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Procurement Opportunities in Social Housing (POSH) at The London Jobs Fairs

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Contents About Us - 3D Change C.I.C


The Jobs Fair: The Journey Through


2015 vs 2016: In the Numbers


Benefits to Employers & Trainers


Procurement Opportunities In Social Housing


Benefits to Our Sponsors & Partners


Thank you to our 2016 partners

About Us

We are 3D Change For 2017, we will be moving to a more central location and expanding to East London.

We create and deliver regeneration programmes that connect public sectors including Social Housing, businesses and jobseekers as well as provide expert bidding services.

South London Jobs Fair 22nd June 2017 Coin Street Conference Centre, Lambeth

The London Jobs Fair Through the South London Jobs Fair, we have partnered with Housing Associations and Local Authorities to identify their procurement needs, match those needs with local suppliers to create new jobs, and source the right people to fill those jobs, all under one roof. We would like to thank all of our partners who have supported our programme over the- years to help create opportunities that have driven real social and economic change.

East London Jobs Fair October 2017 Full details coming soon

A regeneration programme

created by 3D Change C.I.C


2007 Won London Development Agency disability compliance contract to 250 SMEs across South London



Created and delivered Brighton Your Futures youth employment programme. 2nd South London Jobs Fair took place.

2010 Developed disability awareness compliance e-learning. Nominated for National Award.

Delivered 5th South London Jobs Fair. Vacancy Bulletin launched.

2018 & BEYOND London Jobs Fairs South, East, North, and West

2017 2014 Delivered 3rd South London Jobs Fair and 2nd Brighton Your Futures event.

South London Jobs Fair relocates to Central London, and expands to East London. Becomes London Jobs Fair.

2015 2012

Delivered 4th South London Jobs Fair. Improved.

Launch of inaugural South London Jobs Fair and POSH (Procurement Opportunities in Social Housing)

The Jobs Fair

The Journey Through 4

In the Numbers

2015 vs 2016

Data taken from Evaluation Report SLJF 2016. Please contact for copy.

Number of meetings between Partner Housing Associations (HAs) / Local Authorities (LAs) and suppliers to the housing sector at SLJF (number recorded)



Pre-registered jobseekers (via Eventbrite)



1200+ Job opportunities available (excludes apprenticeships / training)


Number of potential business opportunities identified by suppliers (number recorded / identified)

Employed resulting from event (formal recordings)






50 Interviews conducted (number recorded) 5

"What a great event surrounded by amazing organisations. KFC had a fantastic day at the SLJF. On the day, we interviewed over 50 people on the spot and ended up making loads of offers."

"We met with some truly fantastic representatives from local Back to Work Schemes, which we are going to try and build relations with."


Tactical Solutions

London Education Coach Chris Hornback

Resourcing Manager Lucy Langham

Benefits to Employers & Trainers Our move to Central London and expansion to the East opens up greater opportunities for thousands more job opportunities for jobseekers and trainers across London.

Vacancy Bulletin You can advertise your job and training opportunities via our new bi-weekly Vacancy Bulletin, already with more than 500 subscribers and growing. Widely distributed to our partners and via social media, it has proved to be very popular with jobseekers. Please contact us for further details.

Post-event engagement An intense period of activity continues for a two-month period after each jobs fair, during which we are busy matching jobseekers opportunities we have identified with employers and training providers, so we help you find your candidates.


Procurement Opportunities Procurement Opportunities

In Social Housing In Social Housing

A unique opportunity to become closely associated with a cutting edge corporate social responsibility initiative

"Cratus Building Services joined the Procurement Zone of the South London Jobs Fair. We were able to network directly with Procurement personnel from housing associations and local authorities. It's given us some fantastic leads."

Cratus Building Services Managing Director Nick Nemirov

POSH has facilitated hundreds of business opportunities between suppliers to the housing and public sector and procurement representatives from our partner housing associations and local authorities. With the expansion to the rest of London, there will be even bigger opportunities for businesses to sell and raise their profile. Each jobs fair culminates in a networking drinks reception and an annual gala dinner to which our sponsors are allocated tickets. This creates the perfect opportunity to network with customers, suppliers and leading professionals in the public and social housing sector. Guests include our partner housing associations, directors and leads in procurement, community investment and regeneration.

"It was great to be in the same room as so many people who want to drive change, create jobs and support smaller businesses. I look forward to attending next year."

City of London Corporation Responsible Procurement Manager Natalie Evans 7

"Through this event, we're seeing new bidders competing on all our projects and some successfully winning work with us."

"The Gala Dinner was exemplary and provided very effective networking opportunities for us in a relaxed and conducive environment."

Amicus Horizon

BSW Heating

Director of Procurement Antony Silk

Service Director Robert Basil

Benefits to our Sponsors & Partners Becoming a sponsor not only helps your brand value, but also allows you to access excellent opportunities to network with procurement teams in the housing and public sectors and increase your chance of winning contracts. We make key introductions, maintain a dialogue in the months following the event, and do everything we can to ensure positive, fruitful and long-lasting relationships between stakeholders.


"It was really good to meet so many influential procurement players in the housing sector."

BSW Heating Business Development Director Les Finucane

"We’ve been a platinum sponsor for the last five years. We’re able to fill our vacancies and profile ourselves to our housing association clients."

Chequers Contracts Services Limited Business Development Director Kate Ward

"We’ve been a platinum sponsor since the beginning.The scheduled meetings work really well as it’s guaranteed. If the HA rep isn’t able to attend the jobs fair then 3D Change will organise an additional lunch time meeting on a different day."

"Last year I must have attended 10 job fairs & the best by far was yours."

HM Prison High Down Mark Hammersley

PLFS Managing Director Ken Larkins

Let's get connected Twitter: @slondjobsfair Facebook: slondonjobsfair Telephone: 0203 828 1355 Email: Website:

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Procurement Opportunities in Social Housing at the London Jobs Fair  

The London Jobs Fairs are going central and expanding to East London for 2017. Find out more here!

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