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By Matthildur Kristjansdottir

Raising the standards of business aviation

Private jet The Ultimate Business Tool

LONG STORY10 Speeding in Style









Claude Roth

Donald Trump

Pontoise-Cormeilles Airport

BUTLER 1 The Magazine of AVIATRAX Editorial: Matthildur Kristjansdottir, Marijana Deranja O’Dwyer Conception & coordination: 360Crossmedia Artistic Director: Frank Widling Cover photo: © Aviatrax Print run: 750 copies


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WELCOME! A very warm welcome to the first edition of Butler — the lifestyle magazine from AVIATRAX. In our inaugural issue we bring you a mix of editorial features, including an interview with American business tycoon, Donald Trump. We examine the many benefits of using a private jet for business and catch up with Fabio Gamba, CEO of the European Business Aviation Association. We put Pointoise-Cormeilles Airport under the spotlight, as this little gem is a great alternative if you are flying into Paris. Watch out for the AVIATRAX race team at the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo this season, see page 10 for more details. Enjoy!

Matthildur Kristjansdottir Managing Director

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Raising the standards of business aviation We catch up with Fabio Gamba, CEO of European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), to find out just how the Association is assisting the growth of the dynamic business aviation market, which contributes nearly €20bn to the European economy each year.

Gaining advantage It’s reassuring to know that there is a professional trade body dedicated to strengthening the European business aviation market and ensuring best practices are followed by all in the industry. “It is important to understand that in today’s competitive market, business aviation is an important tool for Europe PLC, and that it is becoming more and more important,” explains Gamba. “For example, a company that does not have the means of its competitor who uses business aviation will eventually lose out significantly in business because of the flexibility their competitors gain through this type of point to point travel. It is all about time.”

Established in 1977, EBAA currently has over 500 members, including around 150 operator members, and is the voice of the European business aviation industry. On a daily basis the EBAA team, based in Brussels, is tackling a number of issues, such as inefficiencies in air traffic management and the proposed Single European Sky, emissions trading, illegal flights, security and safety issues. The key on all of these matters and more is the need to ensure that the voice of business aviation is heard on regional, national and international levels in all decisions affecting business aircraft operations in Europe.


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Representation on all levels

Best practices for the industry “There are two key aspects of our role in the industry,” explains Gamba. “The first is what I call, the Aero-political aspect. This means that we ensure that any decisions being made for air transport take into account the specific necessities of this sector because there are a lot of particular requirements with respect to business

The second aspect of the Association’s role is operational, Gamba explains. “We are always working on the best practices for our members and looking at ideas and possibilities of improving standards. We are currently looking at how to replicate standards for the Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) so that there is an understanding of best practice being shared fairly and equally by everyone.

National Associations that are full members of the EBAA include: BBGA (British and General Aviation Association), EBAA France, EBAA Switzerland, GBAA (German Business Aviation Association), IBAA (Italian Business Aviation Association), MBAA, (Malta Business Aviation Association), NAOA (Norwegian Aircraft Operators Association) and RUBAA (Russia United Business Aviation Association). For further details visit

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aviation. It is our role to ensure that there is always a business aviation section in the decision that is being made here in Brussels or at national level.”



Private jet The Ultimate Business Tool

When your schedule is demanding and the success of your future relies on global partnerships, there really is only one tool that can ensure you stay ahead of the competition: a private jet is the ultimate business tool. Long security lines, flight delays and non-direct route options are just some of the disadvantages of flying commercial but aspects even more crucial for successful business executives today are the flexibility and privacy that only business aviation can offer.

Ease and flexibility Turning up 10 minutes before your aircraft takes off, walking straight through security onto your aircraft, having your choice of catering waiting for you on board, plus the unique private environment that doubles as an office in the sky, means that your colleagues and business partners can all travel together in private. Everything about your flight is tailored to your needs. Enabler of Growth Seen by many successful Fortune 500 companies as the extension of the head office, the business jet enables better time management and quick response action for executives and their teams. According to the study produced by Oxford Economics in 2012, two thirds of executives declare face-to-face contact to be crucial in deal making. Business aviation facilitates such meetings like no other form of transport, thanks to the flexibility of its service. A meeting in London for breakfast, Florence for lunch and Moscow in the evening is all achievable, in comfort and style.


