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Teaching Content The written teaching content of Ellel 365 has been divided into 52 weekly modules. Each module contains five training days, one review day and one devotional day. You can go online and read each day's teaching unit in HTML format or as a PDF document which can also be downloaded to your computer and printed out for your convenience.

Control the Pace of Your Progress We understand the pressures of being part of a daily school and that sometimes you need to take a break - either for a vacation, or perhaps to spend more time with a particular teaching of relevance to you. To make this possible, we created a Pause feature that suspends the daily release of material until you are ready to continue. It does not cancel or suspend your account or deactivate any of your other subscriber benefits. The full details of each weekly module can be seen below:

The Weekly Modules (Daily topics are lettered a) to e) below the weekly topics)

1. My Life in God's Hands (Days 1-7) "God is my security - I can totally trust and depend on Him" a) The God Box! b) My Life - Made for Living c) My Place in God's World d) My Destiny in God's Hands e) My Security in God's Love

2. Vital Foundations (Days 8-14) "Poor foundations make buildings unsafe. Poor spiritual foundations make real life impossible." a) Eternity in the Heart of Man b) The Father's Heart for You and Me c) Sin - Rebellion that Separates from God d) Jesus - Saviour & Friend of Sinners e) Holy Spirit - Empowerment for God's People

3. The Bible - My Guide for Life (Days 15-21)

"Without a map, I get lost. Without the Bible I am lost before I even begin the journey!" a) God's Amazing letter to the Human Race b) Feeding on the Living Bread c) Taking It All In! d) Guidance for Daily Living e) Inspiration & Encouragement at All Times

4. The Vital Breath of Prayer (Days 22-28) "Prayer is the blood which flows in the artery which connects God's heart to mine." a) Prayer - The Christian's Vital Breath b) The Lord's Prayer - Worship and Adoration c) The Lord's Prayer - Your Kingdom Come d) The Lord's Prayer - Forgiveness e) The Lord's Prayer - Crying out to God

5. Healed for a Purpose! (Days 29-35) "God's purpose for my life is more important to me than anything else on the planet!" a) What does Healing Mean? b) Why do I Need Healing? c) Generational Issues d) Things that have Happened to Me. e) What Have I Done?

6. Equipped to Serve (Days 36-42) "The first and last lesson in leadership is learning how to serve others." a) Healing for Disciples b) Healing for the Inner Man c) Set Free to Serve d) Ready for Action e) The Joy of Serving God

7. The Nature of God (Days 43-49) "If I fail to understand the nature of God, I will never be equipped to live for God." a) God is Eternal b) God is Creator c) God is Holy d) God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit e) God is Love

8. The Character of God (Days 50-56) "When Christians know little about the character of God, they are unable to be His faithful representatives!" a) God is Father b) God is All-Powerful (Omnipotent) c) God is All-Knowing (Omniscient) d) God is in All Places (Omnipresent) e) God of Covenant

9. Angels and Demons (Days 57-63) "Thinking we can ignore the spiritual realms is as crazy as thinking a fish can swim without water." a) Angels and Archangels b) God's Plan for the Angels c) Lucifer - and his Fall from heaven d) From Lucifer to Satan e) Satan's Power and Authority

10. Satan and His Kingdom (Days 64-70)

"Satan is only irrelevant to those who are unconcerned about where they will spend eternity." a) Satan's Role b) Satan's Forces c) Satan's Objectives d) Satan's Defeat e) Satan's Eternal Destiny

11. Man - God's Special Creation (Days 71-77) "Unless I discover who I am, I will never fulfil the destiny God intended me to enjoy." a) A Created Being b) Made in the Image and Likeness of God c) Created for Love d) Created for Relationship e) Created to Worship

12. The Nature of Man (Days 78-84) "The word creation is anathema to those who do not believe in a Creator. The word atheist is anathema to the God who created us!" a) The Spirit of Man b) The Soul of Man c) The Body of Man d) Man's Freewill e) Man's Power, Authority and Dominion

13. What Happened When Man Fell (Days 85-91) "Adam may have been the first to sin, but he was not the last. We can't blame Adam for doing what we would also have done. We are all guilty." a) Satan's Objective b) The First Commandment and the First Sin c) Man Discovers the Law d) Broken Relationship e) God Covers Their Nakedness

