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[ 個人 標 誌 設 計 ]

靈感來自台灣早期的玻璃窗花 配合我的英文名字 FUAN 所設計的標誌




編 排 設 計

Editing Design


編 排 設 計


STYLE in the





Yo u m e n living her or fourte from orig I am from GA in the to Alabam are true A raised as fa the first ge grew up a limited ed think mor off. When my parent Their wisd They are


High priest of p l a s t e r, M i c h a e l Allen, is a self described dualist. A reformed collector of collections, Michael is a designer and craftsperson who is equally drawn to c o u n t r y a n d c i t y, organization and chaos, and both minimalism and maximalism.




ith what he calls the strict practicality of his Appalachian upbringing, Michael specializes in plaster finishes without definition, his work being more like a threedimensional painting made with super thick paint. When you consider that most of today’s interiors are sealed with a kind of plastic, that often include latex paints, Michael’s wall treatments of pigment and plaster stand apart. Plaster surfaces evoke the hand made, the cave wall, and the radiance of frescoes. He works with plaster not only for its ability to portray color — one of his passionate interests — but also for its ability to render texture that adds an additional depth to an interior.



雜誌的編輯, 介紹最美的工作空 Hailing from America’s South, Michael has worked and resided in an East Williamsburg Brooklyn former factory for almost 14 years. He shares this warmly organized space with an assortment of finicky blooming plants, pipe organ parts, his art collection and dusts both old and new. During this time, Michael has grown greedy about natural light and escaping into nature. When he gets a chance, he enjoys making the trip to his getaway home in Greene County at the top of the Catskills Mountains.

間,蒐集氣味相投的 物件,


Michael Allen

Designer & Craftsman, Apartment, Williamsburg

ntioned you have been re in Brooklyn for “thirteen ee n years.” Where are you ginally? m a small town called Trenton, e northwest corner, very close ma and Tennessee. My parents Appalachian folks. They were arm people. Amongst them I’m eneration of non-farmers. They as share-croppers. They have ducation and don’t necessarily re education makes you better n I compare all of us, it’s true, ts really do have more wisdom. dom is really almost genetic. true old style live-and-learn

New York


“ I n a ro w t o b e v i e w e d ” sounds like the presentation of a formal collection, not strictly practical. My original state of being is a cluttered state. For example, when I lived in the South I had an enormous loft full of great old things. But now what I like is simple and easy to clean. And so in the past few years, practicality has won out over my clutter collection. I used to collect collections. I like multiples.

kind of people. They’re really dear. But you still collect some things…like art? Yes, this metal piece is by Ruth Root, and the shotgun watercolor next to it is by my friend Joey Whiteley. And my friend Jeff Davis made the big human head candle that is two-faced. It has a monster face on the other side. He makes amazing candle sculptures. Have you inherited this strict practicality in terms of your own design? Well for instance when my friends and I were straightening my place for your photographer earlier, it would sometimes become all about form. I really resist this. I would undo what had been ‘styled.’ We would place things, and it was very styled and I noticed how crazy it made me. Like oh, I would never do that, I would never place these things in a row to be viewed.

Were your parents big on entertaining? What people from other places might call “Southern hospitality?” No, if I were to take you to visit my parents, they would be very shy. They still live in the house that I grew up in, and there’s almost a lack of décor. Nothing exists without a purpose. And the purpose, is not just function over form. It’s like it almost doesn’t matter what it looks like because it has to endure all the grandkids or something. Their world is not determined by aesthetic ideas, but rather more by strict terms of practicality.

And it is hard not to notice you have quite a collection of plants. Tell us about some of them. Yes, I have a standard pencil cactus here, and this is a walking iris whose blooms only last for a day. I thought there were going to be three blooms for you today which is CRAZY, but now I’m thinking they are going to happen tomorrow instead. After they bloom they become like a spider plant, the blooms sprout smaller plants. Some of the other plants I’ve had for years…like that white cactus. I’ve probably had it for 10 years, it is white but grew a green color from the place where it had been broken. M i c h a e l , i t ’s b e e n g r e a t speaking with you and hearing about the craftsmanship involved in your specialist line of work. To learn more about Michael’s plaster projects you can visit the Michael Allen Company website .

