEdit( int row, int col, Object oldValue, Object newValue ) { UndoableEdit edit = new TableChangeEdit(row, col, oldValue, newValue); support.beginUpdate(); support.postEdit( edit ); support.endUpdate(); } private class TableChangeEdit extends AbstractUndoableEdit { private int columnIndex; private int rowIndex; private Object oldValue; private Object newValue; public TableChangeEdit( int rowIndex, int columnIndex, Object oldValue, Object newValue ) { this.columnIndex = columnIndex; this.rowIndex = rowIndex; this.oldValue = oldValue; this.newValue = newValue; } public void undo() { super.undo(); delegate.setValueAt( oldValue, rowIndex, columnIndex ); }

Re: JTable/TableModel undoing


Re: JTable/TableModel undoing public void redo() { super.redo(); delegate.setValueAt( newValue, rowIndex, columnIndex ); } } } Bye Michael .

Re: JTable/TableModel undoing



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