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3/4C Newsletter

Our learning journey Term 2, 2014

And we are in!!!!

After a long wait for our new classroom, we finally moved in and we are certainly excited to be here… I feel really comfortable and it feels nice and cosy. I also love the big whiteboard. - Ida

The automatic aircon and heating is cool and it feels so much bigger – Zak The board is big so we can all see it, and we can hear much better - Jeremy I love going to the soundproof room to do Reader’s Theatre and other things – Natalie It is wonderful - Cathy More inside! Pg 2: Book review & Special guests. Pg 3: Questions & What’s coming up Pg4: Writer’s Workshop

Our spaci ous new r oom is rea lly taking shape


Our visit from the people of Peppeminarti We were fortunate enough to have some very

Our Class Novel Review Wonder By R.J Palacio Don’t judge a book by its front cover. “My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.” You can’t blend in when you’re born to stand out.

special guests during Term 2, with a group of people from a community nicknamed ‘Peppi’ joining us for a day of fun activities. Peppi is a community of about 250 people, located on the Daly River in Northern Territory, that is often isolated during the wet season. We learnt a lot about the Aboriginal culture and discovered what life was like in these communities. Many of these people had never left their community

Wonder is a book about a boy with a deformed face. He lives through his life wondering what people actually think of him as he walks down the streets with people staring at him. They probably think he’s half alien, but the truth is all he is, is an ordinary 10 year old boy awaiting the right moment to show people what he’s really all about. We recommend wonder to anyone who enjoys a great ‘coming of age’ story. Enjoy the ride as you’ll explore the recurring themes of acceptance, friendship, family, independence and growing up! Hope you wonder!

before so we were also excited to teach them a little about life at CGPS.

By Ebony, Miranda and 3/4C



Coming up in Term 3

Chris’ Curly Questions

We have plenty to look forward to in Term 3, including our school camp to Phillip Island, where kids will be involved in a number of fun activities.

In this edition we speak to Sathwik and Abigail

Term 3 is of course always a big term of learning as

about their visits to the ‘First Peoples’ exhibit at the

we continue to work hard in all curriculum areas.

Melbourne Museum this term as they give us an

There will also be many other events and

insight into what it is all about and what this

opportunities during the term so make sure you get in

partnership means to them!


early to avoid missing out!

What have you learned from our visits to the Museum this term? Abigail: I learnt a lot about the spirits and gods that Indigenous people worship and how they are different from the ones today. Sathwik: The tools and weapons that these people used were much simpler, such as how


What was your favourite section? A: The section with the famous aboriginal people, especially the Nicky WInmar jumper because it shows how bads these people were treated. That upset me. S: I loved looking at the Aboriginal Art.


Do these visits help your learning? A: Definitely help me to understand things.


Its great to see and touch the things we talk about in class. 3

Our Writer’s Workshop Students have been working hard through the writing process and using all their knowledge of the crafts of writing to create some spectacular original pieces in a range of text types. It has been exciting to seer the students embrace the freedom and independence that comes with the Writer’s Workshop. Below are some fine examples:

Death and  war   All  I  see  is  red  and  black   Blood  everywhere   Along  time  ago  we  used  swords  covered  in   blood     The  blood  of  many  different  people   Alonger  time  ago  we  did  not  exist     We  did  not  fight  we  did  not  kill     Look  what  we  have  done  to  the   world     DON’T  YOU  SEE!!!     Some  people  are  not  familiar  with  

A lion by the lake My eyes shine by the lake, It was amazing the sun beamed I moved slowly towards the lion, Slow as a moving slug, I pat the lion and it relaxed very calmly, The lake continued to glisten, And the lion layed to rest in my lap

the word  that  changes  everything  …   Harmony   By  Ida

By Sue Zen

Term 2 Newsletter  

Read to find out about what's been happening in Grade 3/4C this term.

Term 2 Newsletter  

Read to find out about what's been happening in Grade 3/4C this term.