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3G Wireless Video Monitoring Camera Model:Globalcctvsec LJ-M69

Globalcctvsec has launched an unique and state-of-the-art video surveillance device to improve business security and home surveillance. It is a very sophisticated device, loaded with very advanced features. It is a small camera device that can be controlled via any 3G enabled phone working in 3G+ network. Operating this device remotely is very simple, yet very secure. The users can enjoy live video conferencing too. The user can shift the camera angle, zoom in/out and record video onto the T-Flash MMC which can be inserted inside the deviceo. It provides on-the-go video surveillance to a maximum of 20 users. Mainly aims two categories: - Business: Business:Track your employees and their activities while you are away from office, Start a video-conferencing-meeting with your branch manager. - Personal: Monitor your house, babies, care-takers, etc, while you are away from home. Working Methodology: 1. Insert a 3g SIM card into the device (Phone number: 15221482000). 2. Initiate a video call from your 3G+ enabled mobile device to the video camera (Dial: 15221482000) 3. The device prompts to enter a PIN (Enter: 1234). 4. Connection is established and video streaming starts. 5. Control your camera: #4: Turn left, #6: Turn right #2: Turn up, #8: Turn down #1: Zoom out, #3: Zoom in #7: Reduce Brightness, #9 Increase Brightness *: Decrease volume, #: Increase volume #5: Reverse picture by 180deg

Camera Features: 3x digital Zoom In/Out, Turn up/down, Increase/decrease Volume, Night Vision, Remotely Record Video. Technical Specs: Brand Name









0.3 Megapixel.

Network Band

UMTS - 850/1900/2100MHz.


T-F and MMC slot,


SIM/USIM slot.


3G+ connection necessary


Power indicator with 5 different colour levels.

Operating Range



Li-ion 1450 mAh, Battery standby time: approx 300 hours.


156 x 129 x 111.5mm. Weight: 263g.

Video Recording

Under Sunlight: 18 hours Infrared: 8 hours


Unlocked. Camera tilt up by 40 degrees, down by 5 degrees by cell phone control. Camera Pan left/right by 45 degrees by cell phone control. The device prompts to enter a security PIN number to get access.

Package Contents

Mobile Camera. Charger. USB-cable Installation kit. User manual.


12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Product Views:

Security: - The device prompts to enter a security PIN number to get access. - Dedicated Administrator account (Owner’s phone number). - Video Monitoring User group (19 other users). SMS Controls: - Additional users can be added by just sending an SMS to the device. - The device is fully customizable using a series of text messages. Eg: #AddUser*[number]#[pin]#

What you require: - 3G+ enabled mobile device (Any brand). - WCDMA/UMTS/3G Connection (One extra SIM for the device).

Product Review Team got an opportunity to try this product. We concluded the following: Pros: - Very handy and portable device. - Ideal for both business & home users. - PIN-code based security access. - Improved FPS rate via 3G. - Impressive device design. - Signal Indicator to show the 3G signal strength. - Automatic IR activation upon low light intensity. - 20 users can be authorized to view the video. - Cheap video surveillance solution when compared to other devices in the market. Cons: - On/Off buttons are very tiny. - Configuring from a mobile device is time consuming. - PIN-locked SIM cards cannot be inserted (unless PIN-lock is disabled).

Security 3G Video Surveillance Camera  

Globalcctvsec 3G cameras enables video surveillance on your mobile phone.MobileCam 3G enabled wireless surveillance camera with Pan, Tilt &...

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