14. Consequences of the Fall (Days 92-98) "There's no such thing as private sin. All sin has its consequences. What we do wrong changes us for the worse and others have to endure the result of our choices." a) Consequences for Satan b) The First Messianic Prophecy c) Consequences for the Woman d) Consequences for the Man e) Consequences for Mankind

15. God's Covenant Faithfulness (Days 99-105) "God always keeps his promises - even when we break ours!" a) God's Covenant with Noah b) God's Covenant with Abraham c) Ishmael d) Isaac e) Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

16. Israel and God's Chosen People (Days 106-112) "Joseph's story is a great inspiration for those going through tough times. Even when in prison, God's hand was upon him, preparing him for his future destiny." a) Joseph - Sold, Tested and Imprisoned b) Joseph Becomes Israel's "Redeemer" c) Israel the nation - enslaved d) Moses - chosen by God, but a Murderer! e) Moses and the Burning Bush

17. God's People Escape from Egypt (Days 113-119)

"The Red Sea was not a barrier to God. Nor was it a barrier to man when God raised his little finger on behalf of his people! a) Moses Challenges Pharaoh b) The Passover c) Moses Leads Israel out of Egypt d) Facing the Red Sea e) Faith or Fear - the Place of Choice & Destiny

18. The Old (Mosaic) Covenant (Days 120-126) "The Ten Commandments are like God's playpen for His children. Within their boundaries we are safe - outside we are in danger." a) The Wilderness Experience b) God's Provision and the People's Complaint c) God Calls Moses to the Mountain Top d) The 10 Commandments - Law with a Capital 'L' e) All Those Rules and Regulations!

19. The Ten Commandments (Days 127-133) "If we choose to obey God's commands because we love Him, we will know God's blessing on our lives." a) No Other Gods and No Idolatry b) No Swearing and Keep the Sabbath c) Honour Your Father and Your Mother d) No Murder, Adultery or Stealing e) No False Witnesses and No Coveting

20. Covenant Breaking Consequences (Days 134-140) "You cannot break God's commandments and expect there to be no consequences. They are as much a rule of law as the law of gravity!" a) Your Relationship with God b) Effect on Your Children c) Effect on Your Land and Your Property d) Effect on Your Business e) Effect on Your Health

21. Promises of Hope and Healing (Days 141-147) "God's love for His creation is unconditional. But there are conditions to be fulfilled if we want to enjoy the benefits of God's promises." a) The Healing Name of God b) Covenant Blessings c) The Fear of the Lord - the Beginning of Wisdom d) The Sovereign Lord Will Heal e) Healing in His Wings

22. The Coming Messiah - Promises (Days 148-154) "The greatest promise ever made was that Messiah would come." a) A Virgin Shall Conceive b) The Sacrificial Lamb (Isaiah 53) c) Promise of a New Covenant d) Gabriel appears to Zechariah and Mary e) The Birth of John the Baptist

23. Messiah Comes - Promises Fulfilled (Days 155-161) "The greatest gift ever given was 'Emmanuel - God with us.'" a) Birth of Jesus b) The Shepherds and the Wise Men c) Simeon and Anna d) Jesus the Refugee e) The Child Jesus

24. Jesus - Baptised and Tested (Days 162-168) "Sinless Jesus obeyed his Father and entered into a Baptism of repentance. He became the friend of sinners and His obedience released the most amazing anointing of the Spirit of God ever seen or heard." a) The Ministry of John b) The Baptism of Jesus c) Tempted in the Desert d) All the Kingdoms of the World? e) In the Power of the Spirit

25. Key Events in the Life of Jesus (1) (Days 169-175) "If you want to get to know a man, walk in his footsteps. If you want to get to know God, walk in the footsteps of His Son!" a) Jesus at Nazareth b) The Call of the Disciples c) The Way, the Truth and the Life d) The Truth Will Set You Free e) Jesus Sends Out the 12 and the 72.

