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Sponsor: / Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan Advisor: / Yunlin County Government

Publisher / Kouhu Township Office

Executive: / inhu Leisure Farms Development Association of Kouhu Township Liaison: / Jinhu Leisure Farm Information Center Tel: / 05-7895475

Fax / 05-7893953

Email / 雲林縣政府 廣告 行政院農業委員會補助辦理

Foreword by Township Supervisor Though living in the southeast coast of Yunlin County, an outlying area recognized by the government, and with winds and floods hitting this area several times, the residents never give up on developing the local industries under such difficult environment. They finally conquer the soil salinization and the adverse weather conditions, and build up the unique industries of Kouhu Township - the hard claim farming and propagation, the aquaculture of the mullet, the original Geloina Clam (Mangrove Clam) in Taiwan, the Queensland Grouper and the whiteleg shrimps, and the tomato grows in saline soil. In 2006, with the guidance from Council of Agriculture (COA), 517 hectares of this area have been well planned as a leisure farm where emphasizes both the agriculture and the fishing industry. Various businesses and natural scenes around this area, such as the Taiwan Tilapia Processing Section, SPA Hard Clam Raising Section, Rice Noodle Manufacturing Section, Mullet Roe Processing Section, Mangrove Clam Ecology Section, Good Shrimp Ecology Raising Section, the detention basin, the Chenglong Wetlands, the Coastal Park and the hostels, are all well combined to develop the variety of this area with the aim to provide the visitors a peaceful and joyful environment of the fish village. In the future, the Kouhu Township Office will endeavor to integrate the resources and cultivate the talents with cooperation of the governmental policies. Kouhu Township will definitely defeat the environmental disadvantages and show the strong spirit of Kouhu people.

Kouhu Township Supervisor

religious culture

Jinhu Temple of Myriad Benefits Address:Next to Provincial Highway No. 17 in Gangdong Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County TEL:05-7971320 Date of Qian Shui Zhuang:Every June 7th and 8th of Lunar Calendar Jinhu Wan Shan Ye Temple is located at the east side of Provincial Highway No. 17. The Qian Shui Zhuang Ritual, held every June 8th of Lunar Calendar, is a striking event in Taiwan and also one of the most important folk activities in the coastal area of Kouhu township. Jinhu Wan Shan Ye Temple has been approved as the cultural heritage by Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) for preservation and is certificated with “Important Custom and Related Cultural Heritage” by CCA in 2010.

Information Center

Located right in front of 祥 益 rice noodle factory, the Information Center was refurbished and reformed from an unused fish farm prefabs. It integrates the surrounding 2-hectare farms and cooperates with the local farmers to provide food & agriculture experiencing tour and a recreational space for the tourists. The Information Center also works together with “Empowerment Employment Program” from Ministry of Labor to provide job opportunities to the middle-aged unemployed. The services available here include tour consultancy, school trips, food & beverages, trip planning, tour guiding, and agricultural products exhibiting or selling. Groups and organizations can contact us for further information or reservations. Address:No.50-1, Ln. 402, Sec. 2, Chongwen Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-7895475 Fax:05-7893953

On-site Business Healthy Low-Sodium Mullet Roe

Yonglin Seafood

Yong-Lin Lee, the founder of Yon Lin Seafood, is at the top of “black gold” industry in Taiwan. With his efforts on local mullet farming development combined with the governmental policy for “Traceable Agricultural Products (TAP),” he obtained the certificate of “Good Aquatic Farm” and the certification from “Traceability Certification and Inspection Center” of National Taiwan Ocean University. Since the concept of health and wellness is more and more emphasized in recent years, and low-sodium is one of the basic principles for healthy food, Yonglin Seafood thus developed the “Healthy Low-Sodium Mullet Roe,” which is widely favored by domestic and Japanese consumers. TEL:05-7971521 FAX:05-7971696 Cell;0910-595712 Yong-Lin Lee Address:No.399, Beixing St., Gangdung Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County

