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Report of the Seminar Multimedia Application in Animation Industry On the second day of Minggu Mesra Pelajar Fakulti Teknologi dan Sains Maklumat, our course-Pengajian Multimedia had attended the seminar Multimedia Application in Animation Industry. For this seminar, 2 presenters are invited to give talk about share their work experience in animation industry. First presenter is Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor. He is a senior manager content development in the Multimedia Synergy Corporation. With his experience, he said that a person’s understanding on knowledge of multimedia is more important when he/she want to join animation industry. He also had mentioned that design, animation, programming, storyboard and VO are aspects which needed in multimedia field. For example, if someone has interest in design then she/he must has ability to use software design while someone has talent in writing and think idea can join group of create storyboard. Besides, Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor had shown us some sample of elearning applications which are developed by his company. The first sample had be shown is about to let user to match the correct body parts of animal. He said that they are more focus on programming and graphic in this type of e-learning application. After that, Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor also showed us some e-learning applications which are related with animation. For example, Day to Night is an application to teach children how to use their time correctly by play music. This application has provided test for children too after they listen the music. Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor’s company will develop this type of e-learning application because nowadays children more interest in animation application and children can easily understand and learn through this application. When the section Q&A, my course mate- Joey Wong had ask Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor about what software has been use when develop e-learning application. He said that software will always update at least once each year because relate technology is renew or new technology has been created, eg: android, window8 and etc. So, they use software are depend on their sector such as animators are use Flash, Photoshop and so on. But the more important things in animation industry are worker must put in quality and creativity. At the last, Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor had given us some opinion about the intern. He encourages us to involve in project if we has the chance because it is a good experience and we can learn more from the actual practice than only just understand the theory. Besides, we can know the aspects which need in a project when we must to meet established goals within defined constraints of time, resources, and quality. The second presenter is Mr. Ahmad Razuri Roseli. He is assistant art director Upin & Ipin. Firstly, he had introduced his company-Animation Les’ Copaque Way is

a company which mainly produce 3D animation for entertainment like Upin & Ipin. In the company, they have 3 major departments which are animation, art and story house. Table below show the structure of each department: Department Animation

Structure -animator -blocking(pose to pose) -finalize animation -facial and lip-sync


-concept -modeling -rendering -compositing -effect -games -script -audio -composer -storyboard -design

Story house

Detail When blocking, the animator will act the scene first to key movement for the flow of the character. After that, they will add tween for the smooth movement.

Because they have different department so they will use different software such as modeling software, drawing software, rendering software and etc. Mr. Ahmad Razuri Roseli also showed us 2 videos of Upin & Ipin. From the second video, we had known the process to produce the 3D animation. The processes are include discuss the scrip, record voice, modelling, animation and audio. Each process is done by different structure of the department but sometime they will also cooperate to finish the work. Conclusion, i had known that animation company need undergo a very long process to done a multimedia project. From the view of management project multimedia, we must do planning first and assign work for relate department. Otherwise, we also need identify solution if face problem in producing a product design. Lastly, preparation, organization and teamwork are important aspects for a success project.


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