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A SOURCE THAT: • Preserves and protects the history. • Explores growth, progress and development. • Combines objectivity with passion. • Keeps all residents informed. • Is written, photographed and designed exclusively by West Nashvillians. • Builds community by building a community, because it . . . CELEBRATES AND CHAMPIONS WEST NASHVILLE.


A magazine for and about West Nashville.


372WN | Media Kit

be wise, advertise! • print + online, published every other month • print edition available in just over 100 locations • readership increases by an average of 1,500 per issue RACE TO RAIL:

our local tribe

Poising Charlotte for Light Rail

• primary zip codes: 37209, 37205, and 37203 • average home price: $600k • over 80% have 1–3 persons living in the home • 80% between the ages of 25–65, with an even split (±2%) between ages 25–45 and 45–65

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51st Avenue: The Latest


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Next Big Move Leaves No Stone Unturned

What’s Up with the Tree Canopy? page 14

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West Side Guide

Picture: to Romance! A Bigger e Avenu19 Off the Wall Charlotte page page 10

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tual Ove2017rlay: ContexFebruary–March to Apply and How Isn’t What It Is, What ItVOL. I, ISSUE 2 page 14

• more than four out of five Americans (82%) trust print ads (newspaper, magazines) • 80% trust TV ads • online pop-ups trusted by only 25% • 7 in 10 American adults with Internet access have read a print magazine within the past 30 days • magazines tend to attract affluent readers at an above-average rate, whether in print or online.

June–July 2017 VOL. I, ISSUE

connect the dots, collect the dollars Many local businesses are finding hyperlocal advertising . . . more effective than traditional mass-market ads. In many situations, what local businesses really need are more local customers. . . . targeted, hyperlocal advertising can be a powerful way to connect you with a growing, passionate, local tribe. Source: Itai Elizur, “Why Hyperlocal Advertising Works So Well for Local Businesses,” Small Business Trends, January 16, 2017

Walk Through Richland Creek page 12

The Nashville Self-Rising



Biscuit Baking Primer

Printed, free, hand-delivered publications are generating millions in advertising revenue. As long as the magazine is of sufficient quality and has relevance for its readers, there is an audience and advertisers will respond. To date, I simply do not see that in digital. Source: Rick Coulter, “The Future of Hyperlocal is Black and White,” Cardiff University Centre for Community Journalism, March 22, 2016

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August–September 2017 VOL. I, ISSUE 5

Media Kit | 372WN


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EDITORIAL CALENDAR December/January: Endings and Beginnings, Holiday Directory February/March: Love, Wedding, Romance, Garden Prep April/May: Get Outdoors in West Nashville (gardening, activities, events) June/July: Arts and Culture August/September: Gettin’ Schooled (growth, education, workshops) October/November: Definitively, West Nashville

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372WN | Media Kit

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