Photography: Brian Ferry

Interview & Text: Chrissa Theodore





A Cayenne bathroom

Warm , romantic, eye-catching


he name alone suggests this one is spry and has a little bit of a kick. Aside from making some think tequila, cayenne is widely recognized as a high-pitch, high-energy color in Eiseman’s eyes. “A little bit exotic,” this reddish orange can be a safe choice for accessories or a good choice for a trim that can make netrals like sand pop, she said.

PANTONE 18-1651

A strong statement




Radiant Orchid

AAsexy, sexy, bold boldcounterpart counterpartto toViolet Violet Tulip! Tulip!

A Radiant Orchid throw in Costis Pyschas's Greece bedroom.


PANTONE 18-3224

for every



Strong, colorful, and stylish ichelle Obama is fan, as is Kate Middleton, who opted for a $100 Seraphine dress in the shade for her first official portrait with Prince George. (The frock reportedly sold out within 48 hours of the photo being published.) She opted for Dazzling Blue when her engagement to Prince William was announced and Placid Blue en route from the hospital with her son. “I don’t deny at all that she is influencing the palette, “Eiseman said.

A Freesia door in Gerard Tremolet's guest room.

sun & smiles

Images of spring


iven the omnipresence of farm-to-table restaurants, farmer’s markets and urban farming taking hold even in industrial bastions like Detroit, the idea of freesia yellow securing fifth place really isn’t a reach. Far from “knock-your-socks-off dandelion, this beautiful floral color” has good positive connotations and often conjures up images of spring, Eiseman said. “We should consider how psychological all these color are,” she said.

PANTONE 14-0852

A blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate room this season. PANTONE'S FASHION PREDICTIONS At HOME

Dazzling Blue

It has always been style! It has always been inin style!

PANTONE 18-3949

A dazzling blue back wall in Alix and B r u n o Ve r n e y ' s h a l l , d e s i g n e d b y Frederic Haesevoets.

emotional and expressive



cintillating might sound like a bold description for Dazzling Blue, but in light of navy it’s really that not far off. “It’s much more of a motivator form a sales point of view because who doesn’t already have something navy?” It’s also the color of choice for Citibank’s bike sharing program or Facebook’s Social Butterfly Blue.




幫讀者整理 2014 PANTONE 春季流 行色, 並示範以當季色彩 妝點空間

PRING 2014






Peeler Peeler


Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons of of carrots, Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other similar zucchini, cucumbers and other similar shaped vegetables to to decorate and add shaped vegetables decorate and add flair to to your salads and dishes. flair your salads and dishes. Karoto - Sharpener & peeler Karoto - Sharpener & peeler Available in 2 black, yellow Available in colours: 2 colours: black, yellow

Clock in in to to your office with joy! Make Clock your office with joy! Make your otherwise monotonously boring your otherwise monotonously boring office desk, in in one word, classy! Start office desk, one word, classy! Start collecting bitplay’s collecting bitplay’s ARCHI Classic Series and turns your ARCHI Classic Series and turns your cubicle into anan exhibit worthy of of a a cubicle into exhibit worthy museum. museum.

Liv an mu se toy cra 'C ps wi




ving among animals inspired this cool collection of everyday objects nd furniture. Laia, product designer from Barcelona, took the idea of ultifunctional items that serve both for humans and cats, to create beautiful t of objects - a nightstand-house, a feeder to share human leftovers and a y. All are made of natural materials, such as wicker, ceramics and wood and afted in Catalonia. Cluc is an object collection designed for cats that not only consider their sychology, perception and morphology, but emphasize the act of sharing life ith humans, becoming hybrid objects, objects for both.

在放上最具風格的生活器物, 生活美得很剛好


編 排 設 計

[ Dr.Martens ]


nce the genie had been let out of the bottle back in the 1960s, the vapours of Dr. Martens' rebellious spirit could not be contained and the bo ot seeped into every corner and crevice of youth culture.








eanwhile, the front section of the boot is stitched together, consisting of the stamped tongue and the vamp (or toe). We now have the two main sections of the boot: the heel and toe. These are then stitched together using a so-called ‘Puritan’ machine, which puts a crucial line of three stitches over the quarter and into the side of the vamp, using very heavy 8-cord thread.



ere, in among the smell of freshly cut leather and the noisy backdrop of pristinely preserved machinery, the unmistakable shape of a Dr. Martens boot begins to form.


