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Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim and Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010, which one is better?

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim VS Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Key word: Huawei S7 Slim Tablet, Samsung Galsxy Tab, iPad, Android Tablet Outline: in this article, it talks about the differences of Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim and Galaxy tab 1010, and the advantages & disadvantage of the two tablets. It will help the users to decide which one to buy per their request. Huawei S7 Slim - thinner and lighter Since iPad had established the standards of tablets and gained great success in the markets, almost all the computer manufactures follow to release their Pads, such as Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, ACER Iconia Tab, HUAWEI S7, ZTE V9, etc. And they are trying to launch the upgrade version to occupy more market share. However, there are still many consumers complaining that the size of tablet is somewhat big and hard to take in hand. They would consider it would be more convenient to take if the tablets have smaller dimension. Some of the suppliers have realized the market demand and in their new product, they adjusted the design so as to make the tablet lighter and slimmer. Huawei S7 Slim and Samsung Galaxy Tab are the two shining stars. Someone may wonder which one would be better for functions and budget, let’s see what they are configured. Same Features: Huawei S7 Slim and Samsung Galaxy both have 7-inch capacitive and multiple-point touch screen, and dimension alike. So they are both very thin and slim, even smaller than a notebook. They are both configured Android 2.2 operation system of 512MB RAM and support up to 32GB Micro SD card. With the function of 720P video capture (720*480 resolution), they both support the usual audio, videos, Flash player and what’s more, they are inserted the GPS for guiding the users and WiFi terminal for network connection, like most tablets. By the way, 3G function is also available.

Difference: The difference is that Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim has 800*480 resolution, which is just so so. Samsung Galaxy enjoy 1024×600 resolution, which would be make the users feel better. With 30 MP sub camera and 320 MP rear camera, Huawei S7 slim is enough for usual use of taking photos, but may be not good for visual telephone. Comparing Samsung Galaxy Tab 130 MP sub camera and 300 MP rear camera, Huawei S7 Slim seems slightly lose because the the effect of rear camera comes almost to be the same. The standard battery storage of huawei S7 Slim is 3250mAh and it’s said the standby time up to 180 hours, calling time 6 hours and video playing time around 3 hours. Samsung Galaxy has the battery storage 4000mAh, and same working time as Huawei S7 slim. Frankly speaking, Android system need strong power support, in real network environment, the battery may work less time than the theoretical time. Upon above the comparison, you may like Samsung Galaxy Tab more than Huawei S7 Slime tablet. Actually, Huawei S7 slim has one unique feature that Samsung Galaxy Tab don’t have, which is telephone fuction. Huawei S7 slim could work like a smartphone, calling out and answering calls. Considering this, if you need one smart phone and also want to have a slim tablet, it would be a wonderful decision to have a Huawei S7 Slim. According to the internet investigation, the consumers like S7 slim most due to the fantastic functions and with comparative better price than Samsung Galaxy Tab, Huawei S7 Slim is a decent tablet for consideration. But if you seek perfect, Samsung Tab would be your cake.

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim VS Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010  

in this article, it talks about the differences of Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim and Galaxy tab 1010, and the advantages & disadvantage of the two ta...

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