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3D PageFlip Professional All-in-one flip book maker, an affordable flippingbook tool to convert PDF, OpenOffice, Images to realistic flipping book with rich multimedia elements embedded in pages!

Convert PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft office, images to accessible and traceable flipbooks. Support batch convert PDF to flipbooks. Design and Branding - logo, company info, Background, tool bar, 3D flip effect, etc! Edit pages - Create 3D Objects and Embed image, flash, video, links, buttons, etc. Multiple Outputs for PC, tablets, mobiles - EXE, HTML (online use), ZIP, 3DP; publish for iPad, iPhone or Android devices; upload to FTP server directly. Social Integration - Share online flipbook worldwide. Upload online - Publish flipping book on 3DPageFlip Server directly & Share Online.

Quick Import PDF/OpenOffice/Microsoft Office/Images 

Import Multiple Formats: Now, Importing Office documents is available in this professional flipbook software!

You can quickly and easily import Adobe

Acrobat PDFs, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents to create flipping book, magazines, photo albums, business brochures, etc.

Batch Convert: Batch convert dozens of PDFs at the same time.

Multiple Outputs For PCs, Tablets, Mobile Devices Different output types cater to different needs. Lots of sharing ways available by simple publishing! Output options of this flipbook software: Flash/HTML5: Publish flipbook on personal website or embed in blogs! Zip: Zip “HTML” format and easily send to others! EXE: Easily view flipbook on PC without extra player! 3DP: Helpful to email eBook! Read 3DP book in a specific 3D PageFlip Reader. To FTP Server: Upload to own website directly via integrated FTP Support burning to CD! Also, you can publish for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc. Only a browser is required in mobile device to get the online flipping book work.

Upload FlipBook Online Instantly Do you want to share page flipping book online? 3D PageFlip Professional offers you a full solution! You can click “Upload Online” button in the flipbook software to create personal account and upload flipbook online ( to 3DPageFlip Server) without FTP or other publishing tools! An easy and quick way to share flippingbook worldwide!

Style Design And Company Branding With using this professional flip book maker, you can customize logo, book info, toolbar, background, flip sounds and more features to create matchable content and style for your organization's identity: Company Branding and Copyright settings: Define unique book title, logo, company info, etc. Toolbar Button Settings: Hide/show toolbar buttons, to enable or disable related features, like ZoomIn, AutoPlay, Thumbnail, Background Sound, etc. More Settings: language, pre-loader, background image and audio, page thickness, flip orientation, HTML metas, etc.

Page Editor - Embed Multimdia Page Editor is a powerful module in the flipbook software that enables users adding multimedia elements to flippingbook pages. 

Add hyperlinks, buttons, and bitmap buttons.

Add full-style texts and fonts.

Add MP4/FLV videos and YouTube movies.

Add flash, animations, audios.

Add images, slideshows.

Templates, Animated Scenes, Themes For Background Design There are several 2D/3D templates and animated scenes in this 3D flip book maker for decoration. Panoramic is the most stunning one which offers a realistic 3D scene as flipping book background. Also, we offer online themes for download. You can make changes to any template or theme based on your page flipping book style or design requirements.

Social Integration - Share Flipbook Worldwide 3D PageFlip Professional helps you to share online flipbook with the free AddThis sharing platform. You just apply for a free user account to get the ID and set that in the 3D flipbook creator. This allows users to choose from their favorite Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg or just share through email. AddThis reports how many people shared your flash page flip book in your account record.

SEO Integrated And Google Analytics Supported This flip book maker helps to build SEO-friendly flipping books which are integrated for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Everyone can reach the online books with ease through the Internet. Also, code of Google Analytics can be embedded to each 3D eBook helps to analyze and monitor the traffic of published books, and then you can measure your ads ROI and other status to build more powerful campaigns.

Security For FlipBook Users 3D PageFlip Professional is 100% guaranteed secure software to install. Also, you have complete control over how readers can view or print your flippingbooks. It supports setting password for the output flipbook. The online service is with encryption technologies that save your data in a secure way. You can create your account to upload or manage flipbook online.

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All-in-one flip book maker, an affordable flippingbook tool to convert PDF, OpenOffice, Images to realistic flipping book with rich multimed...