Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 2

Page 228

Vå ndävana

Praskandana-kñetra The heat of the sun removed Kåñëa’s shivering, but this heat was excessive and Kåñëa started to perspire. The name of this place thus became Praskandana-tértha; the word praskandana means “with perspiration”. Advaitavaöa Advaitavaöa is situated directly in Praskandana-tértha. Just before the advent of Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu, Çré Advaita Äcärya came to this place while journeying through Vraja. He resided under this same banyan (vaöa) tree for several days. He had found Çré Madana-Gopäla in Mahävana-Gokula, and now served Him here. Due to fear of the Yavanas, and by His desire, He secretly left Çré Madana-Gopäla with a devoted Caube brähmaëa and went to Çäntipura, knowing that very soon Çacénandana Çré Gaurahari would appear in the town of Nadiyä. Later, that same Madana-Gopäla made His way to Sanätana Gosvämé, who had a large temple constructed just nearby and established the deity there. Since then, Çré Madana-Gopäla became known as Çré Madana-mohana. Däna-galé, Mäna-galé, Gumäna-galé & Kuïja-galé Just near the famous Sevä-kuïja are four narrow galés, or alleys: Däna-galé, Mäna-galé, Gumäna-galé and Kuïja-galé. Once, when Çrématé Rädhikä was in mäna, She made Her way to Mäna-sarovara via this very Mäna-galé. In the narrow alley named Däna-galé, Çré Kåñëa and His sakhäs asked the gopés for tax (däna) in the form of prema, and the gopés asked the same thing from Kåñëa. This galé is therefore known as Däna-galé. Prema-galé is where KiçoraKiçoréjé’s first meeting took place. At that moment, by the mutual play of Their eyes, a relationship of prema was established between Them which increased moment by moment. That is why this galé has become known as Prema-galé. Some also call it Gumäna-galé, because when Kåñëa asked Priyäjé for tax, She exhibited great pride 579