Sri Vrajmandala parikrama - Part 1

Page 230

Gov ardhana

Killola-kuëòa and even today Yamunä sand can be found by digging under the soil. At this place, Kåñëa herded the cows with the sakhäs, and had many kinds of amorous exchanges with the sakhés. The poet Kumbhana däsa also lived here. His style of poetry was called añöachäpa. There is a well-known pond and goçälä here that are named after him.

(9) Mänasé-gaìgä Driven by the gopés’ insistence that He atone for the sin of killing a bull (Våñabhäsura), Çré Kåñëa created Mänasé-gaìgä from His mind and became pure by bathing in its waters. According to a second story, once Çré Nanda Mahäräja, Çré Yaçodä and the other gopas and gopés took Kåñëa and Balaräma with them on a journey to the Gaìgä to take bath. That night, they 207