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Portfolio Example

Example of work presented at interview to study on the first year of one of the Degree Awards on the 3D Design Programme BA(Hons) Product Design BA(Hons) Interior Design BA(Hons) 3D Designer Maker BA(Hons) Furniture and Lifestyle Products BA (Hons) Design Management (L6 only)

PORTFOLIO GUIDELINES (TO BE PRESENTED AT INTERVIEW STAGE) The work submitted within your portfolio can be work produced as part of a formal course of study, or anything you have produced independently as a result of your own personal interest, (this could also include any work you have produced professionally). We will be looking for an obvious interest in the visual arts and three dimensional design. You should be able to demonstrate an awareness of both the historical and contemporary scene. A range of drawings displaying your skills in different mediums. If possible include a variety of styles, as this will give us much clearer idea of your artistic ability. Any graphic based work is also worth including. Please include evidence of sketchbook work (we like to see how your ideas have evolved also you can include visits to relevant exhibitions, galleries, buildings, interiors, work experience etc.

Any projects concerning problem solving (taking a project brief and producing a solution) are essential, especially anything three-dimensional e.g. sculpture, model making, ceramics, furniture, interior projects etc. Photographs or slides of any 3D work should be included and technical drawings would be good to see!

Courtney Dilks


National Diploma (merits & distinctions) • Foundation (merits & distinctions) • A levels = (280 tariff points) • Equivalent qualification or experience

•Qualifications need be equivalent to 280 tariff points •UCAS application with reference and personal statement •Interview •Interviews begin mid November

3D Design Programme (US0083)

Birmingham City University (B25) • BA (Hons) Product Design - W243 • BA (Hons) Interior Design - W250 • BA (Hons) Furniture and Lifestyle Products – W261 • BA (Hons) 3D Designer Maker – W200 • BA (Hons) Design Management (Level 6 only) – W201

Programme Director: 3D Design - Jackie Norton

Portfolio example courtney  
Portfolio example courtney