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Contemporary Training for the Practice of the Ancient Art of Feng Shui


Here before you is a gateway. One opening to an understanding of the natural interconnection between all things in this universe. The nature of our existence is an interplay, uniting us with our environment, uniting every thought and feeling we may have with the world that we experience, uniting the tangible and intangible, uniting form and mind. When we change a space, we change an inner world. When we shift our inner awareness, the world outside begins to change.


“Feng shui is about harnessing the chi, the life-force energy which ripples water, creates mountains and propels us along our life pathway. With an understanding of Feng Shui comes the recognition of the vital connection between person and place, health, success and happiness.” —Manu Butterworth, Golden Gate School of Feng Shui Founder and Director


The Golden Gate School of Feng Shui is the only one of its kind in the World An integration of a variety of ancient and modern Feng Shui methodologies, seamlessly woven together to create a cohesive practice A curriculum that presents ecological consciousness and sustainable development models as a vital element of the study and practice of Feng Shui Specialized business training in the techniques of developing a thriving, profitable career as a Feng Shui professional A principle-based, non-dogmatic teaching approach


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The Foundations of Feng Shui


Golden Gate School of Feng Shui Distinctions


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Welcome to Golden Gate School of Feng Shui


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I welcome you to the world of Feng Shui as it appears through the eyes of the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. The school has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, due to our unparalleled curriculum in the art and application of classical Feng Shui, our commitment to ecological responsibility, and our wonderful teachers and community. There is simply no other school in the world like ours. I find myself inspired almost daily when reading articles in mainstream magazines on ecological design, eco-responsible lifestyles and ‘greening our lives’. This inspiration and my own personal journey has led to the development of a curriculum which offers a strong focus on each of these areas, encouraging students to integrate ecological responsibility into their lives and communities. We now offer even more support and training in the practical aspects of starting a career as a Feng Shui practitioner. A successful career in this field has become an achievable one, and graduates from our program are particularly sought after by individuals and businesses alike. Over the years, I have witnessed our students experiencing some wonderful effects of their training with us; transformed lives, revitalized careers, improved family relationships, and renewed peace, enthusiasm and joy. This is one of the great rewards of my work. The seed we planted by founding the school in 2002 is now coming to bear even more fruit! We invite you to enjoy our catalogue, come to meet us at one of our free orientations, or call the school to speak to myself or one of our graduates. Dip your foot into the spring of Feng Shui, and I can ensure you a positive transformation in your own life and the lives of those around you. Rich Blessings,

Manu Butterworth Founder and Director, Golden Gate School of Feng Shui


“By changing myself, I change the world.” —Robert Muller 


welcome to the golden gate school of feng shui We

offer a comprehensive and unique program which explores the vital interconnectedness between all elements of life. We give our students invaluable tools to enhance and bring depth to their lives and communities. The Feng Shui Professional Certification Program is an important step to a career path that brings you closer to your true nature, a path that leads to a healthy, harmonious, and fully integrated life.

Our Students come to us with many dreams. Whether it is to develop a thriving and satisfying career path, or a desire to understand how to adjust the energetic imprint of your own living choices and impact the lives and health of those around you, we are here to fully support you. Over the years, our students have been astounded by how their decision to attend our program has become a seed of positive change that flows throughout and beyond their own lives.


our mission To

teach dedicated, passionate individuals the ancient principles of Feng Shui in a way that empowers them to apply these principles to their own environments and the environments of others. The grounded, practical application of these principles will create harmony, health, and well-being in the microcosms of homes, offices, landscapes, and lives. These revitalized microcosms will in turn effect the families, businesses, communities and environments within and around them, creating a ripple effect that expands outward into the macrocosm of the world as a whole. To this end, we directly nurture the entrepreneurship of our students, assisting them to develop into full-fledged, self-sustaining Feng Shui practitioners who make lasting contributions within their communities, and who are well-compensated for their contributions. Through this whole-system approach, we at the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui are dedicated to teaching students how to integrate these ancient arts with a thorough understanding of ecologically responsible models for our modern age.


