Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 1

Page 256

Gov ardhana

Gauré-kuëòa right?” Hearing Rädhä’s name, Candrävalé became irritated and replied, “Mahäräja Kaàsa, are You all right?” Puzzled, Kåñëa asked, “Sakhé, where is Kaàsa here?” “Where is Your Rädhä here?” was Candrävalé’s reply. Kåñëa understood His mistake and, feeling very ashamed, begged Candrävalé’s forgiveness.

(27) Govinda-kuëòa When Indra saw that the Vrajaväsés had stopped worshipping him and were worshipping Govardhana instead, he became angry. Consequently, with the intention of destroying them, he poured forth torrential rains and hurled thunderbolts upon them for seven days, but he was not successful. Finally, Lord Brahmä advised him to ask for forgiveness for his offence, and so Indra performed abhiñeka of Çré Kåñëa with the milk of Surabhédevé at this place. Çré Kåñëa was named “Govinda” because He nourishes and gives pleasure to all – the cows, gopas, gopés and to the land of Vraja. This place is known as Govinda-kuëòa because 233