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Goals 

Strengthen the link between entrepreneurs and investors through the development of an auspicious framework.

Showcase the latest innovations and new products of IT companies, identify the best matches for your business objectives, whether you are an investor or a developer.

Audience 

Angels & Venture Capital Funds looking for new opportunities

IT entrepreneurs interested in contacting local and global investors.


Schedule Friday 4th, October 10:00 – Arrival 10:30 – Opening session by Pablo Salomon - President of Cuti 10:40 – Speaker: Anii. 11:00 – Speaker: Guyer & Regules. 12:00 – Networking activity. 13:30 – Lunch. 14:30 – Check In. 15:00 – Workshop – Pitches. 17:30 – Break. 18:00 – Workshop – Pitches. 21:00 – Dinner.

Saturday 5th, October 08:00 – Breakfast. 10:00 – Speaker. 11:00 – Check Out. 11:15 – One to one meetings 13:30 – Uruguayan typical lunch.


Inversores ALVARO DOMĂ?NGUEZ Interested in: Seed or early stage, Main business (IT products, agro, Cloud, mobile, domotic) Experience: more than 30 years of experience in all areas of IT: Product design, Product development, QA, ISO 9001 and 27001, technical management, project management, Sales, Outsourcing, Support, General Management, etc. Mainly in the Financial industry.

DIEGO NARIO Interested in: Early Stage companies and in expansion of internet and mobile IT products. Experience: Diego Nario is the CEO and a founding member of PayTrue solutions. Diego has extensive experience in the payment media industry, in his beginnings he worked as Project Manager with clients in Brazil,

Dominican Republic, USA, Argentina and Uruguay. From 2000 to 2003 he worked for the Irish company Trintech S.A. as Project Manager, and then as Professional Services Manager, gaining great experience in the international market. During this time he was responsible for the implementation of solutions for both banks and financial firms in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Slovakia, China, Hungary, Canada, Poland, and Croatia. Diego earned an Information Technology Degree from ORT University Uruguay and holds a Master's degree in Engineering from University of the Republic of Uruguay. He also holds a PMD (Program for Management Development) degree from the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

MARIANA CHANGO Experience: Mariana holds a Civil Engineering degree and a Master’s degree in management of telecommunications companies. After working almost 10 years in structural engineering design and in construction management in several companies, the completion of the master created a turn in her career, leaving the technical area for the commercial and business area. In the year 2000 she joined the emerging commercial and marketing area of ANCEL,

being in charge of new businesses and applications. Mariana developed the strategy for major projects such as the introduction of text messaging and mobile Internet in Uruguay.


PABLO GARFINKEL Experience: Pablo is a serial entrepreneur and an active venture capital investor. Some of his investments include: Workana, Boobox, Urbita, Vokee y Keepcon. Three of these are based in Uruguay: Micropagos, Woow y Kidbox. In 2011 he joined Kidbox, the first web service for kids, winner of several awards including: Festival of Media, Miami 2010, Red Innova SP 2011 and Harvard’s New Venture Contest Latam in 2013. In addition to this, he was partner and investor of Aconcagua Venture Capital fund, and mentor and

investor in NTXP Labs, both located in Argentina. Pablo is a member of the Harvard Business School Angels do Brazil. In the entertainment industry, Pablo is founding partner and CEO of LIFE Cinemas. The company represents the distributor Twentieth Century Fox since the year 2000, and has investments in other entertainment areas, trademark licenses, television programs and shows in Argentina and Uruguay. In 2007 he joined Endevor´s Advisory Board, and since 2008 is an active member of the Board of Directors in Uruguay. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-USA since 2009 and founded the Dar a Luz foundation in 2011.

JAVIER VÁZQUEZ Interested in: Startups and Spinoff of Technological products on early stage. In particular, projects with large component of algorithms, data, new business models, e-commerce, social networking and / or entertainment. Experience: In 2012 he jumped into the world of entrepreneurship and startups throughout Latin America, to support entrepreneurs of different profiles, related to software projects. Based on his extensive experience in

managing large IT projects, he advises enterprises at various stages of their

life cycle, whether it's a new idea or an adjustment to the business model, finding partners or consolidate a startup or spin off. His ability and competence to work with several projects simultaneously, provide him a set of resources ranging from mentoring, counseling, knowledge, network of contacts and the ability to link to these as early investor. However, the main value that the entrepreneurs emphasize is linked to the access to "intelligent resources" given by the high level of involvement, commitment, dedication and attention that projects receive from JVI. To summarize, Computer Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, International Business, Advisor, Investor.