study and qualify to be a feng shui practitioner Join

one of the world’s most innovative programs in classical Feng Shui and Taoist philosophy, taught by world-renowned teachers such as Roger Green, Liu Ming, Alex Stark and many others. Our curriculum emphasizes the classical schools of Feng Shui and includes a complete foundational training and many advanced techniques. This understanding is uniquely balanced with a thorough education in contemporary ecological design and building practices, non-toxic renovation, and EMF analysis. Golden Gate School of Feng Shui is recognized worldwide as the finest program of its kind. Our practitioner certification, developed over the past 20 years, weaves together Taoist philosophy and ecological awareness in an accessible, engaging and inspiring way. By the end of their training our students can skillfully harness and capture the chi (life force) in almost any circumstance to enhance health, relationships, success and longevity.


embark on a dynamic and exciting journey Our year-long program provides an excellent education in the art of Feng Shui and culminates in an internationally recognized professional certification for every student who completes the course requirements. The program is taught in a series of nine, four-day modules held throughout the year, and is interspersed with personal practice and integration phases. This format is specially designed to optimize your learning, and provides the complete experience for you to become a competent practitioner. Through in-depth study and hands-on experience with our remarkable teachers you will learn to apply the various modalities of Feng Shui in a dynamic, creative and flexible way. Adding to your possibilities for growth, Taoist alchemy, personal development and heightened awareness training are at the core of our program. Integrating these principles holistically into our modern world, you will also study ecologically responsible design and construction models, space clearing, non-toxic renovation, dowsing, living environments (the study of healthy homes) and learn how to read and address EMF ‘s (electromagnetic fields).

feng shui professional certification program our one-year program is designed to meet the needs of a diverse student community • Design and building professionals who would like to deepen their skills by incorporating Feng Shui principles into their practice. • People who wish to initiate profound change in their lives and the lives of others. • Natural health practitioners who require a deeper understanding of the effects of environment on their clients’ well-being. • People who are drawn to become professional Feng Shui consultants.

feng shui is an invaluable everyday tool • • • • • • • •

For positively influencing career, health, finances, and relationships When establishing a new enterprise or strengthening and old one When buying or renting a house, an apartment, or a commercial space. When constructing and siting a new building. For promoting health and ecological integrity. For developing new confidence and profound understanding, enhancing your own life and the lives of those around you. To explore universal principles and ancient wisdom in a context that makes this knowledge relevant to our modern times.  To become a catalyst for transformation. Initiating a powerful ripple effect of change. 10

our educational approach Feng

Shui is based on universal principles that can be applied in any environment or life situation. We teach the principles of Feng Shui as a complete system designed to bring to light the true dynamic nature of the elements of our environment. We integrate a full spectrum of Feng Shui systems and tools into our curriculum, with the understanding that each approach is uniquely valuable and can be applied in a complete practice. Our non-dogmatic, principle-based curriculum allows us to offer the most innovative and forward-looking professional Feng Shui education program in the world, while at the same time offering a complete education in the classical aspects of Feng Shui. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have equally diverse dreams and goals. We support all of our students to integrate what they learn with us into the stepping-stones of their own personal path.


reflecting the contemporary world in our curriculum Every year since its founding, Golden Gate School of Feng Shui has presented a program whose content changes and expands to reflect the unique needs of the time. We feel it is essential to honor the ancient traditions, based on observations cultivated over thousands of years, while at the same time to intelligently respond to the conditions and challenges of the present day.


environmental awareness and sustainable design

G o l den G ate S ch o o l of

Our journey begins with an in-depth exploration of the of the fundamental principles and schools of this ancie begin to unravel the principles of yin & yang, the five information holistically in order to enr

We explore a range of tangible and subtle elements that determine whether an environment is supportive or destructive to life-force or chi. We observe the ebbs and flows of the natural order and acquire tools with which to implement our understanding of these cycles into the design of our living space.

form school

As the natural world we live in is increasingly subjected to harmful influences such as resource depletion, toxicity and EMFs (electromagnetic fields), our lives and well-being are affected on multiple levels. We teach you innovative strategies for creating natural, supportive environments that are ecologically responsible. This knowledge is an essential component of Feng Shui as it enables us (and our clients) to achieve optimum health and vitality through the use of sustainable building designs and materials. Topics include: • Human Ecology: understanding the relationship of our society to nature and ways in which we can repair it • Outdoor design: creating supportive microclimates and healthy habitats • The principles of sustainable and regenerative design

Form School is the most intuitive, integral and fundamental school of Feng Shui. While the essence of Form School is to create a solid foundation upon which the rest of the program is built, it also provides an array of immediately applicable tools with which to achieve your highest potential in your home, body, and the world at large. • How to cultivate auspicious chi (energy/life-force) and eliminate harmful influences • Principles and application of solar design • Design strategies for homes and businesses • Analysis of sites, buildings and individual rooms

• Natural remodeling • Creating community at home: urban eco-villages • EMFs (electromagnetic fields) • Resource cycles: sun, air, water, earth, goods, food, waste • Natural Building Materials

topography and land form

sensory nutrition/natural health

Ancient geomancers understood the relationship between the land and human destiny and in this way were able to influence currents of power and prosperity for emperors and kings. Today this wisdom is applied to enhance potential on a personal, institutional and community level.