On-site Business

Top 10 Outstanding Farm Housewives in Taiwan – The Outstanding Farmer Award

Xiangyi Rice Noodles Xiangyi Rice Noodles was founded by Ming-Sing Lin and his spouse Ciou-Sia Lee in 1982, and is famous for its supreme manufacturing technique and the strict quality control. The products are mainly exported to Japan. Mrs. Lee, with the guidance from Rice Production and Marketing Group, Farmer’s Association of Kouhu Township, has been devoted to developing new products, and was awarded the Top 10 Outstanding Farm Housewives in Taiwan – The Outstanding Farmer Award in 1994. The products are also awarded with Quality Food Awards. In order to meet the needs from different consumers, Xiangyi Rice Noodles has also developed the instant rice noodles for convenient consumptions. Address:No.50, Ln. 402, Sec. 2, Chongwen Rd., Kouhu Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Cell:0933-174633 Ciou-Sai Lee

The Flavor Lasts for Sixty Years – The Traditional Mullet Roe

Sea Treasure Food Corporation

The grand appearance of Sea Treasure Food Corporation’s building also represents its leading status in Mullet process industry. The owner Jin-Wen Lee insists on the traditional processing skill which lasts for over 30 years, and the unique product “Traditional Mullet Roe” was even selected as the Best Gift from Yunlin County in 2007. In order to transform the business into leisure and tourism environment, the corporation also provides tour for visiting and experiencing the manufacturing process, as well as activities for elementary and high schools. “Flaming Dance of Mullet Roe” allows the visitors to experience the mullet roe baking with Kaoliang (sorghum wine) of 58% abv, which creates silky and solid texture and pleasant aroma. Try the mullet roe with radish, pesto, apple or Japanese pear will bring you various flavors. The manufacturing process usually starts in the morning so welcome to make a reservation!

On-site Business Address:No. 478, Sec. 2, Chongwen Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-789-4755 Fax:05-7895088

2007 Top 10 Classic Outstanding Farmer Award

Mangrove Clam Farm (Thematic Pavilion) The Mangrove Clam Thematic Pavilion is located in the fish farm area next to Jinhu coast with its eyecatching blue roof and the colorful walls. The main clam raised in Mangrove Clam Farm is the original species in Taiwan – the Geloina Clam. With the guidance from related units, the fish farm had been gradually turned into a tourist attraction and the thematic pavilion opened in 2005. The shells of the mangrove clam left after eating are reused for animal shaped or painted works of art, which are provided as teaching materials of handwork for elementary and junior high school students, or the DIY materials for the tourists to try with fun. The services available here include school trip, fishing village cuisine, clamshell artworks and clam digging activity. The fresh mangrove clam and clam extract packages are also available for visitors to buy.

On-site Business Reservation Phone Number:05-7970503 / 0918-491386 Jie-Chong Tseng Address:No.5-3, Yangyu Rd., Gangsi Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County (behind the Long Tai Temple) Note:Reservation required.

On-site Business

Golden Royal Roe - Koufu Mullet Roe Called as “Uncle Mullet,” Huan-Yi Tseng has devoted to mullet roe processing technique for over 20 years in order to promote the local mullet roe. After naturally dried via the sufficient exposure to sunlight and the Northeast Monsoon, Koufu (the luck to have nice food to eat) Mullet Roe is then produced through strict manufacturing process, creating a silky texture with pleasant aroma which keep the nostalgia flavor for the residents working outside their hometown. Uncle Mullet also developed Mullet Floss and Mullet Sauce, which have deeply impressed the gourmets. Meanwhile, Uncle Mullet keep improving the local aquaculture industry. The mullets, shrimps and groupers raised by Uncle Mullet are all certificated by “Traceability Certification and Inspection Center” of National Taiwan Ocean University, which assure the product quality and build-up a great reputation.

