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young people´s attitudes towards life

home is a stage

adopting a striking appearance

temporarily evading reality

self-made illusory atmosphere

reliving past pop culture

stylistic tools of the last few decades create a sense of security

contemporary accessories and latest technology

„new revival“ culture in vivid colours

clear and intense colours of the 60s, 70s und 80s

eyecatchers such as broad stripes, patterns and op art effects

active engagement with familiy members and friends

improvisation in matters of daily life

cheerful artsy style

combinations of old treasures and new elements

durable products with fashionable details

authentic, cosy and studio-like in character

individuality and comfort

natural-looking woodgrains with a slightly rustic feel

highly individual fabrics and accessories

tendency to muted colours

harmony of old and new

reduced to essentials

clarity and purism

focus on business and career

search for a meaningful way of life

cool, industrial-type materials

wooden elements with a lively texture in warm colours

clearly structured interiors

wood in contrast to glass, concrete and steel

European sapwood species and exotic woodgrains

fine textures for fabrics, walls and accessories

concentration on tones of white, grey and blue

brilliant red accents

people experienced in living

satisfied with life

enjoying their achievements

devoting time to pleasure and relaxation

timeless and elegant interiors

new self-confidence without modesty

classical ornaments and high-quality materials

furnishings with an exclusive feel

muted elegant colours

wood with a dark, distinguished look

colours like mocca, cream, anthracite and champagne