A healthy relationship to our environment also includes our relationship to our body. We teach you to integrate ancient and modern solutions for creating well being, deepen our understanding of elements of our environment and learn how to use these wisely to preserve our vitality. This is strengthened by training in Chi exercises and Do In self massage. • Introduction to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine • Metaphysics, cosmology and astrology in health. • Chronobiology: getting our natural rhythm back • Light: how it affects our mind and body, and what kinds are best for us • Color: how to work with this powerful factor in our surroundings

• Feng Shui uses in the retail trade, marketing, and commercial settings • The effect of colors, shapes, logos, numbers, and artwork • The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine • Food energetics and natural healing • Five Element Theory

You will be taught how to identify both the form and the spirit of the land. Ultimately, you will come to understand that form and spirit are intrinsically interconnected.

• Sound: how to recognize and deal with noise, and how to introduce healing sounds • Symbolism: the powerful effects of our environment’s message content • Air quality: toxins around us, and how to minimize them • Scent: essential oils distillation; reduce the negative effects of a toxic environment • Space: creating Sacred Space

Dragon Veins - Learn to recognize the invisible energies that traverse the land, locate ley lines, and determine auspicious sites. This will be further illuminated through the practice of dowsing and deepened awareness techniques. Tradition - Learn the fundamentals of earth and water rituals, groundbreaking ceremonies, space clearing, and other techniques that allow us to work in tandem with the increasingly subtle, yet all-pervasive energies of our earthly abode.

For a more detailed description of the many contents of our curriculum, visit us at our website: www.fengshuischool.com 13


cosmology and astrology

Fen g Shui Cur r i culum

While we explore the intricacies of energy as it relates to space, it is also valuable to consider the individual as they relate to the world around them.

origins and history of Feng Shui, as well as an overview ent art. Through the study of Taoist philosophy we will e element theory and learn how to apply this potent rich and enhance our lives and others.

Four Pillars - An ancient system based on Taoist metaphysics and cosmology that reveals aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements of an individual based on the hour, day, month and year of their birth. Through this sophisticated method, one can gather information about a client that is relevant to their Feng Shui assessment, as well as clearly reveal aspects of their character. Perhaps the most compelling capacity of this ancient method is its ability to accurately determine the element constitution of the subject.

compass school In relation to Form School, Compass School is the more analytical and scientific component of Feng Shui. Using the ancient map of the Lo Pan Compass as a reference, we explore what is illuminated when you combine the eight compass directions with the dynamics of yin/yang

Divination and Directionology - The roots of Chinese divinatory practices are said to stretch back 6000 years, to 4000 B.C. Central to this ancient tradition is the text known as the I Ching, also called the “Book of Changes”. This symbolic system reveals the cosmology that is the foundation of classical Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the science of Directionology, and ancient Chinese culture as a whole. Its philosophy focuses on the inevitability of change, the evolution of events as a process, and the dynamic balance of opposites.

the lo pan compass The Lo Pan compass is the indispensable tool of classical Feng Shui. Its numerous rings contain a vast body of knowledge that encompass classical Chinese philosophy, numerology and cosmology, and map the underlying principles of our study. We are pleased to include in this program one of the few English-language Lo Pan compasses in existence. This incredible tool will not only simplify the learning process, it will also make Feng Shui assessments much faster and easier. • Translate the I Ching compass reading into the context of a space • Locate the ‘xui’ - (the Feng Shui spot). • Master advanced use of the Western Lopan

• Understanding, constructing, and analyzing various charts such as the Natal Four Pillars chart and the Ten Year Luck Cycles • Determining auspicious and inauspicious timing for specific activities • Determining the most beneficial colors for an individual