Address : No.5, Ci’ai Rd., Gangdong Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-7905971 Cell:0932-588-841

New Star of Seafood - Queensland Grouper

Minghu Seafood

On-site Business

Ming-Hong Chen, the owner of Minghu Seafood, has discovered a new chance from the difficult situation he faced during the business transformation. Mr. Chen has dedicated himself to developing the land-based aquaculture with his 3-hectare fish farms mainly raising the precious Queensland groupers, and his marketing network reaches the whole nation. Minghu Seafood is located next to the County Way No.164 bound for Jinhu in Kouhu Township. The venue is suitable for fish or meat BBQ, and cooking service is also available if needed. Groups and organizations are welcome to make a reservation.

Address ďźš No.501-5, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng Rd., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Telďźš05-789-1390 Ming-Hong Chen

Business in this area Ai Zhi Wei Mullet Roe Ai Zhi Wei Mullet Roe focuses on self-produced mullet roe and self-marketing. The owner Hong-Yin Tseng has years of experience on raising eel and mullet, and he started to put efforts into mullet roe processing techniques since 1981. Each local mullet roe is processed through several steps and dehydrated by the sunlight and the northeast monsoon, thus the silky and firm texture is created. The low-sodium process is fairly favored by the consumers, which always brings excellent sales in the annual Taipei New Year Market Fair. Addressďźš1F, No. 66, Ming Zhu Road, Gangdong Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Telďźš0937-435806

Business in this area Handmade Black-eyed Beans Noodle There were up to five, six noodle manufacturers in Kouhu area in the 60s and 70s, while Jichai Noodle is the only one still running steadily today. With strong supports from the hard-working family members and the trustful operations, the logo of “Yelu (wild deer)” can thus still serve the consumers on the noodle packages. Every morning, the family starts a busy day with preparing all the materials. From making to sun drying the noodle, the owner is always in charge of every step in order to assure the best quality of Oolong noodle, plain noodle, white misua (thin noodle), and black-eyed beans noodle. Jichai Noodle, though small, has put all efforts to preserve the good old tastes that save and remind all the nostalgic memories.

Jichai Noodle - Zhong-Ho Chen Cell:0932-693921 Tel:05-789-2121, 05-789-1952 Address:No.360, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng Rd., Kouhu Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County

Chen Xuan Mao Rural Village Museum AddressďźšNo.1-6, Minzhu Rd., Gangdong V i l l a g e , K o u h u To w n s h i p , Yu n l i n CountyTelďźš0937-265628

Xuan-Mao Chen has expanded his painting teaching classroom and turned it into a rural village museum, just to rebuild the rural scene from his childhood memories. In the museum exhibited the collections of rural objects, with a yard of rural and fish-village style outside that is decorated with driftwoods and clam shells, which forms an atmosphere of the good old times. When the northeast monsoon blows gently, the oyster shell strings clatter on the high wooden telephone pole, together with the angling scene at the fish farms vividly forms a fish-village scenario. The water buffalo made of concrete and oyster shells works hard to carry an ox cart and stays quietly next to the fish farm, waiting for the host to come home. Through his great taste of art, Mr. Chen not only fulfills his own dream, but also brings back the childlike mind to all the visitors.

Fishing Moms’ Home Economics Group (Sin Hai Yuan Seafood) Address:No. 3, Ln. 75, Zhongzheng Rd., Jinhu Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-797-0251, 797-1755 Open Hour:11:00-21:00

Sin Hai Yuan Seafood is run by Fishing Moms’ Home Economics Group. The Chef Shu-Zhi Hsieh has excellent culinary skills and leads the team to serve delicious food to the customers. The seasonal seafood and local dishes are cooked with specially selected ingredients. Among them, the most popular dish is the appetizer consisting of local chayote leaf, which is so tasty and nutritious that it is frequently undersupplied. Another specialty of the restaurant is the oyster thin noodle consisting of the daily fresh-picked oysters and the handmade thin noodles, one of the most local courses to try. The restaurant will provide different seafood according to different seasons. If you are not sure what to order, feel free to ask any mom from the team. They can always recommend the dishes suit the best of the time.

