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Unlocked 21.6Mbps HPSA+ Huawei E369 USB Modem Keywords: unlocked huawei E369 USB modem huawei E369 USB modem, huawei E369 data card, 3g modem Outline: According to comparison and detailed description, this articles fully tells what make huawei E369 differs from previous modem Huawei E369 data card is one of the newest USB modems in the market available now, supporting 21.6Mbps download speed and 5.76Mbps upload speed, so you can enjoy high speed internet access without having to consider time or place. Although own the same speed, compared with unlocked Huawei E182E and Huawei E353 USB modem, Huawei E369 USB modem is a newly updated version and have wider band range of network ,this means if you buy unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem you can enjoy 5 band global roaming(850/900/AWS/1900/2100 MHz) unlike Huawei E353 4 band(850/900/1800/1900) and Huawei E182E(850/900/1800/1900MHz) , so thanks to its wide coverage advantage over previous modems , Huawei E369 USB modem has gained many attraction since released.

New Design Unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem has a compact and elegant appearance, that’s why Huawei E369 data card is popular by many electronics fans. Besides this, its 8 mm body make this data card the global smallest and

slightest 3G USB modem (only 20g), in addition. Huawei E369 USB modem has eight colors and a magnet cap which can affectively avoided lose Depend on these new features, unlocked HuaweiE369 USB modem fascinates many electronics fans and become a lucky dog in 2012 . You know, personal wireless modems or mobile hotspots are very popular now, that is why more and more suppliers start to develop and produce wireless devices. As one of the telecom and wireless technology leaders, it proves that Huawei is a multiple telecom device suppliers, and unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem fully presents Huawei central conception - Offering users high technology wireless devices with good user’s experience and affordable price Unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem is a latest 3G modem as well as symbolic modem in 2012 .You know ,Huawei E369 USB modem’s 5 band global roaming is very useful for people who need to be on the move. Unlike other wireless devices, due to lack of Wide network band, people can ‘t use it everywhere that they want to , they have to cost much in order to make up this fault,so if people buy one piece of unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem, they never worry about this, I think it save their expense and make their business efficient. Easy to Use Unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem is a portable 21.6Mbps HSPA+ data card, so people can carry it in their pockets or bags wherever they go, in addition,Unlocked Huawei E369 USB modem is fully take customers’ convenience into account: no CD, auto installation and compatible with most newly OS, of course ,this convenients people and wins the satisfaction from users.

Unlocked 21.6Mbps HPSA+ Huawei E369 USB Modem