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The Perfect  Storm   Satellite  TV  is  not  widely  used  in  apartment  &  condominium  communities,   primarily  as  there  have  been  limitations  both  regulatory  as  well  as   technically.         In  1992  Congress  enacted  the  Inside  Wire  Ruling.  This  ruling  moves  the   ownership  of  the  wire  from  the  franchise  cable  provider  to  the  real  estate   owner.         Next,  only  six  years  ago,    in  2007,  the  FCC  declared  that  the  exclusive   clauses  in  franchised  cable  operator  agreements  were  no  longer   enforceable;  no  more  could  the  cable  companies  hold  a  monopoly  over   the  property  owners.    

The last  part  of  the  perfect  storm  is  that  of  technology  DIRECTV®   developed,  which  is  an  elegant  solution  to  the  typical  wiring  architecture   found  in  apartment  &  condominium  communities.      With  this  elegant,   reliable  and  aesthetically  flexible  and  pleasing  new  DIRECTV®  technology,   which  easily  and  seamlessly  integrates  with  existing  apartment  &   condominium  wiring,    the  full  spectrum  of  satellite  services  may  now  be   delivered  from  a  single  satellite  dish  to  the  individual  Resident’s  home.     This  Perfect  Storm  opens  the  doors  to  opportunity  for  every  Downtown   Seattle  and  Downtown  Portland  apartment  or  condominium  resident  to   select  DSI-­‐TV  and  DIRECTV®  for  their  Premium  television  service.

DSI-­‐TV develops,  installs  and  operates  DIRECTV®   distribution  systems  in  Downtown  Seattle  &  Downtown   Portland  apartment  and  condominium  properties;  this   installed  system  is  called  The  Central  Dish.  This  one  dish   assembly  delivers  DIRECTV®  to  all  prewired  video  outlets   in  an  apartment  or  condominium  property  ()  without  the   inconvenience  and  clutter  of  a  personal  satellite  dish.   DSI-­‐TV  currently  operates  in  now  150  apartment  &   condominium  communities  delivering  a  “Concierge”   level  of  service  that  residents  to  the  burgeoning  new   urban  micro-­‐communities  like  Seattle’s  Belltown,  Denny   Triangle  and  South  Lake  Union  have  come  to  demand.

The Product   DIRECTV®,  Known  for  their  award  winning  customer   service,  their  unique  and  attractive  selection  of  premium   television  viewing  options  and  their  award  winning   technical  innovation-­‐  The  Largest  Most  Respected   Premium  Television    service  in  the  US   DIRECTV®  currently  serves  over  20  million  customers  who   enjoy  the  very  finest  in  digital  and  HDTV  television   programming  and  information.  Exclusive  sports     programming  include  NFL  Sunday  Ticket  and  NASCAR   HotPass  coupled  with  over  180  HDTV  channels  make   DIRECTV®  the  undisputed  leader  in  television  service.

In virtually  every  community  served  by  DSI-­‐TV,  residents   experience  Better  Viewing  Choice,  The  very  highest  quality   in  HDTV  and  DVR  service,  combined  with  the  High  Speed   Internet  Service  Provider  best  suited  to  their    specific  web   browsing  needs.      DSI-­‐TV,  through  its’  strategic  partnerships   with  DIRECTV®    and  with  the  various  High  Speed  Internet   Service    providers  serving  the  Downtown  Seattle  and   Downtown  Portland  areas  is  able  to  do  all  this  while   maintain  extremely  attractive  consumer  pricing.    Customers   converting  to  DSI-­‐TV  often  experience  savings  up  to  a   thousand  dollars  and  more  over  the  life  of  their  service   plan.

DIRECTV®DIRECTV® The  Central  Dish–  DSI-­‐TV  delivers  DIRECTV®  through  the  utilization  of  The   Central  Dish  Technology,  which  allows  one  compact  Satellite  Dish   assembly  to  serve  an  entire  building.  Coupled  with  DIRECTV®  developed   technology,  DSI-­‐TV  is  able  to  distribute  all  five  DIRECTV®  satellites  on  a   single  wire.  This  eliminates  the  use  of  a  personal  satellite  dish  per   balcony  and  the  need  to  have  exposed  coax  cable  running  in  and  across   the  floor  of  each  user.  The  Central  Dish  signal  is  integrated  into  the   existing  prewired  infrastructure  of  the  property  thereby  allowing  the  use   of  DIRECTV®  signals  at  all  “cable  TV  outlet  locations”.  DSI-­‐TV  is  able  to   offer  DIRECTV®,  Cable  TV  or  both.  For  the  first  time,  the  resident  gets   choice  –  Cable  TV  or  an  upgrade  to  DIRECTV®.


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Presentation DSI TV  
Presentation DSI TV  

DSI TV presentation on satellite television for apartments and condominium projects