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FPPTA Preserving Retirement Security in Florida The FPPTA staff is currently working with our consultants to create a program to comply with the FPPTA Board of Directors vote at the FPPTA Board of Directors Meeting September 25, 2010. This program will utilize our infrastructure already in place. The program will be designed to utilize our membership to protect defined benefit plans with factual information created by professional sources. 1.

Produce white papers on current pension issues, such as the real cost to close or terminate a defined benefit plan along with many other topics. 2. Faces of Florida showing public employees are real people with real stories. 60 second sound and video bites. 3. News articles to tell the real story and counter the unresearched articles of the press. 4. Identify the state legislature who represents each FPPTA member, along with contact information. 5. Create educational sessions at our functions which will include “how and when to write a letter to the editor,” “how to communicate with your elected public officials.” 6. Create informational packets for our members to use at the local and state levels. 7. Use the E-newsletter to keep in contact with FPPTA members. 8. Share information with public unions. 9. Continue Town Hall program. 10. Update the FPPTA CD that explains who we are. Enclose FPPTA CD and Faces of Florida in informational packets. 11. Create an informational analysis relating to Florida public pensions in areas of: a. Funding levels b. Investment returns c. Contribution levels This will be used to counter the false information produced by the Florida League of Cities and other groups opposed to public employee defined benefit plans. Funding: I suggest we take the money already budgeted, that is, Town Hall Meetings Media Consultant Public Relations Consultant State Legislative Consultant National Legislative Consultant

$30,000 $ 6,000 $10,200 $12,000 $ 0

I am aware that you wished to combine state and national consultants, but a national consultant having no presence in D.C. is a very poor use of FPPTA funds.

Funding Expenses The FPPTA Board of Directors has approved $58,000 that will be utilized for this project. The majority of that comes from the Town Hall meeting line item. I intend to use a portion of these funds in the overall project. We will need, in addition, the following increases in funding: 1. FPPTA Video, Faces of Florida CD video: to cover licensing fees, cost of CD’s, broadcast fees (if any) and posters. 2. State Legislative Consultant/Retirees Liaison: increase 3. Lobby tools, Florida Legislative software:

$ 1,600

Total increase:

$ 8,500

$ 4,000 $ 2,500

I would appreciate you acting on this proposal as soon as possible. The 2011 budget needs to reflect these changes, to present an approved budget at our January 29, 2011 Board meeting. . We also need time to create educational sessions for the January 2011 school. Thanks Ray



updated 12.15.2010