• Identify the directionology associated with your year of birth and integrate it into your design

bagua . ba zhai . ming gua The “Bagua,” is the octagonal mandala consisting of the 8 compass directions (cardinal and inter-cardinal). This map is a vital element in the understanding and practice of advanced Feng Shui. We will explore more complex techniques, including the analysis of the Lo Shu (the “magic square” of Feng Shui) and how it informs the Ming Gua and Ba Zhai methods. These enable us to identify auspicious and inauspicious orientations for the individual and the dwelling. • Constructing the Bagua and understanding its innumerable applications • Ideal room location, door placement and orientation of furniture

• How to deduce important information about health and family relationships • Study and build a relationship with the I Ching • Learn how to identify and utilize auspicious directions (Ming Gua) • Nine Star Ki astrology to determine auspicious and inauspicious times for traveling or moving

flying star Flying Star is a technique that traces cycles of energy through time and weaves their ever-evolving influence into our analysis of space. This technique offers a very specific understanding of areas of fortune and misfortune within a dwelling based on its age and directional orientation.

• Integrating Ming Gua and Ba Zhai methods with Form School assessment • How to read and utilize the Lo Pan compass

• Recognizing various cycles of time. • How to construct a Flying Star chart • How to interpret and apply the Flying Star chart to space



• Cures and techniques for enhancing various aspects of your life and resolving negative influences

pioneering Our

program ecologically and and application What you learn impact ripples

is a pioneer in the socially responsible study of this ancient science. with us will profoundly

not only into the

your life, but world around

send you.

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR. And there are things to be considered... Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

–Oraibi, Arizona, Hopi Nation


what our students have to say The modules, built upon one another, provide not only a thorough understanding of classical Feng Shui—but nudged each one of us towards self-discovery and knowledge. The focus of my life has been transformed —thank you Golden Gate School for shining the light on what is imperative and right action for these times. —Sandy Yagyu, 2006 Graduate What an awakening! It enlightened me deeply, giving me far more that I could imagine. The first module showed me that from the microcosm of human life, we learn the vast & profound realities of the macrocosm. I couldn’t have had a better guide for exploring this integral & harmonious way through the natural principles of Feng Shui. —Anyo Beaupere, 2003 Graduate This program acquainted me with the underpinnings of energy and it’s structure, and I am beginning to recognize nature as expressions of deep fractal patterns and number sequences. This program took the voodoo out of Feng Shui and made it a kind of physics. —Lynne McAlister, January 2007 I found the presentation of materials to be organized, precise and eloquent. The blend of rational and intuitive information pertaining to Feng Shui has provided a rich landscape and framework for exploration and higher learning. — Holly Shantara- November 2006 Please visit us online to view more testimonials and graduate profiles: www.fengshuischool.com.


our teachers “When a seeker hears the Truth and contemplates it, the fire of knowledge is kindled within. Then, freed from impurities, he shines like gold.” —Sri Shankaracharia 

We are committed to bring to our students teachers of the highest quality. Our teaching staff is comprised of experts from around the world who are both renowned in their fields and experienced in teaching their disciplines. This year we are honored and excited to host many of our well-respected, returning teachers, and to welcome new teachers and the gifts they bring to the program. Manu Butterworth is Founder and Director of Golden Gate School of Feng Shui. After 10 years studying nutritional science, Shiatsu, and Feng Shui, and four years volunteering at an International Yoga foundation, he realized the power of teaching and founded the School to make the essential wisdom he had discovered more accessible and widespread. Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog are renowned teachers of the I Ching and authors of I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way. Janine Björnson is a natural building educator, practitioner, and consultant. She has a passion for holistic, healthy environments, and is the natural materials cyber-panelist for Green Home Building.


Brock Dolman is a co-founder and co-owner of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and the Sowing Circle Intentional Community. He also co-directs OAEC’s permaculture design and biodiversity programs. Roger Green is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic teachers of Feng Shui. He has pioneered classical Feng Shui in the UK, Europe, North & South America, and Australia. His lively and enthusiastic teaching style illuminates the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of this ancient philosophy.

Liu Ming was the founding director of Five Branches Institute (1984) College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a member of its faculty for twelve years. He has studied Asian culture, history and religion for over forty years. Lynn Palmer is an Advanced Dowser with the American Society of Dowsers. Lynn and her partner have also developed organic food gardens surrounded by labyrinths in the tall redwoods of California. Martín Precthel is a master of eloquence and innovative language as well as a leading thinker, writer, artist and teacher. Through story, music, ritual and writing, he helps people retain their diversity while remembering their own sense of place in the sacred. He is author of four acclaimed books including: Stealing Benefacio’s Roses; and Secrets of the Talking Jaguar. Michael Rice has a thriving architecture practice and specializes in environmentally sensitive design using Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing, Divining, Martial Arts and Natural Healing. Robert Sachs is an internationally known author and expert in Nine-Star Ki astrology, macrobiotics and Ayurveda. He is also the author of six books including Tibetan Ayurveda: Health secrets from The Roof of The World and The Passionate Buddha. Note: All teachers will not necessarily teach in the same program year and all may be subject to change.

