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Business Engagement Toolkit

We need your help. And we need it with something you’re good at: getting to work. Last year we built an unlikely but effective campaign—on Oct. 24 we managed to pull off what CNN called the ‘most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history,’ with 5,200 rallies in 181 countries. We owned Google News for 36 hours, and got the most important number in the world on the front pages of almost every newspaper on earth. This year, we’re doing something different—a Global Work Party. On 10/10/10, in thousands of places around the planet, community groups will be putting up solar panels, digging local gardens, laying out bike paths, and on and on. We’re trying to use them to send a message to our leaders: we’re getting to work, how about you? Join us in sending this message: “The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time—let’s get to work on fixing it!” This toolkit will get you started. As the green business leaders, you play a critical role in getting the planet back on track. And remember no matter how you choose to join us, you must be loud and proud. You’re good at this, communicate your story. Market the movement and together we will ensure a safe climate future.

2009 by the numbers Total number of Oct. 24 events Number of countries Flickr photos received Countries committed to a 350ppm target

5208 181 25,503 112

You can help in two ways. First, we hope that your business will organize something for the weekend of 10/10/10—a way to involve employees, or to highlight sustainability work you’re doing within your company: sponsor a community garden; organize local

Whole Foods created an employee competition in their stores, seeing who could use their food to make the 350 message.

businesses around energy efficiency planning; recruit your employees to help shape your company’s environment and philanthropy program; or team up with a bike shop to get your employees’ wheels in motion. Check out the ideas for engagement below and email if you need some help getting going—and to let us know what you’re doing. Second, we also hope you’ll support the Climate Project Fund. Many of the groups we work with—especially across the poorest parts of the world—need a little help. A single solar panel can light a community hall where kids can suddenly study at night, or mothers can come together for health training. But the cost is often beyond the reach of those community groups.

Keen Footwear supported a local Oregon kayak action with funds, manpower (employee engagement), and of course, shoes.

So we’re setting up a Climate Project Fund that will, each month, award eight grants around the world to groups doing useful projects like this—groups committed to fighting climate change on the ground. This fund is entirely web‐powered, and our online voting system is sure to generate a lot of exposure for the local projects—and the sponsors that make them possible (you). We think it’s an opportunity for you to show the things your business is doing, and also support others around the world who understand the value of work—and who understand that it is hard work that will move our communities to thrive in a changing energy and climate future.

Patagonia printed information on 350 on the inside of many of their t‐shirts last year and supported a local rally in San Francisco with a grant.

Camelbak After hosting a 350 design competition, CamelBak chose the best winner and put the image on a their water bottles.

Employee engagement Have a work party! Retrofit your work space to be more energy efficient, brainstorm ways to make all your operations more sustainable. Host a matching grant program for the Climate Action Fund. Resources: • Climate Action Fund • 10 things you can do to fight climate change ‐ PDF • The 10:10 Campaign guides to cutting carbon • Sustainable business resources from

Customer engagement Clif Bar “Clif Bar & Company understands that we have a responsibility to our planet and communities. That’s why we are working with... people and organizations who share our vision. We support the climate action work of 350. org. In fact, we are hosting an in house challenge during the 350 hours leading up to the International Day of Action to encourage employees to be mindful of their impacts and to make changes wherever possible—be it riding their bike to work, eating organic foods or reducing their energy use at home.”

Help local organizers spread the word and communicate how you’re getting involved in your retail spaces and virtually—think window displays, web badges, merchandise, fact‐sheets, etc. Resources: • Map of local actions • Web badge • Science of 350ppm Factsheet PDF • 350 International Climate Policy Factsheet PDF • 350 Climate Solutions Factsheet PDF • Oceans and Climate Change Factsheet PDF • Agriculture and Climate Change Factsheet PDF

Media engagement Boost the movement by being heard loud and clear—write targeted op-eds as business leaders on the need for getting to work, utilize the 350 movement in your sustainability plans and publicize, invite media to cover your 350 event, etc. Resources: • Guide to Getting Media Coverage (with timeline) ‐ PDF • Writing a 350 Op‐Ed or Letter to the Editor ‐ PDF • Sample Letter to the Editor ‐ .DOC • How to Talk About 350 ‐ PDF • Beautiful 350 Photographs ‐ Flickr - Business Engagement Toolkit  

A short guide for how businesses can get involved with

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