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extra Special bulletin from Schattdecor . 04/2008

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Dear Colleagues, Anyone in search of furniture in a big

ing or impregnation line. Today we make

home furnishings store has a funda-

finish foil at our plants in Głuchołazy,

mental decision to make – should they

Rosate, Schatura, São José dos Pinais

look for items in solid wood or veneer, or

and Shanghai.

should they buy furniture with a print-

As in all our other products, the "Made

ed decor surface? The available budget

by Schattdecor" quality system guaran-

usually decides the question.

tees the use of standardised raw mate-

In the mid- to low-price category, the

rials and processes and thus consistent

prospective buyers are highly likely to

Schattdecor quality all over the world.

encounter furniture with a wood-like

We have now invested in a Foil Innova-

decor surface, sometimes in combina-

tion Centre in Thansau to create the

tion with fronts in solid colour.

prerequisites for establishing ourselves

In this field, two forms of decor surface

a place in the fiercely contested foil

predominate: a) melamine – an area in

segment, not only as trendsetter but

which we, as global market leader, hold

also as market leader.

a very strong position with our decor paper, and b) finish foil, recognisable by

This issue of dialog extra marks the start

its warmer, veneer-like feel. This brings

of a publication series on finish foil that

us to finish foil, the subject of this issue

we will be reporting on in future issues

of dialog extra.

of dialog, our regular company news-

Due to its particular characteristics,


finish foil requires special equipment to produce plus technical know-how far in

Wishing you a pleasant and informative

excess of that involved in decor paper


printing. It is produced by lacquering printed decor paper in a process in

Roland Auer, Chief Sales Executive Foil,

which the paper is unwound, lacquered

Managing Director, Schattdecor Sp. z o.o.

and then rewound, either on a lacquer-

1. Valais Plum, one of our best-selling decors

3. Sideboard in Valais Plum with doors in white 3

Page 03

2. New lacquering line (PML 5) in Głuchołazy, Poland

Product spectrum Although Schattdecor started out as a

Along with developing decors for lami-

printer of decor paper alone, it has

nate flooring, we have thus also become

successfully expanded its product pro-

a full-range supplier of decorative sur-

gramme over the years.

faces for use on furniture.

Today our range includes highly differ-

The products involved can be grouped

ing decor products. This development

into four categories:

has come about in response to inter-

• printed decor paper

national market demands, which as a

• finish foil

globally active decor paper producer we

• edge bands

have to meet.

• melamine foil


Page 04

Printed decor paper

Finish foil

Edge banding

Melamine foil

Types of finish foil As the diagram on the left shows,

Postfoil, depending on their quality

Schattdecor offers various types of foil

attributes. The main characteristics of

that can be divided into the three

these product classes are as follows:

product classes of Ecofoil, Smartfoil and Basis: Sized low-weight paper • Non-impregnated base paper; displays very little or practically no internal bond strength* • The paper is printed and lacquered by Schattdecor

Basis: Pre-impregnated paper • Base paper impregnated with resin/acrylate; displays good internal bond strength • The paper is obtained in ready-impregnated form and printed and lacquered by Schattdecor Basis: Post-impregnated paper • Paper impregnated with resin/acrylate after printing; displays excellent internal bond strength • The paper is printed by Schattdecor and impregnated and lacquered either by Schattdecor or its clients Ecofoil, Smartfoil and Postfoil are registered trademarks of Schattdecor. *The term "internal bond strength" refers to the structural strength of paper

Quality attributes All foil products can be given a differing

clients are thus able to choose between

finish by adjusting the quality of the

the following qualities and attributes

lacquering, i. e. by changing the surface

and thus gain exactly the product they

characteristics. When making an order,


Surface gloss ranging from matte:

gloss level of 7 units

to super high gloss:

gloss level of >80 units

Tactile and visual effects, as achieved with the chemical pore texture of the decor shown on page 9. Chemical surface resistance Quality grade 1:

Standard, shows resistance to liquids for ten minutes**

Quality grade 2:

British standard, shows resistance to liquids for one hour

Quality grade 3:

Ikea R4, shows resistance to liquids for >16 hours

Foil in these quality grades can additionally be provided with mirror mount-

**i. e. liquid spilt on the foil will not penetrate it for ten minutes

Page 05

able or tape-proof characteristics.

