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The shareholders of EHCOLO

Solid industry experience At EHCOLO, we offer solutions for the handling of a wide range of goods requiring packaging, typically product in bags. We offer machinery with capacities from 400 to 3,000 units an hour. EHCOLO is a privately owned shareholders company with almost 30 years’ experience and knowhow, we design and produce systems to meet specific customer requirements.

Our products


High quality We manufacture our machinery ourselves in our own factory. Our machines are designed and developed by our own development division. The parts that we do not produce ourselves are purchased from recognized suppliers who share our commitment to high quality. We use only the best components based on tried and tested technologies to ensure that our customers are able to rely on high uptime percentages, and know that spare parts can be obtained – quickly and easily.

Customisation We are familiar with most industries and have experience with most types of goods, and the particular way in which they need to be handled.

Other systems In addition to standalone palletising systems in various sizes and for unique purposes, we supply our products as components of larger systems.

This enables us to develop customized machinery in close partnership with our customers. We have the skill and experience to understand our customers’ requirements, their products and the volumes that their systems need to be able to handle.

We have the skills and experience to work as a turnkey supplier and are able to offer the design and delivery of complete packaging lines. Finally, we develop and manufacture systems for the filling and emptying of bulk containers.

State-of-the-art solutions Our focus on innovation allows us to offer unique servo control on our motors, which also incorporate absolute encoders to offer extremely precise positioning. This means that in the event of an unforeseen power cutoff, our customers are able to continue their production without having to empty the system. The result is less downtime and less maintenance. Thorough testing All our finished machinery is set up at our own production premises, where it is thoroughly tested before being dispatched to the customer. In order to insure the right solution for our customers, we or our local agents always visit customer premises prior to production of a system. Our own technicians always install and commission all our solutions, this in order to insure our quality level.

High level of user-friendliness An efficient system, is a system that is easy for employees to use and simple to maintain. Our systems are equipped with a touch panel with a logical interface in order to make operation easy and intuitive. Our systems are also designed to be servicefriendly. This means that customers in the vast majority of cases are able to carry out day-to-day maintenance themselves.


Fast remote support Even the best and most well-designed machinery may need servicing at some point. If our customers should experience problems that they cannot solve themselves, we are always available on our 24/7 service hotline. With our efficient remote support, we are able to log onto customer systems and retrieve all the status information required. We then guide the customer to troubleshoot the problem locally or advise on the spare parts required to get the machinery running at full capacity again.


For our customers, remote support means that they are able to get up and running again quickly and avoid the risk of having to stop production for any length of time. If our service hotline isn’t able to get the equipment running, our service team is always on standby for worldwide on-site assistance.

Our skilled technicians take pride in their job, delivering quality solutions to our customers.


Green profile Energy and recycling are some of the areas we continuously enhance and develop. We have implemented a technology that recycles the braking energy of a stopping motor. The energy is then redirected and used in other parts of the machine. This means a reduction in energy consumption in our machinery by up to 20%. Customers across the world The world is our marketplace, and we work with a wide range of customers.


Our customers work with: • Agricultural products • Agricultural feed • Bioenergy • Products for the construction industry, e.g. cement • Chemicals • Food • Horticultural products • Animal feed • Plastics ... and much, much more.

B&R Managing Director Carsten Clemensen and EHCOLO Director Ole Andersen agree that the close co-operation of their engineering teams has improved the level of know-how in both companies. Sharing knowledge is by both parties considered the most important key to success. A durable machine build on an innovative automation solution delivered by B&R has led to the right solution for EHCOLO.

The Key Technology Partner for performance and cost tuned automation solutions


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EHCOLO - Palletizer solutions  
EHCOLO - Palletizer solutions