r. Martens Made in England range is created at the unique Cobb’s Lane factory, which has been producing footwear for the Griggs family since 1901. It is the home of the original Dr. Martens boot. Within these modest factory walls work a closeknit family of people steeped in traditional shoe-making methods. Here, in among the smell of freshly cut leather and the noisy backdrop of pristinely preserved machinery, the unmistakable shape of a Dr. Martens boot begins to form: travelling the short length of the factory floor beginning with a small pile of tanned leather hides, the process takes the boot through various highly skilled stages of evolution until its final arrival – laced up and spotless – in a box … ready for a life of being cherished. The carefully selected hides are stored in a small pile of just one week’s supply. They are then lifted – one at a time – on to the desk of the Clicker. This has long been one of the most prestigious jobs in a footwear factory. It is the Clicker’s task to cut the single hide into various component parts of the boot’s upper pattern; using just the right strip knife, the expertise lies in creating the minimum amount of waste while ensuring the finest sections of the hide are utilised. His knife also pricks marks in the leather to show where eyelets and seams will later be placed. To succeed to the standard required for a Made in England product, the Clicker needs experience, a steady hand and, above all, an eye for detail.

Next, the eyelets are punched into the boot using the pre-pricked markers, which were added by the Clicker. Finally, the stitching and cutting part of the process is completed by a ‘toe puff’, which is laminated into the vamp to give the toe a resilience and strength so that it does not collapse. Now the boot’s upper is ready to head over to the ‘lasting’ line, which is where it will be attached to the famous Dr. Martens Air Cushion Sole.A ‘last’ is a plastic foot-shaped form that is used to complete the boot’s manufacture. First, the boot’s insole is attached to the last with tape along with a pre-coated piece of canvas – known as a ‘rib’ – which is used to help marry the uppers and sole together.

elements of its production life are subject to incredible finesse. The Skiver will split key parts of the leather within an accuracy of 0.1mm – for example, the tongue will be reduced in weight, the toe is left at full weight and the hide needed for overlapping seams will be given a deftly bevelled edge.

Next, the uppers we have just completed are moulded to the heel shape using a back-part moulding machine, which also makes sure the height of the leather up the ankle is exactly the same on each foot. Now it’s time to mould the toe. The upper is heated to make it supple and avoid splitting the premium leather. Then the toe is tensioned over the plastic last and hot melt adhesive is injected onto the insole, cementing the leather to the insole rib. To make certain the durability is supreme, the sides of the boot are then stapled to the rib, after which any excess leather is trimmed away. At present, the boot has none of its famous yellow welt stitching. Although most people are familiar with the external yellow stitch – known as Z-welt in the shoe trade – Dr. Martens also have an internal stitch, or plain welt. This reinforces the strength of the shoe yet again. The yellow stitch is housed in a vat of warm wax which makes it supple but also ensures that any holes made by the needle as it makes its way around the edge of the boot will not allow water into the shoe. The PVC Goodyear Welt – the strip of PVC that carries the distinctive yellow thread – is skillfully stitched by a machinist on to the upper, using the yellow thread and a welt sewing machine.

At this point, a stamping machine uses a hot foil to mark the inside of the tongue with the size, style number and the prestigious legend, ‘Made in England’. Now the flat hide is ready for assembly. The so-called vamp – the toe of the boot – is lined, ahead of the intricate skill of ‘Closing’. Here, the two quarters – the sections of leather that wrap around the heel – are joined together by hand using a zig-zag stitch. Then the backstrap, the famous “AirWair with Bouncing Soles” heel loop and a stiffener for the heel are also stitched together.

The cut components are then handed to the Skiver. Despite the Dr. Martens boot having a global reputation for its durability, certain


1990s 1980s

the genie had been let out of the bottle back in the 1960s, the vapours O nce of Dr. Martens' rebellious spirit could not be contained and the boot seeped into every corner and crevice of youth culture.


he history of subculture is a chronicle of being different. Back in the 1950s, when the first generation of teenagers fired up a youth revolution, their goal was to look and behave differently to their parents. Previously, young people had been stylistic carbon copies of their elders. But with the advent of first-generation rock 'n' roll and also Teddy Boys, a generational schism cracked open that would never again be rendered shut.





1st April, 1960

Benjamin Griggs and Septimus Jones set up boot making partnership in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England. The early decades see their boot used by workmen and the military. Benjamin Griggs and Septimus Jones set up boot making partnership in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England. The early decades see their boot used by workmen and the military.


1945-1952 German-born Dr. Klaus Maertens invents the air-cushioned sole in Münich and begins production with his old friend, Dr. Herbert Funck, using discarded rubber from Luftwaffe airfields. Their first factory opens in 1952.

