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Escape from the mayhem of bustling crowds and enjoy leisure shopping at Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts, LLC, just minutes from scenic Lancaster city. We offer a large selection of one-ofa-kind, high quality and handcrafted products. If you can’t visit us in person, our catalog offers many products delivered directly to your door. Family-owned and operated, Riehl's farm is home to horses, mules, Heifers and of course, the Riehl family. Our quilt shop features over 200 handmade quilts, quillows, pillows and beautiful wall hangings. Decorate your yard and home with handcrafted birdhouses, feeders, windchimes and ornate imported clocks. We have a wide selection of children's and ladies items, including dolls, toys, clothes, hand crafted bags. Enjoy our locally-made jams, jellies, canned goods, plus all your home living essentials. Visit our showroom today for the perfect gift for that hardto-buy person! Conveniently located at 247 East Eby Road in Leola, Pennsylvania we have easy access and plenty of parking (rest rooms available and handicapped accessible). Call (717) 656-0697 or 800-957-7105 for brochures. Open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Evenings by appointment or chance.


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Our Quilts

Wedding Ring Quilt Queen - $600.00 King - $680.00

All of our quilts are handmade locally. These are only a few samples of the quality craftsmanship of the many quilts we keep in stock. We are able to custom color any quilt to your liking. Please note prices are subject to change.

Ma’s Patches Quilt

Mariner’s Star Quilt

Queen - $650.00 King - $725.00

Queen - $745.00 King - $850.00

Star Spin Quilt Queen - $695.00 King - $750.00

Mariner's Star Quilt (pictured right) Queen - $745.00 King - $850.00




All AppliquĂŠ Country Love Quilt

Penn Dutch Star The Ultimate Quilt

All Applique Peacock Bird Quilt

Queen - $795.00 King - $825.00

Also available in Fall colors.

Queen - $795.00 King - $875.00

Star Log Cabin Quilt

Dahlia Log Cabin Quilt

Bar Jello Quilt (pictured right)

Queen - $670.00 King - $740.00

Queen - $695.00 King - $710.00

Queen - $785.00 King - $850.00

Ocean Wave Quilt

Trip Around The World Quilt

Bar Jello Quilt

Ocean Wave Quilt

Boston Common Quilt

Center Diamond Quilt

Queen - $675.00 King - $700.00

Queen - $695.00 King - $750.00

Queen - $785.00 King - $850.00

Queen - $675.00 King - $700.00

Queen - $665.00 King - $750.00

Queen - $705.00 King - $835.00

Queen - $1,395.00 King - $1,495.00


Heirloom Quilt This is a very unique heirloom quilt with over 900 yards of quilting.

Queen - $1,095.00 King - $1,195.00

Quillows A pillow, a quillow, what can this be? A pillow that opens to a quilt which is ideal for traveling, sporting events and using at home. Available in many colors and patterns.

Quillow Approx. 40"w x 60"h open $40.00

Lone Star Quilt Queen - $695.00 King - $755.00

Baby Quillow Lone Star Purple Quilt

Lone Star Orange Quilt

Lone Star Brown Quilt

Queen - $695.00 King - $755.00

Queen - $695.00 King - $755.00

Queen - $695.00 King - $755.00

29"w x 37"h open $26.00

&Pillows Beautifully hand quilted pillows come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Makes a great throw pillow for your sofa or bed.

Traditional Throw Pillow 17" Square $24.50 8


Home Living Select from a wide variety of our home products for your everyday needs. Brighten your kitchen and living room with beautiful handcrafted items like runners and tabletops. Use handsewn towels, potholders and oven mitts to spice up your daily homemaking, with many attractive color options and fabrics to choose from.

Placemat Set Available Patterns (pictured below) Variety of colors and patterns including Christmas print.

Oven Mitts

Microwave Mitt

These oven mitts are very thick. One size for all. Available in a variety of colors.

Burn your fingers no more! Unique mitt available in many colors.

Star Potholder

Log Cabin Potholder

Dark Colored Potholders

Potholder has spice pack inside. Set a hot dish on and smell the aroma! Available in a variety of colors.

Potholder has spice pack inside, enjoy the aroma! Available in a variety of colors.

Amish colored spice rack.

8" Square $8.95

8" Square $8.95


10"l x 5 1/2"w $4.75

Chicken Potholder

Star Pattern Table Runner

Table Runner

Unique chicken potholder. Ask for available colors.

Beautifully hand quilted table runner with star pattern. Use as decoration on your table or wall. Available in a variety of colors.