ANDRÉS ZUNINO Interested en: Seed, early stage / internet. Experience: more than 10 years the Telecommunications in different positions. Representing group of investors interested in start-ups.

MAURICIO SULIMOVICH Y AMÍLCAR PEREA IN Switch Interested in: Startups focused on product innovation, especially related to: Mobile, Finance, Telecommunications, Entertainment. Companies or businesses lines of massive services. Products with potential for internationalization.

Experience: IN Switch Solutions is a 100% Uruguayan

company with more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to Design, Develop, Implement, Operate and Support platforms that provide added value services, especially in the Telecommunications and Finance. The company operates in 22 countries, with 80 own platforms processing more than 8 million monetary transactions per hour, using mobile phone as a channel. Its customers include the major telecommunications operators in the region: Antel, Telefónica, Claro, Tigo, Digicel, Viva, Vox, Datora (Vodafone Brazil), etc. It has a extensive portfolio of products including highlights solutions of mMoney, mFinancial Services, Refilling (eTopUp), interactive communication’s Gateways, Messaging multichannel, Billing, Wallets Prepaid, Value Added Services, mLoyalty & Suscriptions, MSA-les & Promotions, Location based Services, mBanking and mEntretainment. Their support center works 24/7 and is ISO 9001:2008 certified, operating also in Montevideo, as its production center. DARIO ANDRIOLI— Carle & Andrioli Interested in: Early stage companies. Experience: Certified Public Accountant, graduated from the University of the Republic. Managing Director of CARLE & ANDRIOLI Public Accountants, a member firm of Geneva Group International. Professional experience in corporate finance, advising the Direction of companies, economic evaluation of


projects presented to ANII and business plans. Mentor of Endeavor and Facilitator of ACDE Groups of GADE .

MARIO SĂ NCHEZ- GlobalizeU Interested in: At GlobalizeU we are focused on LAC companies that want to expand from their country into the region and on companies from outside the region that want to enter the LAC market. Our goal is to work with a broad network of contacts that will act as facilitators for business development. Experience: These processes require experience, knowledge, support and

approaches tailored to the growth and expansion objectives of each client and project. We aim to be part of a support ecosystem for entrepreneurs, acting as a link in the value chain, to continue the process begun with pre-incubators, incubators and mentoring. For this purpose, GlobalizeU brings to companies that are beginning to expand beyond borders the preparation and training required to start the process, as well as concrete solutions to the needs that arise in their path to internationalization, pre-incubators, incubators and mentoring .

SALVADOR ONETTO Y ALEJANDRO LAZAR. DUCSA Interested in: Companies in growth and expansion stage, with developed IT Products. Experience: They are part of the Business Development Area, dedicated to explore and analyze the

ability of innovative developments and identify areas in which the knowledge and experience of DUCSA can

be useful to improve the management of resources in other countries. They have focused on market analysis projects and business statistics, financial projections, business plan development, implementation, monitoring and consulting projects for the Oil & Gas industry.


DEREK FOOTER– Origo Ventures Interested in: we are interested in consumer Internet, consumer Hardware, mobile, games, B2B software, energy and biotech. We invest between $50,000-$400,000 in immediate post-accelerator companies, doing followons up to $1 million. Experience: Derek’s first company was a Yahoo! clone in Chile in 1995, the

start of a long history in startups. Between the corporate and entrepreneu-

rial world Derek has founded five businesses in the Internet and mobile content and digital entertainment fields. The latest startup is Origo Ventures, where he is the leader and expert in the mobile, social media and web content areas. Prior experience includes PoundCake Media LLC, an alternate reality serial programming company; BlueLake Media, Inc., a distributor of new media content that broadcast the top European soccer leagues via the Internet; OpenTV, a television set-top box middleware provider where he had worldwide responsibility for developing application products and interactive networks; and DirecTV Latin America where he conceived and implemented the rollout of interactive services to the company’s 20 national markets.

ALVARO VANNI Interested in: Álvaro represents an investor interested in technological companies. He will be focused in finding a sustainable business without any other restrictions. Experience: IT Manager in service companies with over 20 years of experience, representing national capital investors. Álvaro holds a systems analyst degree, a management degree (ORT), and is an auditor in ISO27001 Information Security.

ROBERTO DE LUCA– Deloitte Interested in: companies with innovative products that can make synergy with our business. Experience: Deloitte is a leader in professional services, with nearly 200.000 professionals in the world. Deloitte is the leader in audit, consulting and tax advice in Uruguay. He has provided services to major IT companies. Roberto

De Luca, Managing Partner of Deloitte, has over 30 years of experience in management consulting.


