Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 2

Page 288

Vå ndävana

threefold-bending form of Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa. Çré Bhaööa Gosvämé decorated Him with many ornaments, swung Him on a swing and offered food preparations with great affection. If one has darçana of Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa’s back, one will see that it resembles a çälagräma-çilä. Although the deity is only twelve finger-widths tall, He is very attractive. Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa’s lotus face is like Çré Govinda’s, His chest is like Çré Gopénätha’s, and His lotus feet are like Çré Madana-mohana’s. By taking His darçana, one receives the benefit of taking darçana of these three deities. According to the book Sevä-präkaöya, Rädhä-Ramaëa manifested from the çälagräma-çilä in saàvat 1599 (1543 AD). His abhiñeka took place on Pürëimä in the month of Vaiçäkha (April–May) that same year. There is no deity of Çré Rädhä with Rädhä-Ramaëa, but a gomaté-cakra is worshipped on the altar to His left. According to an injunction in Çré Hari-bhakti-viläsa, a gomaté-cakra is to be worshipped along with a çälagräma-çilä. Adjacent to the temple of Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa, to the south, is the samädhi of Çré Gopäla Bhaööa Gosvämé and the place where Rädhä-Ramaëa appeared. Unlike other deities, Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa never left Våndävana.

Çré Rädhä-Vinoda & Çré Rädhä-Gokulänanda Before the arrival of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu in Våndävana, Çré Lokanätha Gosvämé and Çré Bhügarbha Gosvämé came here. Being very humble and without any possessions (akiïcana), they performed bhajana at the many pastime places in Vraja-maëòala. Çré Lokanätha Gosvämé found the deity of Çré Rädhä-Vinoda in Kiçoré-kuëòa in Umräo-gaon near Chatravana and served Them there. Later, on the request of Rüpa, Sanätana and the other Gosvämés, he brought his worshipful Çré Rädhä-Vinoda to Våndävana and began to worship Them near the temple of Çré Rädhä-Ramaëa. Nowadays, the original deity that was worshipped by Çré Lokanätha Gosvämé is in Jaipura, and the pratibhü-vigraha is worshipped in that same temple in Våndävana. 639