Stephen Scott is an environmental electrician and licensed electrical contractor, who is professionally involved in EMF survey, abatement and design work. LiYana Silver ran the business development program of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, teaching students how to create thriving private practices. Previously, LiYana danced professionally for ten years, and ran her successful Health Counseling practice. William Spear is a recognized authority on health and environmental issues, Feng Shui, natural architecture and community planning. His own approach to vital design, Intuitive Feng Shui ®, is presented in his bestselling book, Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life With the Ancient Art of Placement. Alex Stark is a consultant, advisor, and teacher on issues of transformation, creativity, healing, and environmental harmony. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture, he is a practitioner of Feng Shui, traditional geomancy and astrology. Carol Venolia has been named a Green Design Trailblazer by Natural Home & Garden Magazine, and is the Director of the EcoDwelling program at New College of California. Carol is the author of Healing Environments: Your Guide to Indoor WellBeing. She has been involved with ecological architecture and building for over thirty years.


program modules, 2007/08 Module 1:

Form School & Foundation

Oct 26-29

Module 2:

Living Environments (part I)

Nov 30 - Dec 3

Module 3:

Ba Zhai, Ba Gua, The 8 Trigrams & Lo Pan Compass

Jan 18-21

Module 4:

Flying Star Techniques & Advanced Lo Pan Compass

Feb 15 - 18

Module 5:

Walking The Dragon (part I)

March 14 - 17

Module 6:

Site Visits, Revision Exam, Student projects

April 11-14

Module 7:

Feng Shui Horoscope: The ‘Four Pillars’ of Destiny

May 9-12

Module 8a: Specialization Track A: Walking The Dragon (part II)

June 6 -9

Module 8b: Specialization Track B: Living Environments (part II)

June 13 - 16

Module 9:

July 11-14

Advanced Four Pillars & Consultations


structure of the Professional Certification Program consists of nine intensive four-day Modules held throughout the year, beginning in late October and completing in mid-July. Certification requires this nine-month commitment. This series of focused modules throughout the year provides students time to integrate information, complete homestudy assignments, and apply what they have learned in preparation for new material. The curriculum is designed so that each Module naturally builds upon the insights of the previous, deepening your living experience of the principles of Feng Shui and Ecological Design. As you reach Module 7, there is the opportunity to expand your study through one of two specialization tracks: Living Environments II and Walking the Dragon II.


experiential learning “Wisdom becomes knowledge when it becomes your personal experience.” —Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master

We offer students an opportunity to viscerally experience the   coursework, and our classes provide both lectures and hands-on   experience.  Some of the hands-on experience includes: • Exploring Feng Shui topography during field trips, by traversing the land and locating ley lines, dragon veins, and auspicious sites.  • Conducting Feng Shui consultations and developing your own recommendations for enhancing a given situation. • Many days of the program are dedicated to practical site visits in different settings, both residential and commercial.  • Taking electromagnetic field readings on location, and developing remediation suggestions. • Practicing methods taught in class to diagnose geopathic stress     (disturbing earth energies)  that may impact a sites. • Participating in ground-breaking rituals, space clearing techniques     and other ancient ceremonies. 


vocational support program This additional program has been specifically developed for students who  are serious about creating a successful business, and who want to ensure a seamless transition between being a student of Feng Shui and becoming a successful professional practitioner.  If you don’t yet have a great deal of business experience and want to develop your skill, this program is for you.   The program is also useful for people with more business experience who want to deepen their specialized understanding of this particular market. Conducted in a series of classes within the Professional Certification Program modules, this coursework focuses intensively on the business side of Feng Shui and provides students with a framework from which to successfully operate their own businesses.    With the assistance and support of our business education staff, students in the Vocational Support Program can confidently begin seeing clients as soon as they are ready, and in many cases earn back the cost of the additional program before the end of the school year. This special course offers all the tools you need to create an  income of $50,000 by the end of your first year of professional practice. 