GABRIEL CAMARGO—Afina Holdings Gabriel Camargo is an entrepreneur and innovator that dedicates most of his time to apply technology to everything in order to solve the everyday problems for common people. As he was never discovered as a soccer star player, he decided to turn to the engineering industry where he become a serious evangelist on the Design Driven Innovation methodology and how it can be used to create products and services that have a meaning to their users. He currently is the CEO and founder of Ingenious Softworks (a company that provides innovation and specialty technological development services to large corporations) and the Executive VP of the CUTI (Uruguayan Association of IT Companies), but he has been working in the technology industry in several countries for the last 15 years.

EDUARDO AMADEO – Nazca Ventures. Eduardo is a business consultant with over 10 years of experience specializing in high-potential companies. Previously, he was Director of Public and International Affairs at FUNDES and led the creation of “Buenos Aires Emprende”, the City of Buenos Aires entrepreneurship program. He holds a BA in International Studies from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and a Masters in Business Administration and Competitiveness of Universidad de San Andrés.

MARCELA MAILHOS – El País Marcela Mailhos is the Manager of Innovation and Development at El País Daily, having previously served as Head of Sales for Newspapers and Supplements in the same company. With 95 years of experience, El País Daily is the leader in the daily press and supplements, as well as in their online editions. El País has been known for its constant innovation, adding new products, promotions and content to

their traditional proposal. The number of editions and sales, the variety of readers with a strong profile, make El País the more widespread medium.


GABRIEL ROZMAN– Tata Consultancy Services Gabriel Rozman joined TCS in 2001 and currently is the Executive Vice President for TCS’ Global Delivery Network , a post created in January 2010, to support one of the organization’s main strategies. From January 2008 and before being appointed to this new position, Mr. Rozman served as EVP for Emerging Markets, where he was in charge of the company’s operations in Latin America, the Mediterranean region, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe. As part of TCS’ Executive Leadership team, he was responsible for leading the company’s operations in these areas and today for the leadership in over 20 Centers outside India. Mr. Rozman has many years of experience in the consulting and IT industry, with a distinguished career spread across multiple continents. He is a member of the Americas Council and serves on several boards including Uruguay American Chamber, CTT Education and Hoyts General Cinema Uruguay. Gabriel is also on the Global Advisory Board of Endeavor, a non-profit organization which promotes entrepreneurship in developing countries and serves as the chairman of Endeavor Uruguay. He also serves on the Global board of ACCION, a leading microfinance organization. Additionally, through TOKAI Ventures of which he is a partner, he invests in several entrepreneurial projects.

MARIO TUCCI – MVD Consulting. Mario Tucci has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked and has contacts in product and software services and BPO multinational companies. Most recently he was Vice President of Tata Consultancy Services. He is an active Endeavor mentor, founder and president of MVD Consulting, a company dedicated to accelerate the globalization of companies, based on the improvement of their operational management, focusing on world class marketing and sales processes and on the proper training of its professional team. Our support strategy seeks active investments, leveraging money and offering a network of contacts, both in terms of markets and end users as well as key people to accompany the entrepreneur in the areas of operations, marketing, and pricing and channel models. We are interested in investing in early stages or in companies seeking global expansion. Mario has worked in projects with customers in USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Brazil y Uruguay.


GUZMà N ETCHEBEHERE– Insis Insis is an Uruguayan company with over 25 years in business management software (ERP), focusing its activity in private and public sector. Our mission is to provide solutions to the international market based on management software, which enable our customers to make a profit in their business and continually evolve to next generation technologies . We are a dynamic company committed to the total satisfaction of our customers, which aims to build close and lasting relationships with them. Insis is focused on its product: GCI. Our organization reflects that.

ARIEL Opoczynski Interested in: We require a solid management team, a return potential, an external market-oriented approach, with a primary implementation level already developed. We prefer companies in growth or expansion stages. Experience: Private investment group, aimed at different industries (transportation, real state, technology, commerce) with a presence in several countries of the region and USA. We focus on strong, long term relationships, based on integrity, ethics and professional work and in the strategic, economic and management participation of all the parties involved.

CARINNA BALSAMO Snr. Sales Manager in Google Argentina.