26. Key Events in the Life of Jesus (2) (Days 176-182) "A personal encounter with the Son of God is a life-transforming moment. Without it we are 'in the dark'. With it, we have been set ablaze by the Light of the World!" a) The Meeting with Nicodemus b) The Transfiguration c) Who Do You Think I Am? d) The Rich Young Ruler e) The Storm on the Lake

27. Key Events in the Life of Jesus (3) (Days 183-189) "When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds welcomed Him. But that was before they discovered his journey would pass by Calvary." a) Jesus Anointed at Bethany b) The Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem c) Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet d) The Last Supper e) Jesus Prays in the Garden

28. Life Changing Teaching of Jesus (1) (Days 190-196) "The Sermon on the Mount must be the most well-known, but largely unread, document on the planet. In eternity many will regret not having discovered what it's all about." a) Sermon on the Mount - 1 b) Sermon on the Mount - 2 c) The Cost of Being a Disciple d) Jesus and the Sabbath e) Jesus - the Bread of Life

29. Life Changing Teaching of Jesus (2) (Days 197-203) "People love the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. They forget that unless Jesus is their Lord, He cannot be their shepherd!" a) Jesus - the Good Shepherd b) Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit c) The Vine and its Branches d) Jesus Prays in Gethsemane e) Signs of the End of the Age

30. Healing & Deliverance Ministry of Jesus (Days 204210)

"The key of healing in the hand of Jesus opened the door of hope for a hurting world. Casting out demons demonstrated His authority as Messiah." a) Prophesied in Isaiah b) Announced at Nazareth c) Commenced at Capernaum d) Delegated to Others e) Ministry of the Church

31. Jesus Brings Inner Healing (Days 211-217) "A physically well person can still be very sick - on the inside! A physically sick person can also be a very whole person as a human being." a) The Woman at the Well b) The Woman Caught in Adultery c) The Paralysed Man d) The Woman with the Issue of Blood e) Simon Peter Restored

32. Jesus Casts Out Demons (Days 218-224) "I believe demons exist because Jesus did - but I don't trust them! The disciples cast them out because Jesus did - and so should the Church in every age, even today!" a) The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity b) The Blind and Dumb Demoniac c) The Epileptic Boy d) The Syrophoenician Woman's Daughter e) The Gadarene Demoniac

33. Jesus Heals the Physically Sick (Days 225-231) "In healing the disabled and the physically ill, Jesus showed the love and compassion of the Father and His authority over all of creation. Only the Creator can re-create!" a) The Faith Factor b) The Man with the Paralysed Arm c) The Ten Lepers d) The Man at the Pool of Bethsaida e) Jairus's Daughter

34. Miracles with Meaning (Days 232-238) "Jesus refused to do miracles to order. He knew the evil motives of the heart of man and He wanted people to love and trust Him for who He was, not because of what he could do!" a) Changing the Water into Wine b) The Loaves and the Fishes c) Walking on the Water d) Raising of Lazarus e) The Withered Fig Tree

35. Life Changing Parables (1) (Days 239-245) "Jesus was a great story teller - but His parables were stories with meaning. They spoke to the wise and the simple alike and their meaning still has the power to penetrate the defences of even the hardest heart." a) The Sower b) The Weeds c) The Lost Sheep d) The Unmerciful Servant e) The Workers in the Vineyard

36. Life Changing Parables (2) (Days 246-252) "The wise builder builds on solid rock. His buildings are safe. And so in life - Jesus is the Rock on which we should build." a) The Wedding Banquet b) The Ten Virgins c) The Wise and Foolish Builders d) The Good Samaritan e) The Prodigal Son

37. The Passion & Death of Jesus (1) (Days 253-259) "The Old Master artists took more inspiration from Jesus than from any other subject. They were constantly drawn to the One who is both the focus and the Creator of the universe." a) Jesus' Betrayal and Judas' Death b) Jesus Before the Sanhedrin c) Peter's Denials d) Jesus Before Pilate and Herod e) Barabbas & the Sentence

38. The Passion & Death of Jesus (2) (Days 260-266) "Jesus' words of forgiveness to the Roman soldiers echo down the years of time as a constant challenge to those who think they have an excuse to be unforgiving." a) The Crucifixion b) Father Forgive c) The Last Temptation of Christ b) The Death of Jesus e) The Burial of Jesus

39. Resurrection Life! (Days 267-273) "Christianity would be nonsense were it not for the resurrection. It is still nonsense to those who choose not to believe!" a) The Resurrection b) The Empty Tomb & Jesus Appears to Mary c) Jesus Appears to the Disciples & Thomas d) The Walk to Emmaus e) The Miraculous Catch of Fish