Bill Griggs (the then Chairman of R.Griggs and Co Ltd.) had previously contacted the German doctors and licenced their revolutionary new air-cushioned sole. The Griggs family design a striking new upper for the boot, complete with a distinctive yellow welt stitch, a two toned grooved sole edge and a black and yellow heel loop reading ‘AirWair with Bouncing Soles' – a script based on Bill Griggs' own handwriting. Anglicising the name, the first Dr. Martens 8-eye boot begins production in the UK on April 1st, 1960 in the Griggs's Wollaston factory. To mark its date of birth, the product becomes known as the 1460. The first few years of life sees the boot sold to mainly factory workers, the police force and postal service, complemented

by the introduction of a 3-eye shoe, the 1461. The boot is adopted by early multicultural, ska-loving skinheads as a badge of their workingclass pride; towards the end of the decade, The Who's P e t e To w n s h e n d wears the 8-eye boot on stage. These two crucial moments wrench the boot from the factory floor and into youth subculture.

1970s The decade of glam, punk, Two Tone, Oi! and early goth sees youth subculture splinter into countless tribes; Dr. Martens are championed by large sections of the antiestablishment as a symbol of rebellion and selfexpression. The boot establishes itself at the very heart of British youth culture.

Stephen Griggs, son of Max, joins the business at the start of a decade that sees Dr. Martens become synonymous with alternative culture and individuality as the DM's story starts to spread overseas. The 1970s tribes pass on the DM's baton to yet more youth cultures such as latterday scooter boys, psychobilly and grebo. Personal customisation becomes rife, such as painting florals, attaching beer bottle tops, using coloured laces, spray painting and distressing the leather. In 1984, the boots begin to be sold in the USA and so a new chapter in subcultural evolution begins, the fires burning initially with West coast hardcore.

The decade that opens with grunge turning the mainstream music world on its head becomes Dr. Martens strongest period to date. Grunge was the polar opposite of Britpop, yet both tribes adopted the boot with a p a s s i o n . D r. Martens clothing and McMartens tartan debut, as does a flagship store in Covent Garden, London. In 1993, Airwair International – the marketing arm of R Griggs and Co – is awarded the Queen's Award for Export, reflecting the commercial impact of this global cultural phenomenon.

2000-2001 The brand's fortieth birthday is a time of celebration, only to be followed shortly after by problems. New stores open overseas but sales begin declining in 2001, pre-empting a dark period for the brand. By 2002, Griggs and Co and Airwair International almost collapse as sales fall dramatically, so all but one of the UK factories are closed to stave off bankruptcy.


平 面 設 計

Graphic Design


平 面


包 裝 設 計


COLOR YOUR RAININGDAY 結合彩虹與雨滴, 讓人在昏暗的雨天也 能感受到正面能量




平 面 設 計

[ 節慶印象 2014 桌曆] 為校內行政單位設計 以每月節慶意象為主題的桌曆

一月 / 元旦煙花

三月 / 春

九月 / 中秋

六月 / 畢業

十一月 / 豐收

二月 / 年味

十二月 / 平安夜


識 別 設 計

[ 御茶園年度行銷企劃提案 ] 標誌設計



平 面


包 裝 設 計

[ 力士海鹽 ] 標誌設計




平 面


包 裝 設 計

[ DOG 寵物沐浴香氛 ] 標誌設計

Organic Dog Shampoo and Conditioner



平 面


包 裝 設 計

[Ninja 桌遊設計 ] 標誌設計





平 面


包 裝 設 計

[ 地底迷宮 桌遊設計 ] 包裝設計




平 面 設 計

[ 水果標誌設計 ]


平 面 設 計

[ 水果圖案設計 ]


平 面 設 計


影 像 處 理

[ 反霸凌海報 ]

It hurts,and it stays. 言 語 上 的 霸 凌 就 像 刺 青 一 樣 , 在 記 憶 裡 緊 緊 跟 隨 被 霸 凌 者 , 造 成 難 以 抹 滅 的 傷 害 。