Entrepreneurs/Companies. AccesoFácil AccesoFácil is a marketing tool for events that makes the organizers more time productive, by applying technology in order to create more efficient processes and therefore reducing staff costs, invitations/ticket distribution, controlling and accelerating Álvaro Peréz

Juan Pablo Conde

the entrance to the event, generating follow-up reports and assistance, strengthening the experience and encouraging participant loyalty without changing the regular procedures.

Arcanus On the basis of the accumulated experience of our consultants in the area of Ethical Hacking, we are searching for a change of paradigm in relation to audits. Our proposal is to change from an approach that shows a “photo” of the current situation to a continuous monitoring system and real time alerts. We also seek for transparency in the alerts to the executive staff and the business areas, allowing that founded decisions are taken instead of decisions interpreted only by

Pablo Giordano

the technological world. This productization of the service improves its quality in a substantial amount because auditing the system periodically was a poor methodology in relation to the dynamism of the risky environment that the companies face. Also, it allows us to change to a more scalable method that establishes an important competitive edge, capitalizing the intelligence and knowledge that the consultants previously applied.

Ballpit Monster Studio The videogame studio Ballpit Monster was born at the beginning of 2012 as a result of negotiations between the mother company, Ingenious Softworks and an investment fund in USA (Philadelphia), Afina Holdings. The public is formed mainly by mobile device users from the developed world (United States and Europe). Rodrigo Alem Fernández

Ignacio Parietti The company will seek to provide high quality games

both technically and in design and that do not take the


players a big amount of time but have such an immersion power that motivate them to turn to it once and again. The main financial gain will be through stores inside the application itself, where the player will have the chance to incur in costs that will allow him or her to have a better experience inside the videogame by personalizing characters, buying improvements, acquiring special items and levels, etc. The long term goal is to turn the videogame studio into an internationally recognized actor, a synonym of entertainment and quality products and in that way, to contribute to the process of positioning the country as a technology and innovation provider.

Civitas Labs Have you ever wanted to change your society’s problems? If that is the case, you now belong to the 87% of the population willing to generate some change. The problem is that there are no massive tools for involving citizens, governments and private sector Ramiro Baluga

Juan Lussich

companies. That is why we decided to create Civitas Labs, an enterprise that dedicates itself to create 2.0

Government products and Citizen Participation in order to solve yesterday’s problems with today’s technology. Big Data, Social Media, Management and Seeding automatic solutions are some of the ways in which we create value for our clients. What are you waiting for? Join the Civitas Revolution.

EDU Editorial EDU Editorial is the first educative publisher in Latin America that dedicates itself to initiatives that apply the 1to1 (one laptop per child). The firm provides Smart Texts that synchronize in the technological classroom, a new methodology for teaching and learning that is adapted, balanced, motivating for the student, easier for the teacher and that helps increase the levels of affective, cognitive and social knowledge. The smart texts that EDU proposes are conceived from an innovative combi-

Nicolás Peryra

combination between pedagogy, software and educational content. They also take advantage from the imense technological potential that is rapidly growing in the region, give digital and printed classes, activities, evaluations didactic guides and elevate the technical standard in curricular applications for the 1to1 model.


Gecos Customer service is the key pillar of a company. It is the basis for conquering the public because when they are ready to buy the same product in another company, the main difference will be provided by the service. The quality of the service is affected by the delays, lack of information about the products, bad treatEnrique Mora ment of the complaints and lack of organization. Daniel Jerouchalmi SMART SHOPPING comes to solve this and other problems that have a negative impact over the customer service quality in a sales center, radically transforming the customer’s experience. SMART SHOPPING is an innovative solution for sale spots, that combines a barcode scanner and magnetic-stripe card reader. In an unique experience for the client, in the same place of exhibition the salesperson will read the product’s barcode, introduce the buyer’s credit card and print the invoice. The mobile will have the technical information of the products, stock in that and other branches and complete client history. The sales person will solve all the operation next to the costumer without making him or her move from one place to another and in a record time.

HumanaIT Chronic diseases take more than 80% of the medical prescriptions. This fact shows the impact that they have on health expenditure. People live longer and receive more treatments that generate higher costs. This is the ideal environment for the development of tools that improve the operations within health services. The objective of Humana IT is to build up software tools that allow improving the development in the care of patients with chronic diseases.

Martín Silva

Due to the knowledge in the renal area and the identification of an unsatisfied market, the short term objective is to replicate the 10 year experience in Uruguay to the different countries in the region. The proposal is to develop and commercialize RENALIC, a software for integral clinical management that guarantees the quality and security of the treatment and optimizes material and human resources. RENALIC will cover the renal area (general hospital, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, transplant) and will be offered as a service that will work in the cloud (from Internet) ensuring availability and minimizing operational and entry costs.


