Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 2

Page 251

Çré v raja-maëòala parikramä

My life is worth hundreds of thousands of laòòüs.” The cowherd boys began to laugh. Even today, the memory of this pastime will enter our hearts by visiting Keçé-ghäöa.

Nidhuvana The word nidhu means sürata-kréòä, “amorous pastimes”. Govinda-lélämåta and other such literature give beautiful descriptions of Rädhä and Kåñëa’s amorous pastimes in Nidhuvana. These books indicate that because in the keli-kuïjas of Nidhuvana the playful, amorous night (niça) pastimes take place; so the pastime of sleeping (çayana-viläsa) at the end of the night (niçänta) also takes place here. Seeing dawn approaching, Våndä-devé becomes alarmed and orders the male and female parrots, peacocks, cuckoos, bumblebees and so forth to make their sweet humming and other sounds to wake up Kiçora and Kiçoré. The rägänuga bhaktas, and especially the eminent rüpänuga rasika bhaktas, relish this niçäntalélä in their hearts while chanting the holy names of the Supreme