企劃專 案 P ro j e c t

企 劃 參 與


團 隊 合 作


設 計 執 行

「康復之友協會廣告行銷」 大 規 管 進

三 劃 系 行

整 是 、 廣

年 用 電 告

修 一 子 行


了 年 系 銷

一 的 跨 的

堂 時 三 企

服 間 系 劃

務 由 合 與

學 商 作 設

習 業 為 計


課 設 非 執

程 , 課 程 計 系 、 企 營 利 組 織 行

APP 設計

企劃活動 服 務 主 : 新 北 市 康 復 之 友 協 會 服 務 目 標 : 解 決 大 眾 對 精 障 者 的 汙 名 化

「走進你我,看見康復」 二 十 週 年 感 恩 餐 會

活 動 企 劃

透 過 本 次 活 動 , 我 們 期 望 能 增 進 學 員 與 家 屬 的 感 情 、 增 加 彼 此 的 互 動



回饋時間— 感恩影片

設 計 參 與 標準字設計




「走進人群,皂香希望」 踩 街 活 動

活 動 企 劃

將 學 員 自 製 的 手 工 肥 皂 結 合 御 守 的 概 念 , 透 過 上 街 發 送 拉 近 與 民 眾 的 距 離 。



設 計 參 與 活動海報


「康復啟程」 A P P 設 計

企劃目標: 希望透過遊戲讓大眾認識精神疾病 遊戲策略: 以有趣的互動桌布為賣點,透過破解精神疾病知識相關的 關卡即可獲得桌布,並在遊戲結束後提供以桌布寵物為主 題的桌面便利貼,提高使用者保留 APP 的意願。


遊戲的發想到設計都是由中原的學生跨領 域團隊合作,團隊成員包含 4 名企管系、2 名電子系、2 名商設系同學。


互動桌布 觀 察 到 現 代 人 就 算 沒 有 接 收 到 通 知 也 會 習 慣 性 點 開 手 機 的 特 性 , 所 以 發 想 以 互 動 式 桌 布 的 方 式 , 讓 使 用 者 在 每 次 點 開 手 機 時 都 能 被 桌 布 吸 引 , 增 加 使 用 者 去 破 解 關 卡 獲 得 更 進 階 互 動 模 式 的 意 願


狗 狗 觸 發 前 會 以 隨 機 的 方 式 替 換 三 組 動 作 , 連 續 點 擊 時 狗 狗 會 原 地 旋 轉 追 尾 巴

透 過 空 白 處 觸 發 觸 發 跳 躍 追 骨 頭 的 反 應 。



猴 子 未 觸 發 前 會 隨 手 機

點 擊 空 白 觸 發 跳 躍 到 定 點

大 力 搖 手 機 猴 子 會 墜

的 傾 斜 左 右 滑 動

並 隨 手 機 左 右 傾 斜 而 擺 盪

落 至 未 觸 發 前 的 位 置

遊戲關卡[手眼協調 / 撿螺絲] 靈 感 來 自 精 障 學 員 在 復 健 時 需 要 透 過 撿 螺 絲 的 動 作 來 訓 練 手 眼 協 調 能 力 。 遊 戲 方 式 是 透 過 點 擊 手 型 按 鈕 , 在 時 間 內 挑 出 彎 曲 的 螺 絲 即 可 破 關 。

遊戲說明 遊戲酷卡

遊戲關卡[ 情境題 ]

遊 戲 進 行 方 式 為 依 據 題 目 的 提 示 , 點 擊 物 件 找 尋 正 確 答 案

遊戲關卡 [精神疾病相關知識問答題]

DM 設計



市面上第一款精神疾病相關 APP 遊戲 目前已在 GOOGLE PLAY 上提供免費下載

我想說的是 ..... 在參與這次的[康復之友協會]整合行銷後 深切熱愛整合式行銷設計與團隊合作,因此 希望暑假可以進入法博思成為藍色基因的一 員,學習更專業的設計流程,並加強自身在 品牌設計方面的戰力,並在畢業後投入相關 產業的設計!

不喜歡太快下定 論 習慣預留一點空 間 放 進 更 多可 能

常常迷路 總 發 現 自 己 繞 了 遠路, 儘 管 如 此 對 未 知 的好奇總勝過犯錯的恐懼

A bo u t m e

關於我。 我是一個很喜歡嘗試新事物的人,總抱著試一下無妨的態度, 迎接各種新的挑戰,也因此我比很多人更堅毅,卻也更了解脆 弱的本質。我喜歡和一群人一起完成一件事,享受團隊合作的 無敵感,將彼此的能量互相交換。 我喜歡思考、熱愛生活,永遠閒不下來,對了,我超愛吃甜點。

書常常讀不完 , 貪心總讓我在書堆裡迷 路

Fuan portfolio