Entregar Providing efficient deliveries that contemplate the needs and times of the clients is a challenge. Nowadays, packages get lost, delayed and when they finally arrive home or to the delivery address you are not there. That is why we developed BOX, a Smart Locker network, located in strategic places that allow Ronald Ubach

Emiliano Bonilla

shipment and reception of merchandise 24hs a-day in order to suit eCommerce needs. “We make the

Package wait for you�. Register in and select the locker that you prefer anywhere in the map and you will obtain an address for your shipments and a code. From that moment on, for any purchase you make, you will only have to introduce that address and the code. Once the package arrives to the locker, the costumer receives a text message and email notification with a PIN code which will be required when withdrawing the purchase. The customer can also generate a shipment from the website; which provides a PIN code that allows him or her to deposit the package in the chosen locker. Additionally, we present several API’s and interfaces that allow integrating this delivery mode in the eCommerce sites in a easy and simple way

Mi Turno MiTurno helps restaurants increase earnings by facing some of the problems that they have traditionally suffered. Simultaneously, it gives the clients benefits and improvements that make their experience of going to a restaurant better. The goal is to use nowadays technologies to increase the restaurants income by reducing the waiting time, register information on the waiting time so that operations can be improved, collect client information for marketing actions and generate a

Diego Dodel

number of reservations. MiTurno is a system that allows managing the waiting time and reservations of the restaurants through a Tablet. The solution gives tools that make decision-making easier for marketing and operational information analysis. Soon, a mobile phone application that improves the relationship between restaurants and clients will be liberated, changing the whole way in which they interact.


Ebizmart We give multichannel and omnichannel SMB’s solutions to Europe and USA., specially by connecting online and physic stores in one easy-access, rapid implementation and accessible infrastructure. We focus in making the access to information easier through all the contact channels with the client. We make special focus in protecting the investment in

Ignacio de Paula

Eli Barnett

existing integrations in electronic commerce, email marketing, ERPs. etc. We provide a mobile point of sale to SMB’s (Small and Medium Business) completely integrated to the platforms of eCommerce. Through this point of sale the salesperson can create the orders from the iPad, unifying the information of the client in every form of contact (eCommerce, store and phone) creating an OMNIChannel experience. The mobile point of sale also allows access to the Apple Store experience to any SMB outside the check-out and also gives sellers an on the go sales point, breaking the traditional barriers of the relationship between costumer and seller. Furthermore, we integrate mobile payment solutions as Paypal Here, Adyen, SagePay, Chip & Pin.

Proactive IT Systems ProsignIT is a 2 FACTOR authentication system that uses the Smartphone to identify the different users on his systems, significantly improving the user experience. Martín Fernández/ Juan Vazquez/

Increases enterprise security allowing access applications such as e-banking securely from any computer, anywhere.

It has different levels and types of security, fully configurable, so our system can be adapted easily as you want according to each user and organization. ProsignIT helps to prevent CYBERCRIME protecting information systems from techniques such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, malware, smishing among others.


Pushion Pushion offers a solution to mobile applications and brand developers, providing them the possibility of effective communication campaigns through push notifications. Solves the developer-user communication. Optimizes development time, allowing the developer integrate Pushion Ricardo Kulys

to the application in simple and quickly way. The most important features of the service are: plaintext and

multi-media (rich-media) push notification sending, geolocation, user segmentation and program sending using artificial intelligence, statistics and programmed reports. This tools suite allows the success of an application through effective communications campaigns . Pushion’s goal is to make more intelligent applications using the advantages of mobile marketing.

Qumany Qumany intends to be a virtual space where women can find everything they want from the fashion world. It is a site that allows them to follow their friends, know their style, find out where they shop, inspire and share looks. The most important aspect is that Qumany gives a space where to sell all that clothes and accessories that they do not use any more, and that, with all likelihood some friend is craving for. In that way, money can be accumulated in order to continue buying more

Romina Garavetta

clothes. You may have probably thought or listened to the phrase “I don’t have any clothes”… That is why Qumany was born.

