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01. Potential Preaching/ Sacred Space 02. Message Cluster/ Community Center 03. Core House/ Home Studio 04. Splited Level/ Urban Resident Housing 05. Other Works 3


Academy / 3nd year studio / 2013 Instructor //Chao, Yuen-Hung Program // Sacred Space Location // Tainan Area // 1834.5㎥ The site is located at a corner of the block, facing the famous historical sites, Confucian temple. At the opposite of the temple, is a crowded commercial street on holiday. At the back side of the site is the residential area, so the main visitor will be the residents, than is the tourist. However, because the site is located at the important point of the city, as a urban sacred space, it should be obvious and unique.

Sitting on a bench, feel interested when hear the praise.

The residents taking a walk from the alley.

Walk through the corridor and the big stairs. Enter the hall.

Confucius Temple Tree surrounded corridor, which people can glimpse the hall.

The preist notice the new member with no disturb.




The building can be saperated to three part, sacred part, function part and vertical circulaion part. Enter the narthex, is a public space for reading louge, connecting with the restaurant in the square mass. Go through the normal scale public space, there is an oncoming large stairs and a higher scale chapel in front.





Academy / 3nd year studio / 2013 Instructor // Yen, Mao-Chen Program // Community Center Location // Tainan Area // 10477.5㎥

The site is located at a park, one of a few green in the city. What it worth to mention is the diversity surrounded. Residential area, snack shops, church and schools are included. As a community center, being able to accept the diversity is important. What’s more, how the community residents use? When they will come? What they do here? These question seems to be normal, but actually, they is all about the street life, especially in the cultural old city - Tainan.

Alleys cycle.

Instead of big store, small shop make area more vital.

Close neighbor.

Irregular vendors.

A few people can make a small space bustling.


People attract people.

How the passage be used depends on its diversity.

Put vary normal life in

Arcade is a intermediary space between indoor and outdoor, public and private.

These diagrams show how I used the message from the street in my case. I think how to bring the residents’s “community” life into the “community center” is very important. It is all about what the design means to them. As a community center, promoting the relationship between residents is always the main issue. The consciousness diagrams show how I used the message from the street in my case. I think how to bring the residents’s “community” life into the “community center” is very important. It is all about what the design means to them. As a community center, promoting the relationship between residents is always the main issue.

Residents v.s. Homeless



Message in


Distributed Creating own space Transformed


24 hr

Living by our side



No Intersection

New Massage Change space using

Change the distinction



When we talk about “Resident�, most people ignore homeless. But actually, homeless live here, too. Especially at a park in the residential area, they don’t have big migration, just wandering around at day time, and back to the park for rest at night. I would like to create a community center which can accommodate residents and homeless, a symbiotic cluster.


By scattered the mass, courtyard can be large and small metween the mass. Space with different scale bringing the people vary feeling. People are able to use the space which scattered in the community center by theimselves, creating their own usage while a long time pass by. In management, people can enter the building from the hall, wandering in the space surrounded by the corridors. However, people who just want to take a walk can enter from the shops side, there is a large social plaza without isolation.




3 16




Academy / 2nd year studio / 2013 Instructor // Huang, Jo-Hsun Program // Home Studio Location // Neihu, Taipei Area // 780 ㎥

Neihu, near Keelung River, is a reclamation land. Entertainment, Airport, Metro, park and housing, lots of function included in this district. The site is at the boundary between commercial area and residential area. One of the long side faces the street, the other side faces the kindergarten. By walking about 3 min towards south, there are the riverside and the park with bicycle path and lots of facilities for residents.

Studio is just a part of house. Employees are family.




g Rive




2F Plan

I think Studio is just a part of House, and the employees are family, too. It is not obviously saparated. Besides, it could be more depended on each other. This time, I used vary connnections to lead lots of units to the core. For example, overbridge can be the buffer between the interior and the exterior, being a place where people can interact with each other who stay at the courtyard. The different of height and the view’s frame saparated each spaces, keeping the integrity of the visual. The only thing that saparated the home and the studio is the courtyard, Seems to be absent, but still makes a blurred demarcation .

Idea for Upper level

Idea for Ground level MATRIX > PATCH

1F Plan



Gound Floor Plan


Using long and narrow void space to form the framworks, surrounding with the cracks. At times, you may look around through the cracks. Furthermore, the light shed from the sky would be the hint on the ground leading you to the place.



Academy / 2nd year studio / 2013 Instructor // Lin, Wan-Jen Program // Dormitory Location // Tainan Area // 2011.5ă&#x17D;Ą

For the public and private issue, considering the dormitory today, public corridor lack of humanity and activity, only for moving. For the reason, using the floor dislocation to increase the opportunity for verticle interaction.


Able to talk






1F Plan

On the plan, there are lots of vary sites courtyard in scat- tered. Just like a micro city, each buiding existed inde- pendently, bringing the lane image into the design.

Main Elevation





Wang's portfolio 試做  
Wang's portfolio 試做