Foil production sites Taken together, our foil production facilities have an output of over 200 million square metres a year




Rosate (Italy)

Głuchołazy (Poland)

Schatura (Russia)




1 VITS impregnation line,

1 single-coat* ROTODECOR

1 BABCOCK impregnation line,

built in 1997

lacquering line, built in 2003

built in 1990

Working width:

1 double-coat** ROTODECOR

Working width:

2.20 metres

lacquering line, built in 2007

1.86 metres

Main product:

Working width:

Main product:


2.75 metres


Main product: "When Schattdecor acquired the


"In 2000, the foil production opera-

Italian plant in 1996, it brought

tions that had been in existence in

with it specialists with many years

"Foil has been the main product here

Schatura since 1993 were acquired

of experience in the field of post-

in Głuchołazy for the past fifteen

by OOO «schattdecor», and have

impregnated foil. Thanks to the

years. Since 1999, when a majority

since been upgraded and expanded.

valuable contribution made by these

interest in our plant was acquired by

Collaboration between the world-

colleagues, Schattdecor now leads

Schattdecor, we have shared our foil

wide plants is becoming more and

the post foil field in Italy."

experience with all the group’s plants.

more important, as foil is a techni-

Marco Aquino, Franco Lozza,

Now part of Schattdecor Sp. z o.o, we

cally difficult and very demanding

Omar Paridi

set new quality standards on the


market with our Smartfoil products."

Page 06

Jan Król, Piotr Salkiewicz

*Single-coat refers to a lacquering line that features a single lacquer application unit

Sergey Taranov, Jens Palmen

São José dos Pinhais



São José dos Pinhais (Brazil)

Shanghai (China)

Thansau (Germany)




1 single-coat* ROTODECOR

1 double-coat** ROTODECOR

1 single-coat* ROTODECOR

lacquering line, built in 2005

foil R&D pilot line, built in 2007

lacquering line, built in 2006

Working width:

Working width:

Working width:

2.25 m

0.70 metres

2.25 metres

Main product:

Main product:

Main products:


Finish foil

"Having taken up foil production

"Our new foil R&D pilot line enables

"Due to acquisition of a foil pro-

with cuttingedge machinery and

clients to colour match in all foil

duction plant in July 2003, our

production equipment in summer

qualities and leave with the lab reel

employees have a lot of experience

2006, we are now able to provide

under their arm. Thanks to the ex-

in this field. Bolstered by the know-

the Asian market with European-

pertise pooled in our R&D depart-

how of our colleagues all over the

standard products."

ment, we are also able to develop

Ecofoil + Smartfoil

Bao Zheng, Wei Qichao

new and even more innovative

gained in 2006, we are excellently

finish foil products for our markets

equipped to serve the South Amer-

all over the world."

ican market." Claus Neuffer, Edvaldo Sertório

**double-coat refers to a lacquering line that is capable of applying two lacquer coatings in a single pass.

Silke Cuny, Konstantin Mayer, Peter Unterseher

Page 07

world and new foil plant technology







The sales teams at our foil production sites all over the world (left to right): 1. Rosate: Franco Lozza, Luca Zanatta 2. Głuchołazy: Jürgen Geiger, Marek Baran, Rafał Turski 3. Schatura: Vladimir Denisov, Alexander Panjuchin 4. São José dos Pinhais: Flavio Nunes 5. Shanghai: Xia Bo, Shi-Fou 6. Thansau: Peter Weidenschlager, Florian Hauswirth, Klaus Müller, Martin Beisheim

Finish foil expertise A collection comprising over 1,000 de-

ments – much in the same way that a

It is this mix of decor and product

cors + customised finish foil = endless

suit is made to measure.

expertise and customer requirement

individuality for our clients – a highly

This process particularly requires team-

analysis that will be the great challenge

promising combination.

work, as close collaboration between

of the future in achieving success with

sales executive and applications engi-

our foil products.

Over the years, we have established a

neering colleagues plays a decisive role

well-organised and globe-spanning net-

in whether a client’s requirements are

work of experienced specialists made

met or not. Once it is known which

up of colleagues at our various plants

decor from our versatile collection is to

and branch and sales offices. We now

be used, clear communication between

need to use these resources to offer

the client, sales executive and applica-

prospective clients the right combina-

tions engineer is vital in arriving at an

tion of decors and quality foil products

understanding of which foil product will

via our existing sales channels, and thus

best meet requirements.

achieve market success.

