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The Policy Address of Proposed Cabinet #1

Neon of the 34th City Broadcasting Channel of City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union


City Broadcasting Channel (CBC)

Introduction to Neon

Cabinet Members

Our Vision

Neon’s Manifesto

Guiding Principles for Journalism

Neon’s Platform

Our Work Plan

Schedule for Proposal Execution


City Broadcasting Channel (CBC) City Broadcasting Channel (CBC) is now officially recognized as the sole, independent campus media student organization, among all other central structures of the Students’ Union of the City University of Hong Kong. CBC is held responsible for media and broadcasting affairs and accountable to City University’s Students’ Union and all of its members. CBC was once affiliated with and inferior to the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union. However, in an obligation to uphold City University’s campus media’s rights and responsibility as the fourth estate, an independence motion was raised and endorsed in 2015, rendering CBC with the status of a central organization of the Students’ Union. As the independent campus media responsible for news, production and broadcasting, CBC has made endeavors in delivering messages on and off campus, and monitoring public affairs among the University as well as the general Hong Kong society, in an attempt to safeguard students’ interests.

Introduction to Neon City’s pulses. Spectrum crossed. Lights flickered. Blazed with true colors.

Neon, the 10th element used in signs, is distinctive of its bright glow in the form of neon light. Well known as Hong Kong’s ​picturesque street scene, this vivid appearance is interwoven in the juxtaposition of local cultures. Our cabinet wishes to follow these cultural steps, and adopts Neon as the name of our cabinet. Broadcasting is the medium of creativity and imagination. Cast in the role of campus media, our cabinet are committed to reflecting social realities through words and lenses, showing our University students’ true colours by multimedia productions, as well as promoting local cultures of Hong Kong.


Cabinet Members 候選會長 (Proposed President)

王樂行 Creative Media Year 1

候選副會長 (Proposed Vice-President)

謝 朗 Public Policy & Politics Year 3

候選副會長 (Proposed Vice-President)

葉梓韜 Asian & Intl. Studies Year 1

候選常務秘書 (Proposed General Secretary)

古雋賢 Media & Communication Year 1

候選司庫 (Proposed Financial Secretary)

張升燾 Computer Science Year 1

候選新聞總監 (Proposed News Director)

余加琳 Digital TV & Broadcasting Year 3

候選新聞總監 (Proposed News Director)

陳樂軒 Media & Communication Year 1

候選製作總監 (Proposed Production Director)

馬堯明 Public Policy & Politics Year 2

候選製作總監 (Proposed Production Director)

陳語翹 English Studies Year 1

候選技術總監 (Proposed Technical Director)

彭尚榆 Public Policy & Politics Year 3

Our Vision In light of Hong Kong’s current political turmoil and pro-Beijing invasion, it is perhaps frustrating to make vain hopes about our old-time liberal tales - notwithstanding such escapism as a temporary resort, we shall not bow our knees before this daunting plight. It is our unshakeable vision to strenuously resist all evils, to reignite the people’s flames of faith, and to recement social cohesion. This is never a step backwards. In this uphill battle against the authoritarian camp, we hold high liberal values, faithfully believing in a promising future in the fullness of time.

We, Neon, as the proposed campus media, are bound to document truthful happenings and promote exchange of thoughts. Every member of Neon hopes to, through the lenses and in our voices and words, build close bonds with the student body, so as to exercise inspecting powers of the fourth power, to convey truth and morals, and to value Hong Kong cultures. And with multimedia creations, we unmask the true colours of all City University’s students across the diverse spectrum.


Neon’s Manifesto In this dark age of Hong Kong, with outright injustice and wrongful deeds, all of our generations can by no means escape from such moral obligations. We, Neon, make the promise to work against all hardship, to develop on precedents, and to blaze new trails. Following past steps, wherever possible, Neon will strive to deliver quality news to all members, to provide professional service to students, and to put members’ interests as the top priority; Breaking new ground, we dare to progressively destruct the establishment’s conservative top-down politics, and instead, from a bottom-up perspective, attach importance to diverse opinions and co-construction of mutual beliefs, decentralizing the broadcasting power for the sake of information mobility. We hereby promise - that we will base ourselves on pure human goodness, in order for truth to be conveyed, students bonded and local cultures conserved. For truth and freedom Amid political instability and with information overflow, it seems all but impossible to discover essential truth. However, as the proposed campus media, we will strive to exercise our power as the fourth estate and present truth to social and school affairs for the sake of justice and freedom of speech, in the best interests of fellow students. For university cohesion Stigmatization on the youth is not uncommon, and even so from the older generations. University students are often labelled as rebellious and reactionary; yet, while this may not be the case, we have faithful belief in every CityU student’s vibrant individuality and personality. We will make our best efforts to rebuild the bond across campus with creative means. For culture conservation The clock ticks away, and away goes our nostalgia for old-time Hong Kong. Confronted by pro-Beijing cultural invasion, the local cultural sector is somehow politically constrained. It is our value to conserve and restore local cultural heritage as it poses the effect of social cohesion. We promise, and are determined, to raise general awareness about such local cultures and expand potential room for Hong Kong’s cultural development.