Good Restaurant

Natural Resources “Lin Hai Yuan “ Coastal Park Leisure Area Location : Next to the seawall in Jinhu Gangsi Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-7892001-3 (Kouhu Township Office)

“Lin Hai Yuan “ Coastal Park Leisure Area is right next to Jinhu Fishing Port with gross area of 21 hectares. There are the view platform, path over water, mangrove, and green view in this area. The coastal shelf in the park is with gentle gradient and wide intertidal zone, which contains abundant marine life. The park area contains the wide ditches, fish farms, oyster farms, levees, fishing port and the culture of fishing village community, which altogether form the unique landscape. Lin Hai Yuan provides not only the leisure environment, but also functions with the aim to protect the local ecological lives such as the mudskipper, the fiddler crab, and the mangrove, and so the variety of the coastal life can be seen and kept alive.

Chenglong Wetlands Chenglong Wetland is plentiful with ecological resources, including the red-tailed shrike, little tern and so on protected species. There are nearly 100 bird species from 30 families frequently nesting here. It is quite common to see little egrets fly in flocks, and sometimes you can even see mandarin ducks or water ducks swimming around. During sunset hours, the falling sun and the flying gulls make up a gorgeous scene in the wetland ecological area. In winter, it is very possible to see the migratory bird – the black-faced spoonbills. The wetland contains many fishes, shrimps and shellfishes which attracts birds to come for food. Chenglong wetland is not only a precious ecological environment in Taiwan, the annual Cheng Long Wetlands International Art Project also shows the various possibilities of this precious wetland. LocationChenglong Section, Provincial Highway No. 17, Kouhu Township

Wetland Ecology

Hukou Wetland Hukou Wetland is near the estuary with plentiful ecological resources. The residents mainly earns their livings from aquaculture and the sea, which creates the unique local view of scattered fish farms. In this area, it is common to see the plastic oyster rafts moored around or anglers catching with rod and line or cast net. Hukou cycle route connects the original industrial road and the access road of Taiwan Sugar Farm and is part of the Kouhu Cycle Network. When biking or walking on this route, you can enjoy the view of natural grass and wetland accompanied with the egrets and seabirds flying alongside. The detention basin is completed and will be combined with Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in the future to offer a more comprehensive leisure space. Iwu Detention Basin is located at Iwu Farm and divided by Jian Mountain as South Basin and North Basin. The total area of Iwu Detention Basin is 100 hectares, with depth in 2.5 meters and 2.5 millions m3 active capacity. Besides managing the water quantity, Iwu Detention Basin is so big that it also connects many wetlands on the west coast of Taiwan - Chenglong Wetlands, Hukou Wetland, Iwu Detention Basin in the north, and Aogu Wetland, Puzih Estuary Wetland, Haomeiliao Nature Reserve in the south, which jointly form an ecology corridor full of varieties. LocationďźšHukou Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County (in front of the Radio Taiwan International) (The entrance of the cycle route is next to the Second Chenglong Bridge on Provincial Highway No. 17)

Wetland Ecology

The aquaculture is one of the main industries in Kouhu area, and the hard clam farming is the most among them. Hard clam from Kouhu area is relatively darker. Therefore, many wholesalers usually bleach the hard clam for better product image. Considering the food safety, Ming-Tsun Tseng has developed a method to make SPA for the hard clam without using any chemicals while the hard clam can still shows the most natural color and luster. The Hard Clam Raising Center is near the Bozihliao Fishing Port with natural scenes of fishing industry, the fish farms located one after another, the spray from the turning water wheel, and the flying seabirds and egrets from time to time, which really make a charming rural view, and make the center an excellent choice for holidays and leisure time.

