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Extraordinary portraits for extraordinary people

Foreword Quite simply, experiencing a perfect life-size, full-body, likeness of yourself in 3-dimensions is totally and utterly breathtaking. By creating your portrait as a stand-alone, by incorporating it within an environment that helps define your character or by taking it into the realms of fantasy within an incredible 3-dimensional wonderland, a 3DTwin portrait is like nothing on earth – and this is what makes a 3DTwin portrait extraordinary.

“Incredible 3-dimensional, life-size, full-body portraits.�

3DTwin founder Richard Abbott beside his portrait

“Only worthy, virtuous, or high-born individuals should be the subject of portraits.” Lomazzo’s Art Treatise of 1584

THE POWER OF PORTRAITURE Throughout history, portraits have honoured, celebrated and remembered extraordinary people and extraordinary lives. Some of the most iconic masterpieces ever created are portraits representing the soul, character and virtues of the subject, illustrating beyond doubt that a portrait is the ultimate symbol of status and success. Focusing on social standing, uniqueness and star quality, a portrait conveys the presence of an individual with an immediate and evocative power, offering a form of immortality. Capturing the essence of the individual is at the heart of every 3DTwin portrait.

“The Human Body is the mirror of the soul and it is from this fact that it derives its greatest beauty.� Auguste Rodin

Undertaking only a limited number of personal commissions each year, a 3DTwin portrait is a true symbol of success as well as being the ultimate exclusive gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or as a very special personal or business thank you.

“Only a limited number of personal commissions are undertaken each year.�

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

“A work of art that will be treasured.”

Whether you commission a portrait of yourself or as a reflection of your uncompromising taste as a gift for your family, friends or business associates, you can be sure of a work of art that will be treasured for generation after generation.

“The secret of art is love.” Antoine Bourdelle

Just like you, our esteemed clients insist on the very best which is why our team of exceptionally talented artists and technicians spend up to six months meticulously working on each personal commission, creating the most lifelike portraits imaginable.

“Experts in dynastic, family and civic portraits.�

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream.� Vincent Van Gogh

YOUR PORTRAIT WRAPPED IN FANTASY All 3DTwin portraits are extraordinary works of art, especially when our clients explore and unleash the concepts of their wildest dreams and imagination. Whether we adorn your portrait with golden wings or place it in a magical environment that has no limits, we can create a portrait for you the likes of which the world has never seen. Only available from 3DTwin these incredible works of art take portraiture to a new dimension.

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.� Leonardo da Vinci

THE CREATIVE PROCESS We are sure you will enjoy every step of the creative process from your initial consultation, to seeing your portrait materialise and finally that magical moment when you come face-toface with your incredible 3-dimensional twin.

Consultation Before we start creating your portrait, we will have an initial consultation with you to discuss the portrait creation process, take note of any special requirements you have, determine the pose and wardrobe of your portrait and take the necessary personal measurements we need to ensure a perfect likeness.

Note: If it is not possible to have a personal sitting, we are able to create a portrait from research and reference material, such as photographs and footage.

If you are tempted to unleash your imagination by creating a fantasy world for your portrait, our team of Visual Imagineers will show you how your ideas can be brought to life.

SCULPTING & IMAGINEERING Our master sculptors will now begin the process of creating your perfect likeness in clay. We will keep you updated with images of your sculpt-in-progress and invite you to come and ‘meet the clay’. Only when you are happy with the likeness we have created, will we move on to the next stage of the creative process.

If we are creating a unique environment for your portrait, our imagineers will present you with visualisations that will take your breath away. Anything is possible‌

Moulding We will mould your clay and then cast in wax before assembling your portrait and making any subtle refinements.

Colouring Your portrait will be brought to life as our skilled artists transform the flat wax with layers of paint and tints, creating a perfect reproduction of your skin’s tones and textures.

Dressing We will painstakingly recreate your chosen hairstyle, often inserting each hair individually, and dress the portrait in your own choice of clothing.

“The object of art is to give life a shape.” William Shakespeare

UNVEILING Your incredible 3DTwin will now be ready to be installed by our specialist team at the location of your choice – time to show off your portrait and invite all your family and friends around for your special unveiling.

GIFT COMMISSIONS There are a limited number of Gift Commissions available each year allowing you to present your family, friends, business associates and clients with the ultimate exclusive gift – their very own 3-dimensional twin.

We will provide you with a personalised Gift Commission Presentation for the lucky recipient and then, upon your instruction, we will contact them to commence the creative process. Alternatively, we can create the portrait under your instruction and deliver to the recipient upon completion.

“The ultimate exclusive gift – perfect for the person who has everything.”

We look forward to having the honour of undertaking your personal portrait commission. Please contact me personally to discuss your commission: +44 (0)7813 174185 Alternatively, contact our London office: +44 (0)845 2491 633

Richard Abbott, Founder 5 The Linen House, London, W10 4BQ

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Extraordinary portraits for extraordinary people