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Is Huawei IDOES U8650 (Sonic) Better Than ZTE Blade? Key words: Huawei Android smartphone, HUAWEI IDEOS X5, HUAWEI Smartphone, huawei U8650 Smartphone, ZTE blade, ZTE Android samrtphone, ZTE v880, Huawei Sonic Outlines: it compares the features of HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800 and U8650 in this article, and they respectively have their advantages and disadvantages. Huawei had released many smartphones at breathtaking speed in past few weeks, such as Huawei Glory, Vision, Sonic, etc…it’s really high efficient and fantastic. Since Huawei IDEOS has been in great success in the market, is the new Huawei Sonic U8650 better than ZTE Blade V880 Smartphone? ZTE Blade V880 was released last year from Orange in European and soon become the best budget smart phone in the world. Obviously, ZTE Blade is one star Smartphone in Entry level 3G phones. But what’s the unique feature of HUAWEI Sonic U8650?

We guess Huawei Sonic U8650 was born to gain more smartphone share in low-end market. They both have 3.5 inch multiple-point touch screen. The appearance of Huawei Sonice seems more fashionable than ZTE Blade. But the resolution of Sonice U8650 is 320*480, can’t win ZTE Blade 480*800 resolution. Comparing with ZTE Blade Android 2.2 Operation system, Huawei U8650 is configured Android 2.3 OS, which is more popular and could support more applications for Android. What’s amazing is that HUAWEI Sonic U8650 adopt Huawei exclusive 3D antependium switch interface and could arrange the options per the users’ habits and preferences.

ZTE Blade is configured 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM while Huawei Sonic U8650 has 512MB RAM and ROM. For entry-level phone, this may be not as good as we wish, but it’s enough for usual applications. The battery is usually the big concern for the users because android smartphones are inclined to high power consumption. The standard battery for ZTE Blade is 1250mAh, which means it could support continuous calling around 300minutes and standby around 300hours. The battery for HUAWEI Sonic U8650 seems better, 1400mAh, 390minutes talking time and 400 hours standby time. But this is just the theoretical data, in real application and experience, they couldn’t. With the functions of office, GPS, Bluetooth,3.2 megapixels camera, ZTE Blade could support maximum 16GB Micro SD card while Huawei Sonic U8650 support Max 32GB. And one unique function we have to mention is that they both could work as the mobile WiFi hotspot base by transferring 3G network to WI-FI so as to support more users to get internet access. And the WI-FI network could support maximum up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled terminals. From the points above, we can find that Huawei Sonic U8650 is more attractive in Android 2.3 OS and 3D antependium switch interface. And considering Huawei has better quality than ZTE, Huawei Sonic U8650 win ZTE Blade V880 by a nose.

Is Huawei IDOES U8650 (Sonic) Better Than ZTE Blade?