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Inspiring communities to become the leaders in the global shift toward sustainability

“ I don’t kno w what the future may hold, but I kno w who holds the future. ” — Ralph David Aber nathy


Our Future Now Our Future Now is launching a large media campaign culminating in a series of gatherings in 2008 that will bring everyone together around renewable energy technologies and sustainabity. We are a diverse coalition of concerned groups and citizens united by the goal of creating a groundswell of momentum towards achieving broad public acceptance of the growing sustainability movement.

Our focus is to unite seemingly disparate entities (schools, corporations, artists, scientists and philanthropists) into a cohesive community, where sustainable technologies can be showcased, discussed, and promoted at large-scale events. By bringing in top artists, bands, and celebrities, we reach a wide audience and utilize the publicity as a “cooperation incentive� for corporations, schools and concerned individuals to contribute to the greening of each event.

Our Future Now offers an exciting and unique

way to make positive advances visible and

demonstrate their usefulness. page 2

As the largest per capita consumers of resources on the planet, we have the responsibility of leading the movement towards sustainability.

Our Future Now Goals The Media Campaign

• Creative content for Internet, television, film, radio, wireless and print

• Activate celebrity endorsements for mainstream media

• Connect hundreds of established networks of groups and fan-bases

• Deliver the message directly through grassroots media

• Inspire millions of Americans Our Future Now Events Bringing People Together

• The ultimate green events--powered by renewable energy and practices • Spectacular multi media and art installations that engage the imagination

• Musical performances from bands

The Community

• Sponsors - Co-creating a new sustainable marketing paradigm for the evolving consumer

• Public - Empowering the discovery and implementation of sustainable practices

• Philanthropists -

Innovating pathways for realizing the aims of philanthropists and foundations

• Educational Organizations - Offering hands on experience in sustainable design and infrastructure

• NGOs & Non-profits -

Creating platforms for these groups to reach a large audience

• Scientists - Providing accessible pathways that unite the efforts of scientists with the public

• Artists - Activating art and music as powerful catalysts for significant change

• Wisdom Keepers - Honoring and integrating the practical wisdom of our elders

across all genres

• Workshops and conferences on sustainable solutions

• Emerging technology showcases • Merchant village featuring green companies and their products

Our Standards • Transparent zero waste and net carbon neutral initiatives • Leave a positive legacy in the community • Inspire a more “user friendly” sustainability movement • Promote sustainable concessionaires • Offset green-washing trends

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Supportive artists and considerations Willie Nelson Bonnie Raitt Jack Johnson Michael Franti & Spearhead Brian Wilson The Beastie Boys Sting Neil Young

Over the last thirteen years of producing large scale events, we have honed tour ability to create exciting and interactive festivals, developed an enormous network of allies in the entertainment industry, and recognized a clear need for a shift in mainstream production practices. We have participated in or witnessed most of the major music and art festivals of the last decade and have studied their strengths and weaknesses. We see a catalyzed audience as an opportunity to mobilize a real collective movement. Surrounded by other members of their community, people often feel empowered enough to make a real impact. This level of inspiration is our most powerful tool in bringing about true lasting change.

Darryl Hannah Woody Harrelson Alicia Silverstone Nicolas Cage Norah Jones Dave Matthews Beck Ben Harper Tenacious D Jackson Browne Perry Farrell John Mayer Red Hot Chili Peppers The Brazilian Girls The Grateful Dead organization Prince Warren Haynes String Cheese Incident


and more

Peak Experience event production

Michael Kang co-founder, musician, event producer David Fulton co-founder, organizer and educational outreach Madison House management company and event producer Allyson Maida AMC Resources Inc.

Art and Production Specialists The Do-LAB

event producers, LA

David Best

artist, builder and visionary

Etheon Village event producers, Matt Atwood, Ruben Mahboobi IAMU

Inter-dimensional Art Movement Unified

Alex Grey

founder, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Ross Johnson partner, Image Mechanics LLC 360 Degrees

creative director, Stas Rutkowski

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Now is the only time. We are the future, the ones we’ve been awaiting, and that future, “our future of respect and right relations” is here now.

Partnerships A portion of these partnerships are pending. Bioneers - Kai Huschke & Liz Cunningham Blue Diamond Technologies Clean Fuel Caravan Coalition - Ryan Grace & Trevit Schultz Circle of Life - Julia Butterfly Climate Clean – David Shearer Conscious Alliance – Justin Baker Conscious Goods Alliance - Stephen Brooks Culture Seed - Norm Dibble Earth Biofuels - Bruce Blackwell & Renee Marble Earth Light Project - Mark Ricketts E-Town - Nick Forster Free Range Studios - Louis Fox Global Exchange - Kirsten Moller GreenFest - Kevin Danaher Journey Productions - Eric Saperston Kopali Organics - Zak Zaidman

Panjea Foundation - Chris Berry Sentient Light - Stas Rutkowski Sol Systems - Gary Seals Spitfire Agency – Sarah Haines Sustainable Living Roadshow Zach Carson and Jonathon Youtt Symbiosis - Bosque Synergenesis - Eve Lady Apples The Fractal - Ryan Grace The Phoenix Voyage - Kerri Wilson The New Energy Movement - Stephen Kaplan The Road to Peace Tour - Michael Gosney Voice of The Land - Perry Farrell We 1 Now Event Coalition Wiser Earth - Paul Hawkins World Crafters - Dominic Allamano

Featured Financial Sponsors

Featured Foundational Supporters

Conscious Alliance SCI Annual Benefit

Panjea Foundation The Compton Foundation

and more

This is alive growing and organic in it’s truest nature. Please take some time to connect to our partners and artists. Be sure to visit us online to see the emergant growth and latest alliances and co-creative coolaborators formed. Special thanks to all our colaborators, supporters and community members. page 5

Thank you for taking the opportunity to review the Our Future Now overview. Please take the time to visit us online and stay up to date via our newsletter mailings. We invite your feedback, support and co-creative participation with us as we live this dream.

David Fulton

Michael Kang






Profile for 360 Degrees

Our Future Now - Introduction  

Our Future Now - Introduction

Our Future Now - Introduction  

Our Future Now - Introduction