Sri Navadvipa-dhama

Page 249


Çré Gauòa-maëòala anklets. He presented it to Jéva Gosvämé, who forbade him to give it to anyone but Rädhikä Herself. Çré Lalitä and Çré Viçäkhä came to Çyämänanda Prabhu looking for the anklet, but he told them, “I will only return the anklet to its owner. If She comes here, I will place it around Her ankle with my own hands.” Lalitä answered, “Have you no shame? You are a bäbäjé, but you are prepared to place this anklet on the foot of a young, married lady!” Çyämänanda Prabhu remained resolute. Finally it was decided that he could place the anklet on the foot of the owner if his eyes were blindfolded. This done, Çrématé Rädhikä appeared before him with Her s a k h é s , and the life of Çyämänanda Prabhu became successful. Çré Jéva Gosvämé was very pleased with him, and gave him the name “Çyämänanda däsa”, which means “a servant of Çyämasundara, who gives pleasure to Çyämä (Rädhikä)”. The anklet was touched to his forehead, leaving a tilaka mark in the shape of the anklet. Çyämänanda Prabhu travelled with Narottama däsa Öhäkura and Çréniväsa Äcärya to Bengal, taking with them many volumes of Vaiñëava literature, which King Vérahamvéra stole. [This pastime is related under “Vanaviñëupura” and “Yäjégräma”.] In his final days Çyämänanda Prabhu lived in Nåsiàhapura in Orissa and extensively preached Vaiñëava-dharma. Rasikänanda is prominent amongst his countless disciples.

Ekacakrä (Véracandra-pura Garbhaväsa) Ekacakrä is situated eight miles east of the Malläpura railway station and eleven miles from the Rämapura Häöa railway station. One can take darçana of the following places in Ekacakrä: (1) Çré Nityänanda Prabhu’s place of birth, called the “Garbhaväsa”.