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Benefits of 360 Degree Assessment Program There are quite a lot of tools available in market that helps in measuring and evaluating the performance of employees in an organization. However, most of these software tools do not provide appropriate appraisal and feedback features that are needed to motivate the employees. That is the reason; there is a wide shift from such tools to the 360 degree assessment tools. The fundamentals of a 360 Degree Assessment and feedback programs are that employees are assessed by people they work with. This means that the assessment has a full range potential to evaluate the individual with the help of his peers, managers, subordinates, and in some cases, internal or external clients, as well as a self-assessment. The results of a 360 feedback survey are then given to the employee, so that the circle is completed. The 360 feedback survey generally caters to self-development as well as is widely used as a coaching tool. The appraisal then can be used to motivate employees for high performance. While 360 Degree Feedback is part of a broader performance appraisal plan, it must be drawn with extreme care so that no interference takes place with the level of trust on which a good 360 feedback survey is rooted. There are various benefits of a 360 degree assessment program. 1. The manager would know what his subordinates think of his daily behaviour. This shows the manager exactly how his knowit-all attitude or diffidence is affecting the employees. 2.

The manager gets to know where his strengths lie. Through a 360 Degree Feedback survey, the manager can examine and evaluate a comprehensive list of his strengths that the staff thinks he has.

3. Just like his strengths, the manager also gains insight about his weaknesses. This is where gossiping or lack of genuine interest in people gets mentioned. 4. The 360 degree assessment gives the manager feedback about certain aspects of his professional image like his body language, speech, dress, approachability, character, integrity, likability, and confidence.

5. The manager also gets to know how his staff interprets his state of mind and world view as. Whether he is seen as emotionally stable, grounded, solid, fair, supportive, optimistic, and/or generally eager to jump into the day. 6. The manager finds out how his staff sees him as a human being. Whether he is an introvert or an extrovert. This is important because it can determine the way employees can approach him in case of doubts. 7. The manager gets a peek at how others view her outside of the department. This caters to the reputation of the individual as a dictator or great boss material. Thus, the 360 degree Leadership Assessment and appraisal plan help he organization in building a strong team and allows individuals to work on their weaknesses and make complete use of their strengths to achieve maximum productivity.

Benefits of 360 Degree Assessment Program  

The fundamentals of a 360 degree assessment and feedback programs are that employees are assessed by people they work with. The results of a...

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