Highest Standards of Service Marijana O’Dwyer, Commercial Manager, AVIATRAX, comments on the findings of the report: “There are many positive aspects to flying privately but something in particular highlighted in the report that is very note worthy is that 96% of city pairs served by business aviation in 2011 had no scheduled connection. For our customers a crucial factor in using private jets is that we can take them to places that commercial aviation does not facilitate.” AVIATRAX prides itself on delivering the highest standards of service and support in aviation consulting, aircraft sales and acquisition, aircraft financing, CAMO, crewing and corporate aircraft management. In short AVIATRAX can take care of all needs. Their attention to detail goes way beyond the flight itself, explains O’Dwyer: “We are known as the Aviation Butler because we pay great attention to detail and our team is available to customers way before they have taken off and long after they touch down. We are experts in service and know what private jet users need.”

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Speeding in Style



A new driving experience 2013 is Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary year, and the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and the marque’s commitment to motorsport takes on central significance as the company builds a deeper investment under its new Lamborghini Squadra Corse operation. From this season, the Squadra Corse will provide an integrated approach to Lamborghini driving experiences. This season includes a new series of ‘Esperienza’ events to provide enthusiasts and prospects with opportunity for a first testdrive and to experience the exciting world of Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Academies, on both track and ice, provide driver training and the initial steps towards racing. The Super Trofeo series provides the perfect first race experience for drivers, with the Lamborghini GT3 for more experienced racers wanting to compete with the Lamborghini marque worldwide.

Superior Perfomance The new Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo race car takes a significant step forward following extensive aerodynamic re-profiling of the surface geometries and the addition of adjustable aerodynamic devices, including an all-new ten-position rear wing. The net


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The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo is known worldwide as one of the most luxurious and exciting race events and is the world’s fastest one-make series. In its 5th year, the 2013 European season will see all 10 teams and 20 cars participate in a total of six races at some of the world’s most famous circuits, including Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Silverstone in the UK, Paul Ricard in France, Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium and Nürburgring in Germany.

benefit of this aerodynamic upgrade is 120% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over the Gallardo’s 2012 model. With re-modelling of brake ducts, the new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo achieves a 50% improvement in thermal performance with improved front brake cooling, while better balance and dynamic performance is achieved by increasing downforce by 128kg in low downforce set up and 160kg in high downforce trim.

Aviatrax on the grid Three new teams take to the grid this year, including Aviatrax by Saintéloc racing team, and the race format is once again based on the formula of two free practice sessions of 60 minutes on Saturdays, followed by a 40 minute qualifying session. Sunday’s timetable is made up of two 50 minute races offering points for the top ten finishers in one of two categories, AMATEUR and PRO-AM. Commenting on the partnership, Aviatrax’s General Manager, Matthildur Kristjansdottir said: “Challenge, accuracy and the desire for excellence are some of the qualities involved in racing of this calibre. In aviation we value and live by the same concepts, therefore the decision to support this high-profile race was a natural choice for Aviatrax.”


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Claude Roth Race engineer at AVIATRAX Racing

which all the cars are identical, but are set up differently by the teams. The settings vary according to the characteristics of each circuit, so that the car’s aerodynamics are adapted to the characteristics of the track. We determine our own settings, but we don’t develop the car, we use it in the form it is developed by the manufacturer. It is upgraded each year by the manufacturer, from which we then purchase the upgrade kit. For example, between 2012 and 2013, the Lamborghini upgrades made the car a second and a half quicker by comparison with the reference times.

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What has been your experience over the season so far?

What does your job involve? I am in charge of the technical side for everything regarding the car and the equipment. As such I prepare the car for the races and remain in regular contact with Lamborghini. During the race weekends I am in charge of the settings of the car, the engine, the suspension and other aspects. For the races I work out our strategy and manage the two drivers on our team, for whom I provide guidance and coaching. We analyse their driving styles and their performance to help the two of them reach the same standard and achieve the same of race performance.