our vocational support program includes

• Additional review classes

• One and a half day workshop on public speaking and creating • Additional books and other materials a dynamic business • Business materials including your  • Telephone support from our own website and business cards graduates • In-depth workshops on running a • Additional opportunities to successful business, public speaking, conduct guided consultations building  a client base and developing         long-term clients • Discounts in the school bookstore


continuing education retreats

year we offer our graduates an opportunity to attend a truly exceptional retreat which focuses on advanced Feng Shui and related studies, as well as business coaching and community building.   Set in a beautiful location during the soft warmth of late summer, we spend time deepening our expertise, discovering new wisdom, and enjoying each other’s company in a pristine and relaxing  environment. 

graduate program

Following your year of study you have the opportunity to apply to our Graduate Program which focuses on deepening your studies, building your business and enhancing your leadership skills. This opportunity to continue your education in the field of Feng Shui enables you to further integrate and extend to others the invaluable information you will have gained through your first year of study. 24

payment options Education is an investment in yourself, a unique investment which will bring lasting benefits. We understand that financing an education is a major commitment on your part, and we are committed to providing you with affordable tuition, interest-free payment plans, and substantial discounts so that you can pursue your education regardless of your present financial circumstances. To discuss a payment plan based on your eligible discounts and financial situation, please contact us. One of our enrollment counselors will be happy to assist you.



To gain more familiarity with our program, we invite you to attend one of our orientation evenings. You will have the opportunity to:

When you are ready to enroll in our program, contact us in our offices at (415) 945.8899.

• • • • •

Your education with Golden Gate School of Feng Shui will begin immediately with introductory books and a schedule of optional warm-up classes before the program officially begins in October.

Meet faculty, staff and graduates of the program. Meet other potential students. Find answers to any questions you might have. Listen to a presentation on Feng Shui. Enjoy a delicious meal.

All classes are held in a beautiful location in Tiburon, just North of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

These evenings will allow you to gain a better sense of our program. Orientations take place once a month in the San Francisco Bay area and are free of charge.

If you have any further questions please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. If at any time you would like to speak with a graduate of the school, we will be happy to connect you.

For upcoming dates and locations please call us at (415) 945.8899 or visit our website: www.fengshuischool.com


As space at our orientations is limited, please contact us soon to ensure your place.

tuition for the professional training program We have learned from the experiences of graduates that your investment in this program will be repaid many times over as your professional and personal life are inspired to new levels of creation. We offer reasonable tuition rates, interest-free payment plans, and a program schedule which allows you to easily maintain your current employment. In addition, we have created a number of ways in which you can significantly reduce the overall cost for your training program. Our full tuition fee is $8,500. Early Registration Discounts Check All That Apply Save $750 if you register by May 30 Save $500 if you register by June 31 Save $300 if you register by July 31 Save $600 if you pay in full at registration Friends And Family Discounts Check All That Apply Save $600 if you enroll with a friend ($300 each) Save $2,000 if you enroll with a spouse, or an immediate family member ($1,000 each) Add your total discounts Full Tuition


Total Discounts Your Discounted Tuition

Traveling Discounts Check one if applicable Save $100 if you are traveling over 35 miles each way to get to class Save $200 for traveling over 75 miles Save $300 for traveling over 150 miles Save $400 for traveling over 300 miles Save $600 for traveling over 600 miles Save $1000 for traveling over 900 miles Age and Student Discounts Check one if applicable Save $300 if you are 27 or under Save $500 if you are 24 or under Save $750 if you are 21 or under Save $500 if you are 60 or over Save $750 if you are 65 or over Save $1000 if you are currently a full time student with a valid student ID card

Referral Rewards Plan If you enroll and refer others who become students, we will credit you:

$250 for the first person you refer $450 for the second person you refer

$750 for the third person you refer *Referring 3 people, you receive $1450.


meet your opportunity “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” —Sun Tzu  Are you ready to transform your life and help others transform theirs? Would you like a career that is engaging, rewarding and fulfilling? Do you seek to experience profound interconnectedness with the features and people of your environment? Do you dream to take a greater role in the movement to rejuvenate and care for our planet? If Yes, then Golden Gate School of Feng Shui is here for you. Please join us at our next orientation.


limitless possibilities await

The gates are now open.

This is your time to step through.

1165 Magnolia Avenue Larkspur, CA 94939 USA www.fengshuischool.com • info@ fengshuischool.com • 415 945-8899


415 945-8899 fengshuischool.com

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