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BY 3/4 M/K 2012

It was a massive dam with lots of land around it. The dam could hold 96,000,000,000 litres. It looked like it was going to rain but it didn’t. In the afternoon it was warm and sunny. There was a bridge over the dam and we could see both sides. It was a beautiful view inside when we looked over the dam.

By Bree and Amelia.

At Sugarloaf everyone payed attention to Rob our tour guide. We went to a room with a miniature scape of Sugarloaf ,and in the same room, we were shown the treated and untreated water. In the mini scape of Sugarloaf, there were red pins locating pipes that ran under ground. By Kai and Ben

When we went to Sugar loaf Reservoir we found out that the reservoir can hold 96,000,000,000 litres. That’s a lot!!! We also learnt that they treat the water before it enters our taps. Not only that but they put in a chemical called chlorine which kills all of the germs and bacteria in our water. It takes at least 4 hours for the water to get treated properly so it's clean. Then the water can be sent off to places in Melbourne.

The alum, a very strong chemical is put in the dirty water. Now the sludge is out of the water, it makes it fresh for the next stage. So now you know what alum does to water. Now that the water is fresh, it gets sent to homes and streets. The water that you drink now has to go through this process first.

We learnt that pipes assist when getting water to different treatments plants. Most of the treatment tanks have concrete on the bottom. Rob the tour guide told us that the top of the pool is called the chocolate spa because the flock is rising to the top. Once we had finished seeing the treatment and doing the activities it was time to go back to school.

At Sugarloaf Reservoir there is a astronomical tank 45x45 metres long. In the middle of the tank there is a part called the chocolate spa. There is an extended pipe in the tank that gradually releases the water. On the pipe there is lots of algae.

At Sugarloaf, our guide Rob showed us the water treatment plant. While he was talking about how the cycle works, he mentioned that it takes about 4 hours for the water to go though the cycle. We heard lots of people with cameras taking photos. We all loved the water treatment plant cycle.

The Sugarloaf Reservoir has a capacity of 96,000,000,000. The water in the Reservoir has germs so it has to go through the treatment plant. Behind the mountains is the Yarra River that flows into the Reservoir

Rob was talking about the clarifiers and how they had a giant metal post in the middle. On the metal post there was algae which is a plant that grows in the water. We leant that the water treatment plant starts with dirty water and ends up with clean water.

We learned lots of sensational & wild facts at Sugarloaf. We also discovered the process of treating water and how it gets cleaned. Did you know that Sugarloaf Reservoir holds up to 96,000,000 litres of water? Melbourne’s water is owned by the Victorian Government. We learned that water is a valuable and precious resource and that we should never waste it.

At Sugarloaf we saw green trees, wasps, colossal mountains and lots of water. There was a sign that told us all about where the water comes from. The Sugarloaf water goes to other parts of Melbourne, not Holy Spirit school. Also at Sugarloaf we saw the water treatment plant. It was massive! We saw a big screen and it had the water treatment cycle on it. It was a big day for everyone.


Sugarloaf Excursion 2012  

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