Tell me about the Lamborghini championship. The Lamborghini championship begins with the official test at the start of the season. Then the Super Trofeo series races take place in Europe, as well as others on the Asian and American continents. The season ends with the World Final at Vallelunga in Italy. This is a one-make series in


The beginning of the season has been great – we have scored points in our category at each event. Our drivers have made significant progress and have not had any accidents. We have a good relationship with the other teams. For me, the best moment was the night race on May 4 at Misano. The drivers loved it, it was something incredible, especially as it was the first time they had raced at night. At night they lose their usual reference points and have to find new ones. We finished 14th in both races, which is a very good result, especially at this early stage of our learning process. The championship has been in existence since 2009, and other drivers have been involved right from the start. By contrast, it is our drivers’ first year of racing in the series.

What about your personal background? I’m 31 years old and a Luxembourg national. Having studied mechanical engineering at Karlsrühe in Germany, I have worked for Maserati, Aston Martin, Audi and now Lamborghini. Being a Luxembourger is helpful in international motorsport because my knowledge of French, German and English enables me to communicate more easily with the manufacturers, officials and drivers, which are from all different nationalities. These are the official languages too of the sport’s governing body, the International Automobile Federation (FIA).


Donald Trump

Interview with the president of the Trump organization What is your opinion regarding the real estate market in America and in the rest of the world? While it is a difficult situation to navigate, it’s important to realize that there are always opportunities. When I first entered the real estate market in NYC, everyone said it was a terrible time, but it’s what I wanted to do so I kept at it.and I was successful. The market in the US is alternately good and bad, but it’s an excellent time to buy. I’ve done very well and feel positively about the market returning in a short amount of time. Globally, we’ve all taken a hit but those are the cycles of real estate.

Which scenario do you anticipate for the coming years? That’s hard to predict but as I mentioned, real estate has cycles as do so many other things. Things turn around. You just need to have the right attitude, so that you can take advantage of future opportunities.

We have been moving forward and it’s been exciting. We bought the Doral in Miami which is 800 acres and is now called Trump National Doral, which includes five championship golf courses and a 700 room hotel. It will be fantastic. We were selected as the developer of the famous Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC, which will be a 300 room luxury hotel while maintaining the original façade. There have been many acquisitions, and Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen has been an enormous success already,


Can you give an overview of the main current projects of your organization, all over the world (Including Trump International Golf Links Aberdeen) receiving many accolades. It’s been a busy and productive time.

How do you see Luxembourg in the Real Estate world? I do not know Luxembourg well enough to give you an informed answer. I do know that Luxembourg is in a pivotal position geographically, which is a strategical advantage. It is also a beautiful country. It should hold its own very well.



PontoiseCormeilles Airport

A growing business aviation portal for Paris With Paris’s major airports struggling to cope with a growing volume of traffic, Pontoise-Cormeilles – just 35 minutes by road from the Champs-Elysées – is carving out a growing reputation as a high-end hub for business aviation.

Over the past decade the aerodrome of Pontoise-Cormeilles, just to the north-west of Paris, has carved out a vocation and a reputation as a centre for business aviation. Now a new service to Brighton on the south coast of England is giving the airport a new dimension. Business aviation has been a prime casualty of the economic downturn of the past five years, but there are signs that it is starting to rebound – to the advantage of Pontoise-Cormeilles, where clients can enjoy high-end services provided on an all-inclusive basis. The airport, which normally handles around 60 flight movements a day, offers easy access to


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Business aviation bounces back

Š Handling Partners

central Paris and to La DĂŠfense business district on the north-west edge of the city; it has also benefited from disruption such as strikes at nearby competitor Le Bourget.

A tailored service offering Fixed-base operator Handling Partners, which launched activities at Pontoise-Cormeilles three years ago, has built up a strong clientele among private and corporate aircraft owners, including transatlantic flyers. Facilities at the airport include two lounges, a meeting room and overnight accommodation, directly accessible from the runway; cars are authorised to pull up alongside aircraft at Pontoise-Cormeilles, providing discretion and saving journey time.

LET-410 turboprop follows a tradition of crosschannel connections from Pontoise-Cormeilles, from which Debonair operated a short-lived low-cost service to Luton. Despite the new service, which is designed to meet a need for faster connections between Paris and the south coast of England, the airport remains focused on business aviation rather than commercial services. With a location and a range of services specifically geared to corporate and high-end private customers, Pontoise-Cormeilles is ready to accommodate new clients attracted by the ease of use and flexibility it offers, as well as charges modest by comparison with its rivals.

International tradition The launch of daily weekday services to the UK by Brighton City Airways using a 19-seater




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