Large Runner looks beautiful on the table! Lots of colors to choose from.

8" $8.25

40"l x 15"w $36.00

67"l x 17"w $55.00

Placemat Sets Set includes four placemats, four napkins, and four coaster. Available in a variety of colors and patterns including Christmas print.

12"l x 17"w $29.00

Cathedral Window Table Runner Handmade table runner in cathedral window pattern. Available in a variety of colors.

37"l x 5"w $43.00

Star Toppers

Casserole Carrier

This beautiful handmade star can be used as a centerpiece or wallhanging. Many patterns and colors to choose from.

Carry your casseroles in style. Great for picnics. Wooden spoon included. Various pattern combinations available.

Large: 27" Round - $28.00 Small: 17 1/2" Round - $19.50 10

8" Square $8.75



Quilted Wall Hangings

Solid Tea Towel

Patterned Tea Towel

Dish Cloths

Solid colored tea towel with a loop at the top to hang from your oven handle. Available in a variety of colors.

Tea towel with popular kitchen motif has a loop at the top to hang from oven handle. Ask about other patterns.

Hand crocheted dish cloths. Ask for available colors.

18" Long $8.50

17" Long $4.50


Mug Rugs


These scrubbies are great to use on pans great to use on pans they don't scratch. Wash and air dry.

Set a mug on one of these and enjoy the cinnamon aroma throughout your kitchen. Available in many fabrics.

Set a dish on one of these and enjoy the cinnamon aroma throughout your kitchen.

Large: 6 1/2"l x 7 1/2"w $7.95

3 1/2" Round $2.95

4" Round $7.95

Handcrafted small quilt that would look wonderful as a decorative wall hanging in your home or displayed on one of our lovely quilt racks. Various designs and colors available.

Lone Star Octagon

Lone Daisy

46" Square $235.00

42" Square $265.00

Trip Around The World

Mariner's Compass With Vines

Mariner's Compass Green & Brown

40" Square $205.00

38 1/2" Square $205.00

45" Square 205.00

Jewel Box

Star Spin Blue & Red

Lone Star

28" Square $125.00

43" Square $255.00

46" Square $190.00

10"l x 9"w $3.25

Medium: 5" Round $7.25

Armchair Cozy

Clothes Line Caddy

Placemat & Coaster

Handmade locally. Available in an assortment of fabrics.

Want to save more space on the clothes line? This is great for socks or small items. It has 25 clothes pins. Available in stained wood and regular wood finishes.

Handmade woven placemat available in blue, rose, green and tan. Matching coasters also available (not pictured).

7"w x 20"h $14.50 each 12

Stained: 14" Round - $15.00 Regular: 14" Round - $14.00

Placemat: 20"w x 12"h $8.50 each Coaster: $3.50 each



Autumn Splendor

Cobble Star Snowball

Star Spin Batic

42" Square $180.00

41" Square $180.00

43" Square $255.00

Lone Star Sage Green & Gold

Mariner's Compass Black & Tan

Lonestar Common Blues

47" Square $190.00

45" Square $205.00

44" Square $170.00

Jewel Box White, Lime & Black

Jewel Box Teal, Black & White

Jewel Box White, Yellow & Black

28" Square $125.00

28" Square $125.00

28" Square $125.00

Scrapoholic Star (pictured) 47" Square $190.00 15

Folded Star

Wine Bottle Tote

Collapsible Baskets

Healthy Choices Cookbook

Sugar-free Cooking

Horse & Buggy People #2 Cookbook

Beautifully made folded star. Use as a centerpiece on a table top or as a wall hanging. Available in a variety of colors.

Handmade. Available in many fabrics.

Made of oak wood. Fold flat for easy storage. Great for fruit! Available in apple, octagon and heart shaped.

The cookbook for people who want wholesome nutritious food. 440 pages.

545 recipes to help you enjoy whole natural foods free of refined sugar. 269 pages.

Delicious meals and breads. 300 pages.



Gluten Free Cooking

The Gift of Friendship

Quilt in Frame

Foods for people with gluten allergies. 94 pages.

Beautiful book featuring the Amish photography of Bill Coleman together with quotes from literature, poetry and film on the subject of friendship. Hardcover, 111 pages.

Beautiful quilted quilt in frame. Available in many colors.


Large: 25" Round $69.00

Large: $23.00 Small: $19.00


Small: 16 1/2" Round $37.00

Handbag with Leather Straps (pictured below) Made by an Amish man. Each one is dated and signed on the bottom. Available in natural with green & red trim or red & blue trim.