A large number of questions thus have

In technical terms, finish foil is a very

to be asked before production work can

demanding product. Schattdecor makes

begin. Points requiring clarification in-

it in differing qualities on the basis of

clude the following:

printed low-weight paper, pre-impregnated base paper and decor paper. Combining paper, resin and lacquer in various permutations and adapting machine parameters according to the case in hand allows us to produce foil Page 08

customised to clients’ precise require-

• intended application field and purpose of the foil • the client’s production engineering possibilities • the adhesive systems that will be used

Super-matte Smartfoil version of Camargue Oak with chemical pores.

Page 09

Run your fingers over the decor and see how real it feels.

Technical input and financial outlay

Our different types of foil according to technical input and financial outlay,


and requirements

1. Silke Cuny, Head of R&D, and Konstantin Mayer, R&D, Lacquered Surfaces Manager

Trends and developments Furniture foil was originally developed

we have to make sure that the two are

tive expertise but has also gained a

as an inexpensive alternative to veneer

impossible to tell apart. Successful

Foil Innovation Centre. In tandem with

and melamine, whereby the products it

decors such as Valais Plum and Camar-

the market information provided by

was based on differed greatly all over

gue Oak are the best examples in this

sales colleagues, the innovation centre

the world. In Asia the market has always


creates ideal prerequisites for further

been predominated by foil based on

The decision to invest in the products

forward-looking development. For ex-

sized, low-weight paper (also known as

mentioned on pages four and five re-

ample, the R&D department has been

Japan foil), whereas Europe tended

flects the growing importance of plac-

focusing on the development of foil

more towards postimpregnated foil.

ing our products on the market in the

with a new look and feel for some time

Now that a relentless price war is being

best possible way via our various pro-

now – as impressively demonstrated on

fought in the foil segment, the market

duct channels. Permanent product and

page 9.

shares held by the various foil types are

process developments are necessary for

inevitably shifting, with post-impreg-

the success of this endeavour.

nated foil gradually losing out to prod-

Schattdecor’s central R&D department

ucts based on pre-impregnated paper or

in Thansau has thus not only been rein-

sized, low-weight paper. A constant bal-

forced with personnel with the respec-

ancing act has thus become necessary to meet calls for high quality in a market characterised by enormous price pressure (see above diagram). This starts, for example, with the high demands made of printing quality – and also of pre-impregnated paper – and ends with the need to provide a lacquer finish offering high resistances and an attractive look. Often the client intends Page 10

to use melamine and foil on one and the same piece of furniture, meaning that



1. Foil R&D pilot line 2. The Foil Innovation Centre team

Foil Innovation Centre in Thansau A foil R&D pilot line was taken into

of achieving speeds of up to 500 me-

lengths required for finish foil products.

operation in Thansau on January 8

tres/ min, and provides Thansau with a

Previously this had not been possible,

following completion of initial trial runs

foil pilot line that is unique within the

as once the colour matching had been

before Christmas. After the decision to


carried out in Thansau, the lab reels

set up such a unit had been made,

The reason for this investment is to

then had to be shipped to Poland for

it took less than seven months to pro-

be seen in the significance that finish


duce the machine, with work begin-

foil has come to hold for our company

ning on installation in early November

(see pages 4 and 5). At the same time, it

Thanks to our new foil R&D pilot plant,

2007. The pilot line is the work of

provides our R&D employees with a

our clients are now able to benefit

Schattdecor’s machine building sub-

highly flexible tool that will help them

from time and logistics gains plus a

sidiary Rotodecor, maker of the new

to develop further innovative foil prod-

new quality of service in the Made

lacquering lines up and running in


by Schattdecor way.

Shanghai, São José dos Pinhais and

A second and equally important argu-


ment in favour of the new unit is that

Basically speaking, the double-coat unit

it enables rapid and straightforward

is a structurally identical, miniature ver-

provision of lab colour matches in the

sion of the new lacquering line (PML 5) in Poland, but as it can also be used to simulate the single-coat lacquering units in place at various others of our locations, it meets the specifications of a flexible foil R&D pilot line. As such it is the result of reconciliation of R&D requirements with Rotodecor’s technical possibilities on the part of Joachim Waibel, the project’s Technical Manager. width of 70 cm, is structurally capable


Page 11

The unit, which comes with a working

Published by Schattdecor AG Walter-Schatt-Allee 1 - 3 83101 Thansau Germany Tel. +49 8031-275 189 Fax +49 8031-275 2200 Email: Edited by • Roland Auer • Silke Cuny • Michael Meister (CvD) Design Wahrheitdesign

schattdecor Newsletter 2008  

schattdecor Newsletter 2008

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