Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 2

Page 222

Vå ndävana

By the desire of Bhagavän, the Käléya serpent later moved to that same Yamunä pond with his family, in order to protect himself from the very powerful Garuòa. This rendered the water in the pond poisonous, and all the fish living here, who had also committed an offence towards Garuòa, died. In this way, Saubhari Åñi and all the fish that had taken shelter of him faced total destruction, because they had committed an offence towards a bhakta. The scriptures therefore declare that one should at all costs refrain from committing Vaiñëava aparädha.

Käléya-hrada (Käléya-daha) [Hrada and daha both mean “a deep pool within a river”.] The current name of this place is Käléya-daha. Çré Kåñëa subdued the serpent Käléya here. The keli-kadamba tree from which Çré Kåñëa jumped with great speed into the Käléya-hrada stands nearby. All of the trees and creepers around the lake were burnt to ashes by the poison of the Käléya serpent. Only this one keli-kadamba tree remained. The mighty and valiant Garuòa was once carrying a pot of nectar from the heavenly planets in order to free his mother Vinatä from the slavery of his stepmother Kadrü. He rested on this keli-kadamba tree for some time, and the strength of the nectar’s fragrance, or a drop of the nectar itself that had spilled, was enough to save this keli-kadamba tree. Käléyanäga was also very valiant and powerful. When he tied Kåñëa in his coils, Kåñëa became somewhat helpless and motionless. At that time, the Nägapatnés (wives of Käléya), who were great devotees of Kåñëa, prayed, “We would rather be widows than be the wives of a husband opposed to Bhagavän.” But when Kåñëa freed Himself from the serpent’s coils and began to dance on and kick Käléya’s hoods, Käléya vomited blood from his thousands of mouths and surrendered unto the Lord. At that time, the Nägapatnés folded their hands and begged Kåñëa to spare their husband’s life, considering his surrendered mood. Their prayers pleased Çré Kåñëa. He granted Käléyanäga freedom from fear and 573