Large: 16"w x 11"h x 8"d (plus handle) - $39.00 Small: 14"w x 17"h x 8"d (plus handle) - $33.00 Mini: 10"w x 7"h x 7"d (plus handle) - $26.00


18 1/2" Square $29.00


Potato Pampers

Goat Milk Soap

Folded Star Balls

New way to bake potatoes. Washable.

Each mild and creamy bar contains over an ounce and a half of goats milk. No artificial colorants added. Three fresh fragrances to choose from. 3 oz.

Handmade Christmas tree ornaments, in lots of different colors.

9 1/2"l x 8 1/2"w $10.00

10" Round $12.50

$3.25 16


For the Ladies All ladies handcrafted items are sure to keep you in style. With many options to choose from… we dare you to can just pick one!

Quilted Fabric Bags (pictured below)

Lovely Hand Crafted Bags

Curling Iron Case

Quilted Fabric nicely made with a zipper bags available in many colors and 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

Available in a variety of colors.

Heat-fabric lined to be used when iron is still hot. Handmade. Available in a variety of colors.


Large: $40.00 Medium: $31.00 Small: $23.00

16"w x 5 1/4"h $9.75



Case has 2 zippered pockets on the inside one for iPad and one for pens, papers, etc. Outside has a “Handmade with Love” charm on from closing loop.

Small pouch unfolds to a bag. Keep in your purse when you are shopping. Great for that extra carry on when the suitcases are full! Available in a variety of colors.

These purses have lots of different pockets, also adjustable straps. Available in a variety of colors.


9 1/4"w x 6"h $20.00

Water Bottle Holder

Ladies’ wallet has a zipper to keep your change plus other places for cards, etc. Large includes an area for your checkbook. Available in a variety of colors.

Includes scissors, thimble, measuring tape, seam ripper. Available in a variety of colors.

Bottle holder great for traveling, walks, etc. Adjustable strap. Available in a variety of colors.

5"l x 7"w $14.99


Ladies Fat Quarters

Adult Bibs

Ladies Apron

Each Bundle contains 8 different fabrics, 1/4 yard of each.

Adult bib is washable, soft waterproof fabric on back. Available in a variety of colors.

Beautifully sewn apron available in many patterns and colors. Great to use when you are cooking or serving meals. Ties at neck and waist.

Small: 5"l x 4"w $12.75


32"l x 16"w $15.75

33" Long $21.50

iPad Carry Case

Quilted Pocketbook

Cell Phone Case

Quilted Fabric Samples

iPad carry case with a charm on the zipper. Made with quilted fabric.

Handmade log cabin design pocketbook is great to use for your knitting and sewing supplies. Available in a variety of colors.

Made with quilted fabric, strap is long enough to wrap around purse handle.

For all iPad cases, handbags and cell phone cases.

11"l x 9 1/2"w $13.50 18

Sewing Kits

Large: 7 1/2"l x 4 1/2"w $20.75

iPad Case

10"l x 11"w $21.95

Ladies' Wallet

13"l x 13"w $22 .00

5 1/2"l $13.00




For the Children From bibs to booties, we have a large selection of handmade items for your baby. Keep him/ her warm with our many blankets and sweaters. Toys galore are sure to keep your child entertained for many hours.

Applique Bib Handmade bib with applique design. Different colors to choose from.

12 1/2"l $6.50

8 1/4"w

Bibs with bendable toys in front pocket ask for available colors.

13 1/4"l x 10"w $11.50

Plastic Lined Case

Activity Blanket

Change Purse

Perfect fit for tooth brush, paste or cosmetics also for children pencils, markers, etc.

Unique activity quilt will entertain a little one for hours. Washable. Many colors available.


36" Square $37.50

Change purse has a zipper at the top. Great fit for a deck of cards. Also plastic lined to store your rain hat.

4"l x 5 1/4"w $4.95


Elephant & Camel Bibs

Thick Soft Blanket


Cloth Books

Colorbook Bag

Hand Crocheted. Available with different colored ribbons.

Adorable bibs are great for traveling and easy to wash. Toys are removable. Ask about available colors.

Soft and thick blanket available with monkeys, flowers, butterflies and many more designs.

Great to take for traveling.

A soft, washable cloth book. Great for a child's first book.

Colorbook bag comes in many different fabrics. Includes crayons, keychain, colorbook. Zippered bag with nice charm.


