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How to make a choice between HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800 & ZTE Skate Smartphone? Description: this article mainly talks about the differences btw HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800 & ZTE Skate, and their own advantage. Help customer to know these Smartphone better. Key word: HUAWEI X5, HUAWEI U8800, HUAWEI IDEOS X5, HUAWEI Smartphone, ZTE Skate, ZTE Smartphone, Smartphone etc The newest Android Huawei U8800 and ZTE Skate Now almost everyone got one mobile phone in hand, people on the road are always calling, listening to the music, playing games via their mobile phone. All of these are owed to IT technology improvement, then one special mobile phone we named it Smartphone comes out. HTC, iPhone and other brand will come to your mind when Smartphone is mentioned, but Two Chinese brand is becoming stronger & stronger in their wireless terminal field. ZTE & Huawei. They have launched some Smartphone models one after another. As ZTE Blade v880 gained a lot of high comments , one new model which performs better called ZTE Skate unveils, and HUAWEI also launched one same-level Smartphone : HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800, now let’s see what the two models look like

HUAWEI IDEOS X5 also called U8800, It has one 3.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with resolution 480*800 pixels beautiful design with four touch button in the front. One power button on the top and volume button on the left side, at the bottom, one mini usb port which is used for charging & connecting with computer, one 5.0 M camera on the back is not very high-end. Few buttons makes Huawei U8800 simple, sensible & noble. Equipped with Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS enable it more compatible with apps. 3G and WI-FI function is the basics of Smartphone.

Compared with HUAWEI U8800, ZTE Skate has one larger capacitive touchscreen, 4.3 inch makes it like it’s designed for man. More powerful Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS & 5.0M camera, 3G+WI-FI function make ZTE Skate perform very well, and could run smoothly. If you prefer big touchscreen, ZTE Skate will be a good choice, or HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800 would be a good choice

How to make a choice between HUAWEI IDEOS X5 U8800 & ZTE Skate Smartphone