Business Around

SPA with Running Water “Hard Clam Raising Center” Address : No. 8, Ln. 165, Fuan Rd., Xialun Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-7991523 Cell:0932694739

2009 Top 10 Outstanding Farmer Award

National Treasure – Taiwan Tilapia

Business Around

The Kouhu Fish Products Convenience Store of Yunlin County works with aquaculture operators to process the improved top tilapia. The products are certificated by national delicate fish product association “Hai Yen” and the international fish product HACCP, which successfully promote the Taiwanese tilapia to the world. Except for exportation, these delicious products can also be tasted in the high-end or hot-pot restaurants in Taiwan. In recent years, the shop has combined bio-development and successfully produced the beverage and care products of collagen extracted from the fish scale and body. These products are so popular that they extend another market besides the traditional process industry. The General Manager Yi-Feng Wang was also honored with 2009 Top 10 Outstanding Farmer Award with such an achievement. The Tilapia Ecological and Creative Park has been founded and provides special Taiwan Tilapia dishes and the guided tour of the fish ecological knowledge. Welcome to make a reservation for visiting! Address:No. 1-80, Ming Zhu Rd., Lundong Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:05-7992662

Uncle Shui’s Educational Fruit Farm - Rose Tomato “Uncle Shui” Ching-Shui Hsu moved back to hometown in 2000. Since entering the agriculture industry, Mr. Hsu has put his heart and soul to improving the tomato types, and finally developed the sweet and red type – the Rose Tomato, via grafting. Mr. Hsu’s rose tomato farm is located at the southeast coastal village with strong wind and less water. The seriously salinized soil offers the saline water to rose tomato, which creates a unique flavor that makes rose tomato extremely popular. The successful grafting of rose tomato also creates a new market for local agriculture. Location:Behind the Feng Tian Temple in Shuijing Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:0972-353336 Qing-Shui Hsu

Business Around

Orz Shrimp (Hao Xia) Club In order to bring back the honor and attention to this land, 8 young men born in the 80’s moved back to their hometown and founded Orz Shrimp Club. Hao Xia (good shrimp) refer to raising good shrimp, while 好 Hao 瞎 Xia (crazy and different) also means that the raising method is crazy and different. And 冏 (Jiong) Orz represents the breaking of the traditions. The owner A-Zheng insists on the raising method which coexists with the nature. No extraction of groundwater to damage the environment, no chemicals to prolong the life of the shrimps, a fully natural growing environment for the fishes and shrimps. The health shrimp is always sweet with soft and firm texture. The shrimp farms built by A-Zheng and his partners are open to the public. You can also follow the professional guide to experience the shrimp raising process. Address:No. 1, Dongxin Rd., Wunang Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County Tel:0922-732776 Fu-Zheng Lee

Business Around

Traffic Guideline

Southbound Leave from Tuku Interchange to Way. No. 145 → Yuanchang → Beigang → County Way No. 164 → Shuilin → Kouhu end of County Way No. 164 then arrive the Area Provincial Highway No.78 → Leave from Taisi Interchange to Provincial Highway No. 61 → Provincial Highway No.17 → Jinhu → County Way No. 164 → Kouhu end of County Way No. 164 then arrive the Area

Northbound Leave from Chiayi Interchange → Singang → County Way No. 164 Shuilin → Kouhu end of County Way No. 164 then arrive the Area Leave from Yanshui Interchange to Yijhu direction → Budai → Provincial Highway No. 61 → Leave from Jinhu Interchange → Turn left at the 1st traffic light of Provincial Highway No. 17 → End of County Way No. 164 then arrive the Area

Seafood Restaurants Sin Hai Yuan Restaurant

Minhu Seafood Restaurant 05-7891390

Tonghai Seafood Restaurant 05-7971016

Ayuan Seafood Restaurant 05-7972732

Ali Seafood Restaurant 05-7992507

Ertou Seafood Restaurant 05-7722448


Hostels Ying Jia B&B 0928-726178 Yin-Zhi Lee Orz Shrimp Hostel 0922-732776 Fu-Zheng Lee Village Sea Hostel 0935-408181 Jun-Teng Wang For big groups please consider the Visitors' Lodge of Xialun Fu An Temple or the inns nearby.

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