Elephant: 12"w x 8"h Camel: 13 1/5"w x 9"h $17.50

43"l x 35"w $33.95

11" $21.25

Ultra-Soft Baby Blanket

Soft Blanket

Security Blanket

Tool, Crayon & Baking Aprons

This blanket can be used in cribs or as a lap throw. Different colors to choose from.

Very soft blanket for a baby. Please ask about available colors.

Child's blanket with bear or bunny head. Other colors available.

20"l x 18"w - $8.50 36"l x 46"w - $21.00

28"l $19.75

Tool apron is a unique apron filled with tools. Crayon apron filled with colors, notebook, ruler and more! Baking apron filled with wooden spoon, wick, spatula, plate scraper and potholder.

42"l x 44"w $26.75 20



17"l x 12"w $21.00

9 1/2"l x 8 1/2"w $13.75


Baby Sweaters

Growth Chart

Hand knitted sweater for babies from 7-14 months old. Ask about available colors.

Adorable way to keep track of your little one’s growth. Many colors to choose from.


55"l $16.50 21

Birdhouses & Feeders Amish Dolls

Amish Cloth Dolls

Rag Dolls

Choose from an adorable boy or girl. Many color outfits available.

Handmade Amish dolls, available with or without faces. Also in many different colors. Individually named.

Handmade raggedy dolls available in large or small.

16" Tall $39.50

Large: 26" Tall - $32.00 Small: 15" Tall - $28.50

Small Copper Birdhouse

Copper Birdhouse

Comes with chain for hanging.

Comes with chain for hanging.

14"h - $39.00

19"h $42.75

Baby Dolls

American Girl Doll Dresses

Christening Doll

Large Copper Birdhouse

2 Hole Copper Birdhouse

#3 Copper Roof Bird Feeder

Baby doll available in many colors.

American girl doll dresses, solids or prints available.

Homemade christening doll (in white only).

Top comes off for easy cleaning. Can be mounted to 4"x4".

Easy fill top. Can be mounted to 4"x4".


15" Tall $23.50

Comes apart for easy cleaning. Available in white or beige. Can be mounted to 4"x4". (6-hole pictured.)

11" Tall $21.50

20"h - $79.00

11"w x 19"h - $79.00

10-Hole: 15"w x 31"h - $159.00 6-Hole: 11"w x 24"h - $119.00

6- & 5-Piece Train Set (5-piece pictured below)

Musical Coin Bank Train

Hand Painted Horse & Buggy

Wood Bird Feeder

#2 Copper Roof Bird Feeder

#4 One-Hole Copper Roof Birdhouse

6- & 5-piece train sets made from ash wood. Comes boxed.

Coin bank plays “Working on the Railroad” each time you drop in a coin. Comes boxed.

Handmade in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Cedar and pressure treated wood “house.”Can be mounted to 4"x4" or hung.

Can be mounted to 4"x4" or hung.

Top comes off for easy cleaning. Comes with pipe mount. Available in white,

6-Piece: 34 1/2"l x 3 1/4"h - $42.95 5 Piece: 13 1/2"l x 2 1/4"h - $20.00


13" Tall $23.50

Beautifully crafted bird houses and bird feeders made from quality copper or cedar. Available in a number of sizes and materials. All locally made.

8 1/2"l x 5 1/4"h - $29.50

6"l x 2"h - $7.50

21"h - $48.00

10"w x 21"h - $89.00

20"h - $65.00


Copper Roof Birdhouse

Star, Moon & Heart Birdhouses

Primitive Birdhouses

All vinyl treated copper roof birdhouse. Can be mounted to 4"x4".



23"h - $98.75

Arias Series Wind Chimes

#516BL Corinthian Series Wind Chimes

#RS516 Corinthian Series Wind Chimes

Approximately 42" long.

Approximately 42" long.



Pink F&G Wind Chimes

#864 Baby Ben Wind Chimes

#863 Hummer Wind Chimes

Approximately 40" long.

Available in Terra or Sapphire blue. Approximately 35" long.

Handcrafted wind chimes are made of aluminum and finished redwood to withstand the weather. Available in copper, green, gold & silver and three different sizes.

66" - $49.95 33" - $34.00 22" - $28.00

Gourd Birdhouses Local grown and hand painted.



All Vinyl With Copper Top Mailboxes (pictured left)

Cat Collar


Adjustable one size fits most cat collar with small bell.



Large 41" - $124.00 Small 35" - $83.75

Doggie Clean Up Bags

Surprise Box

Small Bag has a snap to clip on dog harness, your purse, etc. Great to take along for walks, to clean up after your dog. Small disposal bags pull neatly out of the front.

