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About Koala Tea The rich soils of a plateau between lush old growth rainforests in Northern New South Wales, Australia, is the land of the koalas after whom we named our company. Endless golden beaches of Byron Bay, prehistoric volcanic landforms, idyllic hinterlands – this is the home of the Koala Tea Company, the original Australian certified organic herbal tea company.


on the Alstonville plateau, NSW, Australi

Koala Tea Story In the years before 1993 – the year Howard Rubin & Elle Fikke founded The Koala Tea Company, Australia had no organised herb growing industry, and no Australian made or Australian owned herbal teas.The few herbal teas that were available were all imported. Howard and Elle left Europe in 1986 when the Chernobyl disaster contaminated their herb farm in Wales, UK. where they had set up an alternative health clinic and a herbal tea company. They decided to start a new life and business in Oz. But embarking on their project with no supporting industry or assistance, Howard & Elle found they had some serious work to do.

When they found there was no herb growing industry in Australia, Howard & Elle had to organise and show farmers how to grow organic herbs. They began building a working model organic herb farm on their new property. As news spread, so too did interest from farmers wanting to know how they could grow organic herbs. Starting with 15 members in 1987 the Organic Herb Growers Association Inc. was established and in 2007 their organisation counted 665 members.

An Australian Herb Growing Industry To encourage their fledgling herb growers, Howard and Elle set up a new business, Herb Farms Australia, which marketed the fresh herbs. Over a relatively short time Herb Farms Australia grew with domestic and export markets, and when major herbal companies began showing interest in Australian grown medicinal herbs, they saw this as a signal that the time was right to start the Koala Tea Company.

Products in Koala Tea are all certified by Australian Certified Organic every year. Its farms locate near endless golden beach in Byron Bay, NSW. The volcanic landforms as well as hinterland are planted with more than 700 herbs. From soil, fertilizer, planting and harvesting, there are 16 complicated procedures. Adding with the world’s most southern pure land - Tasmania's natural water and cultivated with high standard, the organic herbal tea are without any genetic modification, pesticide and are 100% organic. Koala Tea is the first one owning the advanced cell disruption technique in Australia. Through this technique, the active molecules in herbs are fully reserved and nutrients are completely released. This technique also helps molecules that cannot resist high temperature stay and then completely be dissolved in the body and be absorbed more easily.

Tea Processing 16 Steps 1.Organic Soil

2.Organic Water

Tasmania spring

7.Mechanical Shaking

1 hour

13.Second Time Drying

under 200 degree Celsius

8.Sunshine and Tumble Dry

repeating for 3 weeks

14.Natural Drying


240 days

9.First Time Drying

under 100 degree Celsius for 12 hours

15.Third Time Drying

under 300 degree Celsius

Our Persistence .Using no chlorine bleaching filter paper .Using 100% cotton thread .Using recycled paper box .Contains no additive agent

4.Hand-made Pick


10.Sun Drying

under 25 degree Celsius for 12 hours

16.Certified by Australian Certified Organic

checking and packing

.No artificial pigment .No synthetic material .No staples .Contains no artificial flavors.

5.Sun Drying

under 25 degree Celsius for 12 hours

11.Baking, No Heat

for 12 hours in night

6.Tumble Dry and Grinder by Machine

under 10 degree Celsius for 12 hours

12.Mechanical Shaking All Ingredients

for 1 hour

Certified oragnic brand can be found on ACO official website and you can find Koala Tea with number 10404.

About Koala Top One Tea -No worries No worries tea is the first organic tea Koala tea released. Marketing in Australia for 25 years and selling as champion with good reputation, Koala tea also sells its tea to the world. The exclusive formula with four herbs in No Worries tea originated from Howard’s love to his wife. In 1983, since the British farmer Howard’s wife had been long-term depressed because of early menopause, they saw doctors all over the Europe. However, due to the side effects of various drugs, his wife became worse and more depressed.

At the time when Howard was sparing no effort to seek herbal natural therapies, Elizabeth II was forced to inherit the throne because of her father George VI’s death. Plus political pressure, Elizabeth II suffered from body and mind imbalance along with torment. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain immediately blended chicory root, lemon balm, peppermint, lemongrass and other herbs as the formula to cure the queen. After drinking three times a day for a while, Elizabeth II recovered sooner than expected.

No Worries Tea was the very first tea which Koala Tea created. Anyone who comes to Australia will hear the phrase “no worries” spoken over and over by most people. Therefore we believe that “no worries” can be the best representative of Australians. Moreover, Australians are crazy about surfing. That’s the reason why we combined this with a great picture of our koala on a surfboard. As the name implies it is a relaxing tea.

We made the recipe using herbs which will generally relax you, including organic lemongrass, organic lemon balm, organic roasted chicory root and organic peppermint. Having no caffeine, this organic herbal tea was the first Australian herbal tea to be accepted into the Australian supermarkets. It has been our number one best seller for the past 20 years. Even Bob Carr, the premier of NSW, bobbed up at Koala Tea Company for this cup of tea.

Our Pride During the past 30 years, Howard dedicated to the establishment and development of the Australian organic industry. In 2016, Howard Rubin was presented “Hall of Fame� in Australian Organic Annual Awards 2016 to thank his contribution. Australian Prime Minister John Howard together with previous Australian Agriculture Ministers once visited Koala Tea and gave organic herbal tea the highest affirmation.

Elizabeth II visits Australia In October 2011, Elizabeth II visited Australia in her role as Queen of Australia and Head of the Commonwealth. At a reception in her honour held at Parliament House in Canberra on 21 October 2011, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, described the Queen as "a vital constitutional part of Australian democracy". Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard drink Koala “No worries� Tea


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