San Diego Softworks San Diego SoftWorks is a company with cutting edge projects in internet, mobile internet, and SMS messaging. San Diego Softworks develops the latest technological solutions in the pursuit of customer service excellence, heavily influenced by innovation, flexibility, speed and quality. Marcos Mujica


Simplifica Software Simplifica is an IT company born with the idea to innovate in the area of application development primarily using GeneXus technology, founded by people who have 20 years of experience in GeneXus, we have a highly trained team to help other companies to carry out their projects by offering a wide range of products and services to increase their potential and contribute their growth. Armando Cardozo


Smartway SMARTWAY offers intelligent and innovative solutions to offer its customers the ability to remotely access real-time key indicators of their vehicles and machinery, allowing it to increase production and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Innovation for Growth. Smartway is a pioneer in Latin America in the development and comNicolás Cremona

mercialization of telematics systems and services, specializing in the areas of Transport, Agriculture and Construction.

Make full use of the productive capacity of your machinery. We have specialists in the electronic that machinery and vehicles includes today, that develop comprehensive services to give our clients the information their machinery generates, in real time, anywhere.

Tools Tecnología Informática. We solve the problem of online payment for businesses and sales in Latin America. The company can use international cards, but each country can use the cards and local physical networks. We solve this problem by providing a gateway SaaS that allows, in a simple, economical and efficient way,

Carlo Macchi Carlos Caetano

to collect payments using local and international means of payment.


Wupiti! Wupiti! brings together clients and merchants, creating new deals and promotion in the social networks. Wupiti! provides its clients with new sales, data mining and high value effortless social media presence through a smartphone application that rewards with a Esteban Siniscalco

MartĂ­n Gorlero

discount the user who shares his purchase in Facebook or twitter.

Wupiti! is a tool that creates effortless high value social media presence for merchants while providing them with new sales and vital information (statistics/habits) about their consumers. Users create, through Wupiti!, posts in their social network accounts naming the merchant and adding a picture of the product that they are acquiring in exchange for a discount or benefit. This way, the users open their social media accounts for the merchants (who reach their friends) and share with their network the joy of buying something at a discounted rate. A post-sale interaction is started around the product that they have just acquired, creating massive rich social media exposure. The merchant reaches its clients’ friends with advertisements that are considered suggestions from friends or high quality word-ofmouth recommendations. The action must be published in Wupiti! when purchasing the product at the store, before paying for it. No other existing tool combines datamining+discounts+social network sharing in a smartphone application. We capture the buyer’s information when shopping at a brick-and-mortar store that, otherwise, would remain unknown. The anonymous demographic information of the buyers is extracted from Facebook and can be accessed by the store from a "Reports page" on the Wupiti!'s web control panel.

Xseed IT Solutions Xseed IT Solutions is a leading Software Development and IT solutions Company formed by a team of young professionals and technicians trained and specialized in cutting edge technologies. One of the most important objectives of the company is collaborating with the customer for the improvement of its business, simplifying it and making them more profitable through the usage of the latest technologies. Innovation, Professionalism, Communication, Commitment and Confidentiality are core values for Xseed.


Marcelo Blanco

Manentia Software Today Safeway (r) authenticates more than 500.000 user credentials in virtual banking systems. Among our success stories we count HSBC Bank, ScotiaBank, Santander and Lloyds TSB. We are looking to expand our platform to all kinds of companies and organizations, as well as provide the basis for an inclusive and cardless payment method. This new cloud-based approach targets audiences such as e-commerce sites, government branches, financial institutions,

Ricardo Zuasti

import-export business, and even in-house company systems such as ERP and CRM access. Every company should be able to use the credentials that better fit its risk management policy, budget and infrastructure. The use of two (or more) strong factor authentication methods, ranging from OTP to facial recognition, accompanied by an auditable non-repudiation record system, are more relevant every day, in a world where we constantly increase the criticality of Internet in our daily lives. We propose a monetization scheme based on a per authorization or per credential charge, and we project a market cap not smaller than USD 720 millons in LatAm alone by the time 80% of the companies and institutions with virtual channels demand the usage of a second authentication credential.



Diego Baldomir

Javier Berdaguer

Carlos Estapé

Guyer & Regules is proud to be considered as Uruguay’s blue chip firm and first choice for international and domestic complex legal, accounting and tax work. Such reputation finds its grounds on its solid team of internationally trained professionals and the largest and most experienced group of partners in the country, who has become its clients’ trusted adviser.


Other attendees Claudia Fernández Manentia Software ( Board member of Cuti.

Rafael García Ingenio - LATU (

Marcel Mordezki Academic Coordinator of the Master in Technology Business Managers – ORT University (

Laura Di Giovanni ANII.


Staff Andrea Mendaro General Manager Cuti

Luciana Gallo Administrative Coordinator Cuti

Guzmรกn Cabrera Entrepreneurship Coordinator. Cuti


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