40. The Great Commission (Days 274-280) "The Great Commission must have been the most understaffed and under-funded, but most successful, campaign in world history. 2000 years later it is still meeting its goal!" a) Go Into All the World b) Make Disciples c) Teaching Them to Obey d) All I Taught You to Do e) The Ascension

41. Pentecost - Power for the Church (Days 281-287) "The experience of Pentecost changed 120 fearful followers of Jesus into a band of fearless saints! The Church without the Holy Spirit is like a car without gas - useless and going nowhere." a) The Spirit Falls on the Church b) Peter's First Sermon c) The Acts of the Apostles d) Qualifications for Service e) Stephen - the first Martyr

42. The Church Expands its Horizons (Days 288-294) "Fire cannot be contained within an inflammable container. It will always break out. The Holy Spirit is the fire in believers - He will always burn His way out into the hearts of others!" a) Into Africa b)Paul's Conversion c) Good News for the Gentiles Too! d) The Council of Jerusalem e) The Macedonian Call

43. The Apostles at Work (Days 295-301)

"Apostles are ordinary men called to serve an extraordinary God. Apostolic leaders are simply those who keep in step with God - one step ahead of everyone else!" a) Simon the Sorcerer b) Peter Escapes from Prison c) Paul and Silas in Prison in Philippi d) Paul on Trial before King Agrippa e) Paul Goes to Rome

44. He's Coming Back! (Days 302-308) "A world that disbelieves the first coming of Jesus has no reason to either fear or welcome the second coming - until it happens!" a) The Second Coming b) Raised to Life with Him c) The End of All Things d) Final Judgment e) Heaven's Glory

45. God's Strategy for the Church (Days 309-315) "Believers cannot 'go to church' - they are the church! Wherever they are, the Church meets and the Kingdom of God is." a) The Church - the Body of Christ b) A Worshipping Community c) A Place of Intercession and Fellowship d) A Place of Caring and Sharing e) Doing the Works of the Kingdom

46. God's Plan for Your Life (Days 316-322) "If I didn't believe God had a plan for my life, I would be forced to believe in a God without love. And a world without love would be hell on earth." a) First a Believer b) Then a Disciple! c) Filled With the Spirit d) Love and Obedience e) Forgiveness, Repentance and Healing

47. My Personal Healing Needs (1) (Days 322-329) "A person without any healing needs is a person who has never lived!" a) My Ancestry - what I inherited b) My Parenting - what I experienced c) My Relationships - ungodly soul-ties d) My Personal Sins - the need to confess e) My Grief, Sorrows and Disappointments

48. My Personal Healing Needs (2) (Days 330-336) "God cannot heal me of things that by choice I keep buried in my personal well of pain and unforgiveness." a) My Fears - taking back ground from the enemy b) My Failures - freedom from my mistakes c) My Rejection - overcoming the hurt and pain d) My Accidents - healing from trauma e) My Healing - set free to serve

49. Living in God's Vision for My Life (Days 337-343) "Without vision people are without hope - they are, therefore, perishing in a sea of selfcentred boredom." a) My Gifts and Abilities b) God's Vision for My Life c) Facing Reality about the Past d) Living in the Present e) Moving into God's Plan for My Future

50. Running the Race (Days 344-350) "If athletes prepared to run a marathon with the same enthusiasm and training as the average Christian, most would never complete the race and many would not even start!" a) Preparing to Run b) Laying Aside Every Hindrance c) Eyes Fixed on Jesus d) Facing Opposition and Persecution e) Learning to Persevere

51. Finishing Well! (Days 351-357) "When running a race, crossing the finishing line is the only thing that really matters. Relaxing before the race is over is like giving the enemy an invitation to steal the fruit of a person's life." a) Keep Your Life Pure b) Don't deviate from the Path c) Guard what you believe d) Endure to the End e) Finishers - not Starters Only

52. Destined for Glory (Days 358-364) "Jesus was able to endure the cross, and overcome all temptations, because He kept His eye on the joy that was set before Him! He lived in the present but never lost sight of the glory of God." a) My Kingdom is not of this World b) Journey's End c) Redeemed and resurrected d) The Crown of Life e) Heaven - at Last!

Day 365 - Final Teaching and Last Assessment

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