$8.99 24

Available in Terra or Sapphire blue.

Surprise a friend with a surprise box. Slide the lid back and the excitement starts!

Spider (5" x 5") - $11.00 Mouse (5" x 5") - $11.00


Homemade Spreads & Canned Goods

Imported USA Rhythm Clocks Hanging wall clock alternates several popular songs at the top of each hour. Each model plays a different set of songs and several models have the option to play Christmas songs. Clock face opens and rotates when it chimes. These ornate clocks run off D size batteries and will not chime when the room is dark. Certain finishes available based on the specific model. Warranty included. Please call for a catalog of additional models. All Rhythm USA Clocks are imported.

#847 Rhythm Clock (pictured right) 6 Hymns 6 Classic 6 Christmas Available in oak, cherry or black finishes.


Homemade Salves 1.5 oz

Homemade Jelly & Jam

Amish Peanut Butter Spread

Dream Balm $3.95

Delicious homemade jelly comes in 8 ounce jars and a variety of flavors. Mix and match 12 jars to make a case. Available flavors: apple, apricot, apricot-pineapple, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, elderberry, grape, hot pepper jam, peach, peach-marmalade, rhubarb, strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, sweet pepper jam, triple treat.

Try our wonderful homemade peanut butter spread. Available in pints. It’s delicious on a piece of fresh bread. Also available in cases.

Pneumonia Salve $3.95 Poison Ivy Salve $3.95

#892 Rhythm Clock

#889 Rhythm Clock

#894 Rhythm Clock

24 Melodies 6 Christmas

24 Melodies 6 Christmas



6 Hymn 6 Classic 6 Christmas


Herbal Lip Balm $3.95 Deep Tissue Salve $4.75 Black Drawing Salve $3.95 Sunburn Soother $3.95

Berry Flavors - $3.50 each Other Flavors - $3.25 each

Sugar-Free Homemade Jelly Wonderful sugar-free homemade jelly comes in 12 ounce jars. Also available in cases. Available flavors: peach, strawberry.

$4.95 each

Homemade Canned Goods Simply delicious canned goods from a local kitchen. Available in pints. Also available in cases. Available goods: chow-chow, onion relish, hot pepper relish, sweet pepper relish, red beets, hot salsa, sweet pepper strips, kosher dill pickles, sour dill pickles, apple butter.

$3.75 - $4.25 each

$4.95 each

Homemade Lotions All natural lotions. Ask for available scents. Gentle on your skin.

6 oz - $5.75 2 oz - $2.95

#871 Rhythm Clock

#860 Rhythm Clock

#852 Rhythm Clock

24 Melodies 6 Christmas

6 Americana 6 Hymns 6 Christmas

6 Hymns 6 Classic 6 Christmas



$289.00 26


About Our Catalog The quality, handmade products shown in this catalog are just a few of the items we have available in our store. All the products in this catalog and in our store are handmade by local crafts people, except for our selection of imported clocks. Please feel free to ask us about additional items in stock. We are always happy to place special orders. (Note: Not responsible for any typing errors!)

Ordering Information To order, please call us toll free at 800957-7105 or locally at (717) 656-0697. Visa, Master Card and Discover are gladly accepted. Remember, we are Amish and our phone is not in the house. If we don’t answer the phone, please leave a message and we will call you back promptly. Please no phone calls on Sundays. Prices are subject to change without notice.

How to Find Us Enter our location into a GPS and Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts, LLC is conveniently located at 247 East Eby Road in Leola, Pennsylvania, 17540.

Directions From Route 30, take PA-23 East/ New Holland Pike exit (5.3 miles) Turn right onto Newport Road/PA-772 (1.6 miles). Turn left onto East Eby Road (0.4 mile). Bear left on East Eby Road (<0.1 mile). Turn right onto East Eby Road (0.3 mile). Riehl’s is on the left at 247 East Eby Road, Leola, PA. Open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Evenings by appointment or chance. Phone: 717-656-0697 or 800-957-7105

Shipping & Handling Shipping and handling is based on the size and weight of your purchase and will be added to every order. Costs can be quoted over the phone when your order is place.


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Riehl's Quilts & Crafts Catalog  

Find quilts and more in this great shop right on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, PA. A huge selection and shipping available!

Riehl's Quilts & Crafts Catalog  

Find quilts and more in this great shop right on an Amish farm in Lancaster County, PA. A huge selection and shipping available!