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Perfect Birthday Gift: Huawei E583c Wi-Fi Pocket Two weeks ago, my friend JIM asked me what I want to be a birthday present. I said a simple present is OK. But in following talking, I told him I want to have a Wi-Fi Pocket device to support my IPAD and my PC in my home because my sister would use the PC and need network. Next month, I will buy one iPod Touch for her. As my best friend, Jim said he would make it true. I just gave a smile. What a great day today, I get the perfect gift—Huawei E583C Wi-Fi Pocket from my friend with a surprise, and I can’t wait to share how exciting I am. What an amazing Wi-Fi pocket!

With the beautiful package, huawei E583C makes my eyes shining at the first glance. The shape, color, buttons and display make it looks like an art. Following the user manual, I insert my SIM card to it and then start. There is “E5” on the screen at first and then quickly, this Wi-Fi pocket detects the signal and my Ipod has response that there is one network available for connection. Wa…really fantastic, it’s definitely unlocked and I don’t need to open a new data plan for my sister. When my iPod get connected, it could surf the internet at very good speed and the network is very stable during the 3 hours when I using it. Then I let my iPhone connect E583C too by Wi-Fi, the screen on it shows 2, I guess it means two devices are sharing the network. And the signal is full on the screen. I found there is an antenna port on the side of the pocket, but there is no antenna in the packing. But I think it’s unnecessary because the signal is full already, I don’t need it at least now. Maybe in future, I go to some rural area, I will consider to buy one. I called back to my friend and express my thanks for the present and told him that he could also use this device when we having a party. Because This E583C Wi-Fi Pocket doesn’t like the others which could use only specific SIM card, this device could support any SIM card, completely SIM card free.

With this perfect Wi-Fi Huawei E583C Portable Hotspot, I have a perfect birthday and it make a perfect combination with my iPod and iPhone. I’m so lucky!

Perfect Birthday Gift: Huawei E583c Wi-Fi Pocket