Guiding Principles for Journalism On campus, our cabinet is of course concerned about student affairs; off campus, we are also committed to wider social issues in the locality. Very often mainstream mass media have their limitations in news reporting, and we hope to fill in these blanks by attaching importance to voices of the minorities. Also It is our advantage to capitalize on the convenience of digital technologies when delivering all-round news.

By impartiality

Abiding by the conventional journalistic principles, we are morally bound to deliver news facts in a just, objective manner behind the veil of ignorance, in order for fellow students to be informed in their original position.

By diversity

Compared with mainstream media, our role as the proposed campus media of City University proffers more room and freedom for diverse opinions. We hope to investigate diverse issues from multiple viewpoints of different stakeholders, so as to ensure comprehensiveness of our news reports.

By prudentiality

In reacting to breaking news, we will promptly attend to the issue by meticulously investigating relevant information wherever possible, for the sake of credibility and reliability.


Neon’s Platform In alignment with our visions, Neon’s work falls into four major areas: To reveal social realities Abiding by our journalistic principles, we will report on major issues which concerns great interests of the public and our student body, both on and off campus, as soon as possible. A new proposal is put forward to set up a breaking news hotline, in order for all students to communicate to us immediate happenings worthy of concern, in a bottom-up approach for our follow-up. Nonetheless we will delve into specific social issues from a wider and multi-faceted lense in the form of multimedia projects (for instance, Hong Kong land policy and housing, Cantonese influence, etc.) To show City University’s students’ true colors On CityU campus, there are far more inspiring stories left untold. Many of our students have achieved excellence in, for example, sports and cultural fields. Reporting on their stories no wonder is a wholesome doing, by means of interviews and creative productions. To explore our campus culture General perceptions towards City University students can sometimes be stigmatizing. This is partly related to “hall culture”, “dem beat” (beat demonstration), etc. We will strive to give room for reimagining and exploring our de-facto culture, rethinking the meaning behind existing campus conventions for even more possibilities. To promote Hong Kong culture In the locality, Hong Kong’s cultural industry no doubt is faced with daunting constraints, for example, lack of publicity and ever-rising rents. We aim to arouse students’ interest and awareness about local cultures for the sake of conservation.


Our Work Plan Social issues Breaking News: Reporting on and following local events via social media means, including but not limited to videos, live broadcasting and textual posts City Pulses: Investigating selected social topics by producing feature videos or articles

University affairs Campus News: Delivering up-to-date information related to CityU and the tertiary education sector in the best interests of the student body U-teams & Societies’ Connection: Reporting on school teams and societies of CityU in sports and cultural fields

City Productions Creative Clips: Producing informal and intriguing short videos on hot topics that concern our general students Event Broadcasting: Recording and broadcasting important school and student events

Cultural Focus City Snaps: Capturing city images of our campus as well as Hong Kong Art Projects: Featuring and promoting Hong Kong cultural events and projects by creative productions, including but not limited to independent music and traditional heritage


Schedule for Proposal Execution Quarter One (Jan-Mar) Creative Clips, City Snaps, Sub-committee Recruitment

Quarter Two (Apr-June) Creative Clips, City Pulses, City Snaps

Quarter Three (July-Sep) City Pulses, City Snaps, Creative Clips, Sub-committee Recruitment

Quarter Four (Oct-Dec) Creative Clips, City Snaps, Art Projects

All-year Social News Campus News School Teams & Societies Highlight Event Broadcasting and Recording


Platform Release of the Proposed Cabinet of City Broadcasting Channel of CityUSU  
Platform Release of the Proposed Cabinet of City Broadcasting Channel of CityUSU